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Today I'm going to spend 100 000 fever point for the winter wild card Oh my life I'll put the best players I packed into A team and hope I get to keep them at The end because each loss is a discard Are you tired of coming against teams That are so much better than yours my Eyes are bleached if so visit you seven By to buy your foot 23 coin they are Cheap fast and reliable make sure you Use my code Danny to get yourself five Percent off come on boys this is gonna Be a burger they have released 86 plus Lightning roads which means we've got Guaranteed walkouts on tap every single Pack we open today good start it's gonna Be a walkout all right so we're gonna Have nothing but bangers Hey not bad but I'm not gonna use it Boys we're gonna pack a winter Wild Card Schwell Felix today remember it oh nice And kunku good upgrade but I feel like It's a bit boring I might do it later Hello there why are you there I I get Boy sorry for the awful reaction I just Wasn't planning on each position being There our first player is gonna be Alexander Paso sorry about that boys Marco verratty cheers mate I gotta keep Checking the back of the pack I mean This time it's just McGregor German CDM he was supposed to get one Though hey Perth where you at oh my oh

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My life Foreign Donkey as his second player welcome to The team have you got a winter Wild Card Behind you no you've got fatty though Fatty and I'm I'm obese imagine we don't Is that What last I've not just played the same Pack on repeat I promise um we get van Dijk again it's not a pack opening about Tony Cruz I'm not using him let me get For Charleston to be fair a very good Deal if you're blind I'm not getting up I'm not getting [Music] So we're not going to use her earling Holland but you're gonna hit the Subscribe button if you're new around Here thank you very much um yeah we are So close to a million Subs man it's an Absolute joke so if you are new and uh Uh subscribe if you're new Bruno Finance Why man oh I've got two problems first problem why Have you not walked out second problem Why are you a duplicate I've only packed Two boys the third player of the team is Gonna have to be Patrick plivert who Looks very very nice oh Jesus man Laporte The Lucky One at the end though There's like Kaka though I do like every Pack being a walker Oh I would have taken a messy to be fair I like how every single pack is a

Walkout oh Why you know Come out of the pack why are you not Walking out Batman oh my God you know What we've got a bloody goalkeeper on Our hands that normally when I did these Challenges we use the striker and goal But does World Peace have five star five Star Jack butland as our fourth player In Gold mate he looks unbelievable six Foot five yet you know what get him in The team we move but why are you not Walking out mate juice mate let's start I'm fed up at this I'm genuinely fed up With this why It's a duplicate so it's irrelevant but It's it's a nice card cheers Jeff oh [ __ ] look out look at that for a pack Though they're all getting quick sold Mine but it was a good pack Let's go One daylight you know what boys you're Gonna have to let me upgrade that that's Our fifth player it's gonna be 94 rated World Cup winner Lionel Messi baby as Our fifth player oh what's the bat Lads What I'm about to do is gonna hurt some People at home I've already got him Duplicate untradable please It can't hurt you didn't look okay don't Worry Not great you know what gorette is not Bad if I was born I'd use him oh my Life oh my life

That's insane close them okay don't look Easy On the channel will know kosterman was Like the first ever Club Legend if you Will we packed the throw to the final in FIFA 21 however he were the Club Legends So it's only fair for the sick playoffs We go if he was his first name Rob Robert not even close Lucas posterman as These six player met he looks Unbelievable the team is looking serious Oh come on Ronaldo as well imagine Messi And Ronaldo Get the goat and Ronaldo in the sun Again I'm fed up for this if me and papay My nan dad Hey that's Christmas time and that make Sure you celebrate with my nan that I Have not I either think before I speak So then they're never gonna walk out I'm Never gonna see the green Yeah but mate what why aren't you boys Our seventh player is tozan don't ask Why it's not walked out I don't know but I'm taking my coins we've still got 60 000 points left and all we need is Quattro uh what's players in Spanish Went to school in Spain by the way Argentina again wait [Music] Um Again this isn't played on repeat I've Just packed Lionel Messi again I mean

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What do I what do I do Hold on hold you cheers messy I didn't Think I'd be discarding one message Today let alone two Lads we are Officially halfway through the 100 000 viewpoints I think every single pack Uh starts as a gold so I might as well Just skip every single one of them to Save a bit of time I think the only way We don't get a gold walk out is if we Get a prime icon which you know what I'll easily do the only Cruise honestly Mate oh totally Cruise please Oh They're gonna be Striker is it I'm never Gonna see St [Music] Oh oh my life I'll get him in a team now Let's eighth player I'm using killing it Cam I don't care whether you like it or Not he's our eighth player massive nose By the way let's go right all we need is Three more players and we have still got 44 000 points surely there's an icon Lurk in it You [Music] [Music] Not another one what is going right That's for the third time today of Quickselled Messi I don't know anymore Man hurry again not using him but it was Just fun to say his name out you know What boys let me try some of these

Ultimate packs just to see you know test The waters we can have a bit of fun now Our team is sorted okay never mind these Are no these are no different Lads They're the exact same pack it's not Gonna hurt is it let's just try open a Few everyone seems to be a walkout Uh and everyone seems to be Tony Cruz For some reason Obama who Obama [ __ ] That cost me 25 quid and they've just Called me hungry he's not wrong I Actually need to start picking some Players boys I can't lie I've been Ripping open the packs just chilling and I've only got 60 000 points left we Still need three players B Money uh boys Um you know what I ignored him earlier But now times have changed my ninth Player is gonna be upgraded color to Cool of Bali let's see if he destroys Aguero and vardy let me see what's at The end of the pack the Brazil left wing No no no no no no no no no no no no you Know what yes yes yes yes yes casimiro Has recently acquired a team of the Tournament card that will be going in my Team as a 10th player unless there's a Winter wall card in the pack with him no Casemiro 10th player which means we have 12 000 points or 80 pounds to get one More card let's try and get one more Winter wild card

Ah pop him in Nanny how many points we Got left uh you know what now we've Still got we've still got five left you Know Um you know what I'm gonna Reserve that Boys if I get nothing within the next Four packs I'm using Tim kale just Remember that Oh it'll be rude not to Lads we ain't Done this in in at least 20 minutes you Know what I mean it would be rude not so Have you seen it boy look at it if this Is bad we take that Tim kale from Earlier it's the last pack of the day It's a gold and it's from Italy that is A big L unless there's a dangle You can't I can't I can't do it boys the 11th player is gonna be I'm gonna Upgrade to World Cup Tim Cahill as Always we're gonna play three games each Game I lose will be a discard of this Team let's go if me and my gang pull up Oh he's got the new Kia lenient Center Mid all right so do I Spider-Man meme oh I'm not having Keeling right stop now Jesus Christ I'm not having keyolini Scores today what is casimiro why that What are you doing what do you mean Sorry his name Dr Milad Let's go baby I'll never get bored of Using this messy car I'm just looking at That Dynamic every single time come on Killing it well I can't believe I'm Saying come on kiolini what is this game

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Gone to now it's casimiro you know I do Have a chapters I don't need them I Don't need attackers [Applause] First game done zero discard will that Stay the same moving on to the second Game now benzia is my bum Fiddler Volitionist Junior fast he's up front What is going on oh messy oh mercy oh Messy Uh what What Says ESP what no mate This guy's not leaving as well Sean he's Got Morata up front okay mate what the f Wait that makes uh I'm not wearing any Trousers to make sure they don't see That Um okay Scores baby it feels like it's FIFA 13 All over again let's go let the Reference never played FIFA 13. I uh Just came out the womb at that stage oh You're gonna make it two oh yeah I'm Making super so don't mate you know you Wouldn't leave Five second games done another two nil Win last I can get used to this I'm Gonna break my monitor I swear oh geez Man who's Samuel and PayPal up front Pray for my defense oh good safe Battling Crossman please do your job no He's not she's not sorry why have you Given a pen I'm I'm built to save these

What on lunch bug you got such a small Paid well on chaolini Jesus Christ mate Your nose is the size of mine oh oh for [ __ ] right that's a joke that is a I'm Not glad I'm not gonna come back last Game I lost three nil whatever erase it From your memory praise the Lord it does Not land on little messy before we spin It leave a like And subscribe if you Guys enjoyed today's video without Further Ado it is spinning in the Background and the player we have the Disc got [Music] Oh my life yes [Applause] Yes Oh my life oh my like I've just seen my Whole world crumble in front of me we Are allowed we are literally One inch away from discarding four Million coins EA I love you thank you Very much for watching good fighter Cliver and goodbye to you peace that Sounded a bit frightening though [Music]

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