20x 81×11 La Liga Packs!

20x 81×11 La Liga Packs!

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Craig Douglas

What's up guys nepenthes here and Welcome back to another FIFA 23 video EA Have released the 1181 plus La Liga pack We're gonna see how good the drop weight For team of the season is out of these Packs if you're enjoying the content Drop a thumbs up if you're new here Subscribe to the channel and we are Starting with the team of the season Moments baby and it is gonna Oh I Thought it was gonna be Marcus lorente However happy Galan 92 We don't mind those we don't mind those Just straight off the bat that's nice I Know it's not worth like crazy amounts But for an 84 and an 82 rated Squad That's all right nice Should we do let's do the icon pack Secondarily Secondarily Is the La Liga pack first of all The season Goalkeeper That's nice because that means that There can be some other team of the Seasons in here right any blues are dub 100 Oh hold on It's called quick sale recovery Discarded yeah he's got quick sale Recovery it's all right It's all right And then store pack promo packer oh Promo pack yeah right come on EA big

Icons only please Good start Aviara Heroes oh He's like discarding he This has to be the worst pack in the World man Crazy crazy Yes it's it's it really is just a bad Pack We've got Prime game impact though this This is generally like pretty poor apart From the two player picks could be quite Tasty We just want some good Goods you know Jesse schmeichel is not what you want But these ones these could be these Could be nice And then number two Take Sergio Ramos And then throw those guys away And then 1181 plus La Liga pack Another blue yes three in a row let's go German goalkeepers at least it's three In a row Maybe two in a pack no ah Tony Crush in There as well though that's all right Unfortunately like if that was like five Years ago I would be like no way you did That But these days Everyone does that You can open store packs too already Another one

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Another one of these icon packs car body Give us a good primer please Nope never mind Damn man Hey Jesus Ferrera how much How much how is he's so cheap Oh my days fair enough fair enough holy What whatever EA bad Hey it's still GG though isn't it the 503.1 as well Let's go man great card is so rare well Not really It is all right we'll call him a great Card is so rare I don't think there's an 800 P Point Pac-Man did you say 500 People or the 503.1 this one the La Liga Team of the season Essentials pack let's Go Ah never mind Oh no no to tune it up R.I.P Foreign Let's go that's what we like to see And let's get uh Let's get this a one by eleven open Like five from Syria The pack loads of them Hey we're another one out of these A1 Plus is a good drop weight it's gonna be David Garcia only but it's another team Of the season And fekir in there that's what's up That's what's up That's a good pack

WTF indeed All right 81 plus La Liga pack Okay this is the first L these these in General being superb superb super oh Thank God that cruise was there holy Smokes that was bad sorry bad boy I also Need bakasetas and barini to do well I I genuinely could win like five or six Uh res Is it worth pushing if I'm 16-0 uh no Mate just give up there to be honest Why bother why bother all right here we Go Hate the legal player pack No team of the season there mate he Didn't even care he wasn't even Interested he was like whatever And then 1181 pluses come on Nope damn that's tough Sorry GB General wait that's two bad Ones in a roadrunner enough but honestly I I believe you so Um it's not hard this year to get very Very very good first owner teams So Gigi's on the uh He's on the um on the good luck And that's three bad ones in a row guys Honestly I could still be a high rated card yeah It is an 89 and an 87 but These have died a sorry death haven't They I've missed the 11 I did it was right at

The back there Yes good value or lost They've generally been quite overpriced Otherwise haven't they Team of the season let's go Spain never mind Center back is they've Got Siri again could have like lorente In here though no never mind oh my days That's a lot of Red's in there in it That team is pretty average that Yeah I I would say so that's why I shot By Andy's reaction to yeah fair enough Yeah All right 1181 the legal player pack here we go Lewandowski oh dear Yeah totally close we're gonna open the Community tots pack as well Community tots player pack What are we getting go on gracio Striker Nilo in it never mind All right Will the Prime game impact as well let's Get it Walk out nice just no juice please Oh black noise 100 getting the team of the season in This next player pick Told you told you listeners let's go He's actually got preset card Yeah I got 1181 so I don't believe you 've got the 81 plus La Liga pack Another team of the season baby Let's go

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I told you these are good I told you these are good Let's go man Three in here why not oh never mind hey But it's still 11 godsky he looks like a beast as well Four star five star Crazy stats man pop an anchor or an Engine on him and just living the dream Man you live in the good life Let's go EA man Better than Kane relax Viper relax All right could we get back to back Beasts back to back I see to see what here we go all right Here we go Come on Nope never mind I want them all can you All right only 71 000 coins in the bag Guys maybe 72. We need uh We need we need some big pools here Community talks player pack first up Let's go even the season I know it's Gonna be expected to here I thought I think that's all right to be There oh never mind All right Pete Doesn't even use him Excel recovery Nice And then Another team of the season for this pack Never mind oh that's too bad one

Lewandowski then two bad picks zero Sorry Baxter pal Nice team Player of the month early in Holland Transitioning from the 352 to the three Four three one four tuna because I'm Having some sick success Nice I have to copy your uh Things That's another one without it Sorry about Barry pal Ette God Remedies very nice three million coins In the bank I'm on now We are Jew we are Jew Last big one because I skipped it Benilo again damn I would have got paid By the Brazilian left flag again Wouldn't I All right come on like four packs in a Row eh Damn make that five Gaming pack again Give me the season and you would have Thought the MLS talks would have been Coming out of here a lot more wouldn't You Just because like You know Why wouldn't they basically Oh damn that's Savage All right another a11

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Oh no this is just the eights Unfortunately That's too bad yeah we're never getting Blues out of those are we The eight is that it Yeah here we go Finally back in the Blues baby Spade Said send it back David Garcia no way Yeah it's crazy Damn nevermind All right so what did you want to do all Pride just uh did you say store pack as Well Have you been grinding You've been grinding the Molina oh That's tough 81 by 11 550 points in prime gaming all Right let's get it Come on give us a blow out one of these Elements Nope Have an aliba he's had some sick cards This season though David hasn't a fair Play If you hate him that much I'll leave that one up to you We've got the uh La Liga team of the Season Essentials back come on give us a Blow out of this Oh never mind And this the like I feel like these I feel like these packs started off so Well and just really like low Modric Really just tailed off towards a back

End huh David Garcia And Mourinho Maria's pretty fun player 84 is a 6K Really Damn That's pretty mad huh All right he said he's got some quick Saw recoveries left so just to throw Them away So we are ending today guys with this 81 By 11. Let's hope we can end With a banger We have packed lower in this though so It's been good Let's see nothing all right guys thank You for watching for today if you Enjoyed it be sure to leave a like and Comment subscribe to the channel if you Haven't already and for now guys I'm out Peace

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