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Today I'm going to open 1187 plus Campaign picks oh And then put them into a team and every Goal I concede is a discard are you Tired of coming against teams that are So much better than yours my eyes are Bleached if so visit you seven by to buy Your foot 23 coin they are cheap fast And reliable make sure you use my code Danny to get yourself five percent off Hold up What's the best player you can get lad I Don't know I just got here wait wait What like the best player you can get is What I'm about to get all right janol is The best player you can get I want a Foot birthday instead let's just do the First one normally all right no funny Business [Music] Oh that's sick peace away that's that Way I've been us genuinely quite good Now is that genuinely quite good not Really I'm actually buzzing with Peter Crouch two meters to be to make for the First player that's a big old dub let's First Players Pizza Crouch are the Greatest English striker in premier League history what did he say what Lads What's what's the day without some tears Do you know what I mean let's do that Boys eh thoughts Do you know what I mean right we're Doing it blind we're doing it Blind Boys

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All right for The Vibes here we go boys E7 plus uh campaign pick is is probably Should be opened on your screen There's four people I'm trying to use my My yoda senses to detect oh Lads I've Got it already I've picked up already The best one the best player is in the Second uh selection the best players in The second selection so you know what Boys I'm gonna Lock and Load this player Into my team That's not bad wait that's actually That's not bad that in the slightest That's not bad in the slightest no hold It down Fabian hold on hold on hold on They're they're spamming someone let's Have it let's have a look I'm up plus I'm very happy with Fabian Oh it was Alexis Sanchez bro who cares He played for Arsenal mate Sanchez Played for Arsenal who the [ __ ] gay Fabian clear for a four-star four-star Great note Lads I'm happy I would I Would not have chose Alexis Sanchez Anyway mate second player of the team is Fabian boys let's move on to the Tres One why would I pick Alexis Sanchez do You know who I am for reference it's 10 In the morning he's on legendary fishing It's 10 in the morning mate who wants a Nation to reveal me I want a nation Reveal Oh Can you get messy can you get messy or

Like Ronaldo or Portugal and Argentina Board supports going on Argentina being I don't really know fantasy Spain Captive via nope calling Baldi Baldi Angelino that's Portugal in Spain Nigeria is Uh what's he called Simon or two cohesy Too crazy we don't care Lads Argentina Important School let's go into uh Argentina one first uh what card designs That is that fantasy fantasy Argentina I Don't know Swagliafico and then bought School ads Is gonna be another wait is that here What is that that's another fantasy Right no it's a rope what the what is That Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool Portugalio carvalo Oh the yoga doctor I that's a bloody Banger the Yogo jotter oh tell him to Run me my money boys 92 rated Justin has To whack in the team Don't Mind If I Do Mate I saw someone says 200k in today's Economy what that is not cheap oh stats Mate L stats no sorry I won't be rude Sorry 700 games is what about this one Only nine games oh he's got this one as Well blimey Merchant now you know what mate let's Get you a banger this guy's probably Used more um more times than I have and That's saying something right Um let's just do this one normally boys Let's do this one normally for the

Fourth one [Applause] Man well that's actually a really good Mate these picks are great Lads I've got A choice between Emerson Chan and Benarama that's outrageous because I'll Tell you why Lads we got the Brazilian Cafe and the Algerian mahrez in the same Pick oh unless I've not got a goalie you Know that's do I be extremely boring and Lafont is there no I'm not going The Fun Boys tell you what I'll do I'm going Emerson Royale mate I'm going Emerson Royale and we move on to the fifth one But not before you subscribe to the Channel that's because we're very close To 1.2 mil like like only like 800 People away so if you're watching just Subscribe thanks very much cheers Mike Move on I'm gonna try and do a racing Reveal but I don't know if it's lined up Correctly this could go awfully wrong But hopefully we're only gonna see the Number of which they are rated done it I've smashed it oh Um all right they're not high numbers Are they I don't think any good can come From this first one on the right Is that Geezer second one on the right Is that Geezer 88 could be like half Decent It's a what is that what is that Oh my Coke's not bad Coke's not bad in The slightest I prefer Pepsi uh and this

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One's for Anne Torres facts Miranda oh Boy Um I'm taking a bit of Coke I'm I'm Doing that I'm I'm doing that boys That's gonna be the fifth player of the Team Coke we gotta make sure that's Which one is it it's the one without What skills or weak foot five star weak Foot boys five star weak foot Coke right Come on the boys let's open this Billiards queze for the sick one of the Day Oh my life wait Liz it's gonna be uh Q All right let's just gonna be cool Lads I don't know about you but it's gotta be Cool but the thing is man we got Sumo Van huh fortnite and we've got Eden Hazard man so I really really What the [ __ ] are you doing he was gonna Pick further silly knob where are you Going take Jewel now good man good man What you did what are you doing what are You doing where are you going where you Going boss Wait thank you right Lads right with the Sixth players Jewel all right we got There in the endless that's actually a Really really good pack that's the best Pool of the day by far yeah I'd say so Oh last lucky number seven eight lucky Number seven who wants a nation reveal Me Oh no my monitor's still on hold on Right

Monitors off okay here we go let's go What flag is that on the left Peru You're [ __ ] idiot there's Austria Right oh wait Uh Italy's gonna be that Persona again And that's all it mate Germany's already Owned mate already own German who Could That Be a foot birthday from German Hummels I'm very happy I am very humble this is My favorite Center back this year Brazil Might be Emerson Royale it is Emerson Royale boys Happy Days From Me Hummels Is one of my favorite stand about it Will be my seventh player in team boys And we move on to number eight I still Want to see like genola if that's all Right If he played for a good club that would Actually make it far in the competition Uh but unfortunately all still tiny and They've been knocked up don't why have You taken him why have you tape Why'd you take him mate all right let's I suppose that means I've got to use Mine alley I've gotta use mine alley Boys what is that team get sucker out That club mate all right I'm using my Spaghetti love that by the way get they Get Ronaldo out of here mate he is Submitting uh the second best footballer Of all time not sorry the third best Footballer of all time he's letting me Do it as well you're a good man as you

See that Ronaldo yeah off your pop fella Off your pop mate Lads are the ninth one Of the day is gonna be a rating reveal Nice we're doing a writing reveal Hopefully it worked ninth one of the day Oh I like 89. I like 89 289s boys first one On the right is gonna be what a fantasy Fortnite yes I like that I like Timo Verna he plays so much fortnite this is A hero 89 hero Pay your Crouch it's Peter Crouch again 87 road to the final Mallon boys I'm Having Verna every day of the week I'm Having Timo burner every day of the week Thank you very much Anybody want a uh a nose pit no not like That I mean like like you know bang Ready tenth one let's we're through the Double figures He smashed it That's a Bundesliga pick right there Right Um Emery Channel Thomas Miller trying to Think what my team looks like I'm gonna Be oh wait I've not got a goalie I've Not got a goalie I've not got a goalie I Have not got a goalkeeper up let's I'll Go in Ray Chan all right and then next Pick's gonna be a goalie two seconds Later ah I reckon Demarcus has got a bit About him Lads he's gonna be my 11th and Most important player in the team he's

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Going in goal Lads team has done Lads Every goal we concede will be a discard Let's play a game of football let's do This [Music] There's gonna be a mid team by the way Off oh he's got cumin oh I actually Really like that team it's over calling It mid kolanki Peter Crouch is what a Mound Mountain mate Peter Crouch doing Five star skill moves should be illegal God Pizza RAF RAF thank you all right who's the Freak Peter Crouch please get off every Set piece let's give a Q on mate qo's Got a bit about him I'll tell you you Can put him on the line mate I'll go to The other way like Crouch I need you out The way if possible Crouch can you Please thank you he's listening to me Come on Is trouble boys there's trouble code one Goal equals one discard thank you very Much oh love that go on Peter go on Peter go up Peter he's missed it he's Get off Corners you big freak come on Coke What a goal oh my golly gosh Peter Come on Anderson from mermaid never do That again go on kill your asses good Save from Neuer man sorry I do apologize Not another one Oh I coached garbage about him you know Yeah okay that's now two discards who

Even is Fernando moriantes Honestly boys Coke is the one I've now Got a hat trick with the Coca-Cola man Oh Oh of Destroyer oh he's paused it go on Fella you know you want to leave mate oh He is let's go him leaving means we Ain't gonna do many more discords than Two but I mean last we still could hit Big here and discard some big boys let's Memorize the team because whatever Position it lands on will began Discarded before we spin the wheel Obviously leave a like And subscribe Right you've made it this far you've Probably enjoyed yourself right we're Gonna spin it two times boys whatever it Lands on WE discard it's very simple First one being discarded sent to Mid Yeah I mean sentiment is Fabian who you Know 150k I'll live the next one being Discarded as well boys we're looking to Avoid Cam and maybe left back Oh not boys it's Coke the man that Cooked the hat-trick hero himself coach Is gonna have to be goo like this well There they are then boys in a gold Upgrade thank you for watching and I'll See you again soon [Music]

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