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What's up guys the Panthers here and Welcome back to another FIFA 23 video EA Have re-upped the 88 plus mid Primal World Cup icon pack we opened a whole Bunch of these a couple of days ago and In general it was okay we're gonna do it Again today if you guys are enjoying the Content feel free to drop a thumbs up on The video and the first I call we're Gonna get is an L it's Christian vieri We interestingly haven't seen him in an Icon I can't even remember if we've been Packed him once this season he is the Biggest L but hey we can only get better From here right let's move on All right next up this guy already has Uh big Eric Canton or up front in this Team that's pretty decent we haven't Seen any team videos in people's teams For a while in fact all of the teams That we've opened all of the like towns We've been on in a while Just really haven't seen that many team Of the years here we go with 88 plus Mid-pack number two It's not a World Cup icon we didn't get Many of those last time around Dodge is Always a good start Striker not so much It's Patrick liver I think personally They've done his car dirty he was a good Player man for Barcelona how many goals He scored my man's got 120 goals in 255 Games way before you know scoring a goal A game was cool in that just done him so

Dirty so dirty that's two hours in a row All right next up We're playing the hosts game now can we Get off oh six million coins one guy is Team of the Year ready let's go can we Get our first big icon of the day It's going to be leviation I don't know How I feel about that because he's Actually good in game and in general Um In general goalkeepers like are quite Expensive actually in the game are they Yeah I mean that's a bit of a dub that's A smallest dub isn't it it's the small Small dub small dub based on the price We'll do a clip on that after we do These like because oh my days My guy woke up and chose icon I doubt he plays with that team that's Just obviously the ones he's all packed Isn't it there's no way he plays with That team right I'm not having any of it There's absolutely uh No way that he plays with that team next Up here we go come on icon number four Give us a big dab Italiano Center mid It's gonna be pillow that's an l Damn a VA Nerfed these I mean it's not that bad Given the price like 170k for polo is All right Just know what you want is it All right next up we are like listen We're flying through these because

They've been so so bad We are absolutely due first and foremost The World Cup icon I think the primes are better than the World Cups anyway but still it's nice to See that World Cup icon what we got here Brazil Cam What oh it's Socrates oh it isn't I Don't know the connection like seven Pixels Um that's tough isn't it That stuff four star five stars nice six Foot four is nice But uh He's heavy isn't he he's just heavy he's He's got a decent card though he has I don't know that might be a w what's His price saying Okay it's actually worth more than the SBC I just think when you see Brazil on Cam and then it's Socrates you just get A little bit sad don't you That isn't a bad card is I suppose an Engine can stall on him and you're happy You're chilling that's all right Those loans though all right That's a nice little team he's got there 400k in the bank you'll be out before Courtois by the end of the day pal no Dramas no dramas next up 88 mid prime or World Cup icon pack let's go It's an icon Spain Center back hero I just feel like the last time we opened

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These They were just like at worst it was as Valuable as a pack this time it's just Not good is it I mean he's got good defending Weird but reasonable dribbling is Everything else that's a problem Oh damn Sure this guy does this guy not have an Icon instead has a team of the year and A player pick Just Dennis unfortunately Just Dennis Does he actually he might he must have He must have nobody has just one player Pick That's just not fun What we've got Where's this icon pack Oh it's going to be there oh it is there This is going to be the first double Icon I could just feel it the player Pick Was the one Mexico Striker Sanchez that's not the one It's not the one what's he worth Oh dear it's bad bad 80 000 coins only yeah that's a rip Sorry for instapout that is a rip Nobody gets that you get that Bless you What was the joke even So he said nepew was supposed to to pack Me Ronaldo and he spelled like two pack

The rapper Right so I said sorry man it was a big L Big L's a rapper right so I said what a big pun big pun's a rapper Then I said that joke was Notorious Notorious B.I.G was a rapper do you know What I mean it was just good it was just Good And none of you got it I'm so sad I'm sorry I I need to I need a chat That's like Do you know what I mean like just better Than you look really Need to give me some vids to edit Sometime soon Yeah well yeah Yeah you can edit this one if you want Josh mate that's all right look not big Icon for Josh Sorry we're not 50. hey man Here we go Aaron sedorff Damn it Damn it that's just He's got a little bit of value in him He's got a little bit of value in him Well too bad is it Next next account there we go I'm Feeling a big icon no I said do you know What this is going to be a stinker isn't It it's gonna be Michael Owen I'm gonna Guess every icon now this one's gonna be Michael Owen as soon as I guess the

Correct icon I'm stopping it's a World Cup icon come on it's that Italian set It back could be good Calavaro it's all right it's all right It's all right it gets us a little bit Excited it could be better it could be Worse What's his value at yeah see it's just It's all right it's all right It's got a decent card low high work Rate super nice pace is okay defending's Real nice physicals Goods I don't know I don't know Ian wrong who Would be right zian right is wrong this Icon is going to be The stink of it is Mid Bobby Moore and that's it can't Dispute it You can't dispute it oh welcome back on Scotland Striker is King Kenny baby Let's go now that's a nice one that's a Big dub I don't always value that these days oh Oh that's A a reasonably okay dub at best Hey my car's got outside the foot short Trait Flair trait five star week for Four star school moves cracking Dribbling good shooting good Pace how is He so cheap that's a unbelievable Unbelievable hey good car though nice All right next up what icon are we Saying we're gonna get Brazilian this Time I think we're gonna get a Kaka here

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I think this is going to be a caca If this is Kaka you know as I said once I guess the icon it'll run out of icons Video done what we're saying England oh Here is Steve jediad yeah God what a Terrible icon What a terrible icon Terrible playing real life to be fair Absolutely useless that's slippy G I'm Lucky about Or Oh my days now now we're looking at Some like serious icons right Patrick Vieira what an absolute Beast 518 games what ah what a hero man What a hero Actually what an icon what an absolute Icon What we've got oh my god oh he is ready For Team of the Year you've got some Serious packs in there friend Can you get yourself Daliano Centipede it's a duplicate Polo we're Starting to censor theme yes we are Damn let's go At first turn on tradable little messy Hey you know what you need with that a Pele I think that's what's coming here I think pele's coming here we're going To see Brazil we're going to see uh We're gonna see cam we're gonna see Brazil Camp L.A nope nope come on not Kind of our road it's not kind of our oh

It's worse it's Bracy give me kind of Borrow At least he's higher rated than Canada Or a bit some good fodder Isn't it oh dear We even got like one we've got like Socrates and that's it oh oh my God this Guy's got his messy oh 1100 games man Todd Scrolls or something bro Isn't that like ratio Friend Um right I can't lie I can't lie I like I enjoy Opening share play packs when we like Get dubs in that But when we just get elves every every Time Portugal cam Is When It's Just Elves every time the Donkey himself It's just even even though they're not My packs it's just demotivating isn't it All right here we go with the next icon This guy's got music playing and that Can only be a good thing everybody that Hasn't had the music playing so far has Got lpacs oh dear I think we're gonna do I think we're gonna do five more I think That takes up to about 20. Unless we get something good and it's Worthwhile Senegal Striker Oh we finally get a good card Samuel Eto It's almost relief rather than enjoyment


At this point Was he worth 600 000 coins thank you Very much EA at long long last four star Four star you love to see it Finesse shot trait outside the foot shot Trait fantastic Pace superb shooting superb physicals Good dribbling very good passing good For a striker nice so it's not hey man Give me a break I've been streaming for Like seven hours man Well done on your Killian killing them With a million and back we're gonna Upgrade that right now with you Sabio I'm calling it right now I reckon I reckon I reckon this is I reckon this Portuguese head forward You're about to watch you're about to Watch German Striker That's all right that is all right 92 Muller It could be better But it's not as bad as some of the other Ones that we've had Lovely team that Still rocking with that Uh oh hey huh he's pretty good Man how quickly do those World Cup cards Become irrelevant huh Oh this guy's going for the La Liga Players we know what he wants All right next up icon love that love That Italy again CDM is good too so Really oh it's just getting worse man

It's just getting worse All right here we go again we've got Another another icon pack I think we are Getting close to the end now though I Think this is number 18 I think I might Have miscalculated and we are going to Do 20 today Here we go with the next What are we saying come on please give Us a big one Brazil right wing let's go It's Jazzy Jazzy no At last now just hopefully this guy Doesn't have a better version of Jay Z And you're in the club already because That is the biggest one let's go man one Point wait did you have jazzinho in his Club already Did I didn't see Huge dub No he didn't oh huge dub oh there you go He's happy the chat let's go baby come On Manny hey thank you very much we Finally got one Finally got a good card thank you very Much Oh he's making me submit the squads okie Dokie a bit strange but whatever floats Your boat Whatever floats boat has gotta open the Icon pack What are we saying E a sports It's in the game come on just uh EA back To back back to back base please Brazil

Again thank you very much German Striker His mother again in it it is mother Again damn it all right last one last One oh look at me I wasted my photo on Pop-up No I really hope you get a good icon Though guys thank you very much for Watching today's video this is going to Be the last icon because you know what This has just been bad in it like 20 is Is enough World Cup icon 20 Brazil England no I called it earlier we got it now It's over thanks for watching I'll see You next time about peace

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