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What's up guys nepenthes here and Welcome back to another FIFA 23 video EA Have released the one of three basis La World Cup helter pass and we're gonna Open some of them today and see if we Can get ourselves some Yaya Torres some Lucio's or some marquisios if you guys Are enjoying the content you want to Drop a thumbs up and sub to the channel That'll be absolutely amazing and let's See if EA are going to bless us today Oh well that is a good start Brolin is One of the better not great ones so that Is a good start he is worth I think at The moment about 600 000 coins I want to Say Oh nice price coming down about 450k but That's still really good for a 250k SBC And well those four star three star he Is hoihoi which is nice and uh oh he has Got 89 top far my go baby his shooting Is outrageous his dribbling is very good His passing's good his pace is very good And uh he has got the four-star 30 kiss There so you know it's just it's just What you like to see really isn't it Let's get on to the second items Um Nailed that oh I'm just so cultured here We go one of three standard of World Cup Hero 87 plus hook us up baby marquisio's All round [Music] That Mark hasn't color like quite

Similar aren't they same defending Collar's got one more physical but then Mark s excels dribblings passing and Pace the fact that he's already got Cow Is it tradable is the question if the Characters goes traded will you take out You sell the tradable one Otherwise check mark is because he's the Best I'll click on it And we'll say yes if this guy didn't Want him he would have like panicked and Taken his own uh control back So there you go play pick number three One of three 87 plus bass or World Cup Heroes What do we got my key oh shmolarek let's Go World Cup smaller wreck as well which Is really nice Is worth 450k as well which is quite nice Three star Four Star I mean his dribbling is amazing isn't it That 19 92.99 already has speed dribbler As well finishing's really good to play Center forward and left wing that's Another dub that's that's all right that Is All right the next player pick God's got an interesting Squad I like Seeing squads like this But this looks like an account where he Just hasn't really tried too hard and He's still got like a half decent team

But can we upgrade this team with one of The premium World Cup Heroes Not really Basharano's trasharano I think malito's Not worth anything here there is a high Low three star four-star Jason dribbling's bad it's gonna have to Be color that we take But That is a really tough one now collar's Got Some value 140k or so less than the pick itself He's a half decent player to be fair as Well just a little bit slow but you take What you get don't you take what you get That guy's got Kevin De bruyne with 511 Games let's go 104 goals 208 assists oh we're just Watching him play Oh wait he wanted me to see the fact That he was putting de bruyner into the SBC that's Brave do you know what that Is that is sacrificing to the Past gods Or in this case the pick Gods because What he's going to get in return is World Cup Yaya Tori yah yah yah you just Gotta speak into existence oh [Music] Papa he's right already that is the Worst pick we've seen it's because you Didn't let me open it That bat is all right I would probably Take Forlan because I already have Papa


But papa is a good scorer There you go papan in the bag The next pick Are we gonna hit ourselves World Cup marquisio Nope we've got Gomez Quite good four star high high six foot Tall It's got early Crosser power had a team Player and is a solid player what a Consistent player Good shooting decent pace decent Dribbling apart from balance nice Physicals I mean that's not a bad card Is it it's just not a bad card at all I Also think he is worth slightly more Than the SBC sbc's like 230 240. it's Worth like 280. that's nice that is nice You consider that a small dub All right into the next account for the Next player pick one of three 87 base or World Cup hero picks can we get a good One for this time around Joe Cole is not about materano's the Worst like one of the worst that you can Get Papa is a good player I have scored lots of goals with him and Enjoyed him thoroughly in general But I think Joe Cole's the main one here Isn't he he's got outside the foot short Trait he's four star four-star he played Right mid-cam left mid and left wing He's got good Pace good dribbling other Than reactions which can be fixed by

Like a maestro or whatever reasonable Passing very good vision and decent Shooting as well I think he might also be like just like Cow I think he might be marginally more Expensive than the SBC itself Is always nice Yeah he is not by two too much but it is A small W yet again Oh he's playing silver stars down Remember silver stars man the first year That silver stars became a thing I Didn't miss one I accidentally submitted Some of them into a team but I didn't Miss one The second time silver stars came around I gave up after I had like Oh Dina Tolle let's go Four star four star high low The next shot tray outside the Photoshop Trait Flair trait Good Pace very good shooting very good Dribbling Stamina is about the only issue with This card otherwise that's a really nice Card That's a really nice card that's a dub How much is he worth yeah but silver Stars this year I just Yeah that's nice 360k they're just Pointless aren't they because you just Play to get them to play using them to Get them there's not really much else to Do with Silvers what's this squad got

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For a team he's got JJ culture all right Juke Theory says he's either going to Get schmalaric Marquisio or jjo culture maybe not the Version he's already got but he's going To get one of those isn't he 79 packs Saved my guy is preparing for him for to The year Come on Let's go Let's go I'll be San Diego boom Harry kills all right in it He's actually just a nice player in game All-star three star can play left mid Left wing and cam Has outside the foot short trait which Is super nice Well-rounded that's nothing crazy but Not bad either All right oh this guy once Mark he's He's willing into existence you know Every time people have done this where They've like put a player in Concepts in The team It's just been the worst picks so I Expect to see two marquisios And I don't even know who the third one is It's gonna be bad it's just gonna be bad It's good it's definitely it's gonna be Like color and two Mark easios let's see Well I mean that's insane isn't it Frederick Bloomberg out of three World

Cup Heroes which is nice Freddie Lindberg is still so nice in Game I don't use him anymore but He was nice anyway I don't use him Anymore to say he's still nice we've got Landon Donovan Four-star four-star Outside the foot short trait Great Pace dribbling's a bit mayor Shooting's nice stamina's nice passing Is okay I think the dub player here Though is Al jabair right Maybe not I guess Donovan's who he's going for I Was just looking at the Players mate to Be fair All right next up this guy has already Got World Cup Hero 2 World Cup heroes in This team we're watching The Host player On this one so if it doesn't start Getting a move on we're gonna have to Back out I just want three World Cup Heroes and he's also got music playing In the background which means either Editor needs to mute the music in the Background just on this occasion or I Just keep talking waffle and hoping that It drowns out the music so that the YouTube algorithm doesn't pick it up Well we're gonna see for this player Pick it's gonna be oh it's Iran one of the better ones let's go not The best ones but definitely one of the Better ones car value and quality there

As well three World Cup player picks Three World Cup picks again Um but that's really really nice that is A big dub that is a big dub lovely Jubbly lovely jubbly All right oh damn this guy got that Special card hasn't played with him but Still very jelly of that oh this guy Wants toast egg and he wants a Goalkeeper Who could we get are there any Goalkeepers available Let's go I mean I don't know how much apology sung is Worth but I would personally go with Brolin here But that is again three more World Cup Heroes in the same pick and three like This is one of those ones where you just Take who you prefer do you know what I Mean like maybe not Um Maybe not the obvious for me choice but The obvious for him choice so I'll let The person pick it who's got the pick But that is a very nice player pick I Would go brawling there but hey it's not My player pick all right here we go I don't know how many we've done it must Be uh 10 12 15 something like that The next one That's bad in it


Asherano collar and gold I think Joe Cole's gonna probably be the Likely Choice here just because four Star fours are actually half usable But that is I honestly there like we've just gone From a pick where it was three dubs in a Row and I didn't want to choose wrong For my my viewer this is now three hours In a in the same pick so it's like who Do you pick you know what I mean You you might you might I don't know oh I'm not I'm not gonna do it for him I Don't want to ruin it All right oh my days Shinola marquisio Zidana dini Ferdinand what a team that Is Let's go man let's this this is going to Be the biggest one this is going to be The biggest one This this will be The dream Here we go Oh dear I mean it was We actually got a sick sick pull But It's that duplex Juke Theory baby It's Juke Theory So unless it's marquisio is tradable That's an L man sure Mom has got first Owner Johan Cruyff 170 and 171 with 89 Sisters roll What a what a g What a G right the host is playing let's

See the final player pick for today is It gonna be any good or is it oh yep is It Dad wow what a team what a team well He's got some holes in there to fill ET France us come on buddy The final pick to be the best one Thank you guys of course for watching I Always appreciate the support Is it gonna be good It's al-jabbar Car value or caller it's a bit of an ill Really isn't it it's a bit of an ill That guy's is going to be the end of the Video thank you very much for watching And I will see you next time I'm out Peace

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