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I have 11 signed football boots wait oh Yeah I can't and whoever the Boost is Signed by I will use on FIFA and this is The last boost apparently so let's crack Off are you tired of coming against Teams that are so much better than yours My eyes are bleached if so visit you Seven by to buy your foot 23 coin they Are cheap fast and reliable make sure You use my code Danny to get yourself Five percent off ready boys Right that's gonna be the first boot Lads that's gonna be the first boot Let's let's set the president all right If this is good then the video is gonna Be good if it's bad it's gonna be awful Ready It's Adidas it's Adidas what does that Mean That might be match worn disgusting There's no signature anywhere oh oh oh Oh oh boy he's ready who's that who's That who's got ball knowledge I mean That could be wait 15 15 is it Benzema Right Lads we have got right let me get It out because in there as well is a Certificate of authenticity but I don't Want to just read the name out because It's a bit boring that should be trying Try and guess who that is it's a good Bro look how small these foot is look How small these foot is but I'm gonna Have to look boys I'm gonna have to look Ready here's the certificate of


Authenticity Why yeah Okay that's a really good start now this This cost a grand not this alone all of These boots cost a grand so I'm Wondering if that was a good one because He's quite a good player right hey to be Fair though this card is gonna be like 94 rated because Real Madrid are winning The Champions League back to back boom This one was over half the budget that's All this was half the budget Jesus let's Look at the size of what look at the Size of it oh wait is that a ball skip Ball Oh all right ready boys There's nothing there mate is that is That it's that it's that it's that it's That it's that it's that someone's got a Sharpie and just bloody scribbled surely What's that Oh it's not match worn lad it just Smells like sports direct it's not match Worn Chad's saying Pogba you lot of past It right let's have a look at these Certificate ready Oh the sorry who's asked Jerome boatang To sign their football boot like Respectfully is he even still on FIFA to Be fair it makes sense as to why it's Girthy because you know he's got a Massive koala oh my life he's got 47 Pace he's got 47 Pace that's if it was Like FIFA 17 would be laughing but it's

FIFA 23 you see boys sure Jeff thanks There you go right I thought that's when We got Valverde I thought it was gonna Be a good day let's move on real quick Boys ready boys Foreign You like that Do you like that oh no I've I've ripped The certificate boys Oh there's a signature right go on and Boys ball knowledge I can't is that is that upside down or What what is that wait number ten number Ten That's number ten this is like an Attacking midfielder here I'm gonna I'm Gonna look at the rip certificate ready That's cool right Jesus right okay I'll Tell you that I've actually not ever Used him either right that's better Lads We've gone from Jerome bowatang to JJ Akocha That's more like it hey speak about Heroes boys you would be a hero if you Subscribe to the channel nice that is Not a football boot that that's not a Boot look at it I reckon it's gonna be like Peter crowd Let's see okay well there is it's right There it's right there boys Wait what wait why is it go wait What the [ __ ] I don't know how to feel about this this Is good right as it says boom Wayne

Rooney sorry full book mate we're Getting chemistry JJ kocha and Wayne Rooney up front who says no not me who Get him in the team baby Shrek to the Team Lads right it's going a lot better Than I thought nah this feels decent you Know Lads this feels decent let's have a Ganda I have a feeling this is gonna be A green boot it's not let's it's not Green well at least you can't call it a Rigged ah trying oh this is a good boot I think oh wait What the f who is why is this dented There's a dent whose is that that's a Stinky Lads May the boot is lovely I Might wear that to football training That boot is lovely I have a weird shout And I think I'm right I think this is Sergio busquets oh no Lads I actually Believe this is Sergio busquets let me Where's here it is ready Serato biscuits Ready Oi I wasn't far off yes yes you were we Got David alabar and Jerome bowatang in Defense it's like it's FIFA 17 all over Again mate that's quite wholesome right Bosch look at that boys the past and Present by your Munchen yeah I'll ask This is gonna be good right this one's Gonna be green this is gonna be a green Boot oh hey that counts Lads that's Green right that counts that's green now You can say it's rigged boys okay let's If that's yellow shut up how is that

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Yellow clearly green Lads right what the Bro what is that It's like he's wrote me a paragraph mate What is that look at the size of that Mate he's a [ __ ] this guy's an Absolute dwarf right let's have a look At the uh the paper I've got no idea I Can't lie It's just a waste of money Lads in it It's just a waste of money like by the Way Lance this is my money this ain't Sponsored this is nothing like this is My money that I'm spending here we are Getting Bayern Munich and and like a Load of it we've got past the present Boateng Alaba and vixel all play for Bayern Munich no he didn't Oh it's white again it's white whoa wait Why does it look like that wait this Looks good right Lads Lazar this looks Good oh my life wait wait wait wait wait I'm not gonna look at the signature Wait this looks premium Lads this looks Premium right ready you're gonna see This signature at the same time as me Well I assume it's on this side ready Go on then go on then who's that mate This could be sick I I could wear this You could see me wearing a boot like This mate for sure But I don't know who that is lad so I'm Thinking right ah I'm I know it is on my Life I know who is on my life and it's Royce on my life it's Royce it's Royce

It's Royce it's Royce's voice R e u s that's Royce it says Royce it Says Royce where's the certificate I mean it's ah it's still good no Lads Lad stop laughing Renault San says it's Still good But uh right there you go okay we've got Four more players left boys we need a Car oh mate we need a goalie mate no Goalie is signing a football boot are They I'm gonna have to use someone in Goal as that's not that's not a goalie That sounds like a you problem give me a Good football boots oh I like it I like It I like it I like it I like it I like It I like it Does that say [ __ ] What is that says slick on that we can't Have that this is a family-friendly Stream you the man appreciate you let's Have a look who is I I can I gun yeah where does that say [ __ ] where on Earth is that even Slightly say [ __ ] as we actually need a Cam as well you're gay [ __ ] Liverpool the smallest Club in Everton His World Cup had you extinct really I've got to use his prime card he's not But he can't play cat there you go Sorted Absolutely sorted right we need every Player you now see needs to go into in Defense right so now Lads I have to like Try and guess him or Zach can just send

Me him these do not have certificates of Authenticity anymore oh yeah this could Be good wait that's this could be good What's that say I thought this could be Good that says full photo nothing does That say p vote that says P foden Lads That says P foden yeah 47 47's foden right but the thing is There's no certificate of authenticity So this just could be some bloke getting A sharp in scribbling you know what I Mean now that definitely says Phil foden That 100 says Phil foden It Zach has supplied some screenshots I'm very ring it Yeah That's that's that's that's that's Signed Phil phone and football boot as I Said take these with a pinch of salt Though take these ones with a pinch of Salt boys because there's no certificate But I'll take it if cell phone's Actually signed that thanks that Phil Yeah he's gonna go left back Lads he's Going left back right okay only two more Remain ready oh is that oh oh oh I think I like it okay are you ready to see the Signature Lads you will see the Signature the same time I do Oh something 27. It's a very very nice boot lad something 27. wait How do you wait wait wait wait wait wait Wait add the yemi's 27. Lads adeyemi is

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27. so I don't know do you know it was a 27 boy But that doesn't say that looks like to Me that does not look like an a that Looks like Jade Drake we're gonna have To VR it's signed by Wait no no no I saw Bellingham that's Not That's not the Bellingham is it that's Not the that's his brother I think That's his brother that's not that's his Brother in it be a [ __ ] your brother He's not he's called Jude battling a Mini this one's Joe but I see I've got His brothers Right Les I'm gonna use his brother I'm Gonna yeah I'm gonna use Joe Bellingham's brother Jude unfortunately Uh he's teaming here's not out right now But we can just use his World Cup Phenom Right sorted okay that's the last player Uh has to play and goal now that's I'll Be honest this was the majority of the Budget right here and what I mean that By the way whoever it is has to play and Go and let's let's just listen right This is not like a normal boot listen Look But I don't even know what this means I Like I don't know how a boot is here but It's all come down to this moment lads What does that mean I'm scared to touch this I'm stat revealing

May who cares about is that smoking Wait wait wait Ah What the [ __ ] Wait wait oh my now I got mixed opinions Right here in real life I mean I'm so Happy in FIFA I've gotta use them in Goal I thought you guys I gotta use Cudicevsky and go oh my life wait that Has to go on display right give me give Me cute give me give me give me a Ginger From Sweden okay boys that is the Completed Team every time we lit sorry Let me uh handle this every time we lose Today I'm gonna have to discard a tire On this team let's play football All right so it's extremely mid team but He's just gonna leave or what He's not all right come on Mate curaca is going to save this Kulicevski will save this Oh can't school man there you go that's More like it Renato sanches what a goal For Olivier Peru two seconds later I'm Gorgeous okay you have to be fair that All right Gorgeous oh really Ah Wayne on there Oh we're going extra time First game's done boys no discards for Me move on to the second winner chicken Dinner Oh this is gonna be a good you

Look this is foot Champs by the way yeah No yeah Oh yeah Rain Dude It's two now What's wrong with you oh go on Sweatshirt sweaty it what a scumbag Things change extremely quickly What Wait Ah Last what What I mean you know what that counts it Lets me draw two two we move on to the Third and final game Oh he's got a [ __ ] hey what is it with These teams to dial what is it with These teams today What donut S you know in like the UFC people have Nicknames when they when they announce Me it's gonna be like oh yeah uh it's Gonna be an introducing in a red Corner Daddy Big grizzly bear around Stop it Oh see cute would have saved that Kulasepsky saves that I say right oh You know we've got a day boys you know What we're gonna do lad This game How do I get fat if I don't like cheese Pizza or Burgers Donuts my good friend All right boys last game it is penalty

Penalties for the last game eh Is the penalty King Oh Ah I had to do it to him It's done boys it is done cute saves it And we win This card to do like let's do it right Here they are on the will then boys I've Shuffled them up let's give it a spin And let's see who is gonna get quick Sold today no no no no no no Well uh that's a real shame leave a like And subscribe peace

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