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What's up guys the Panthers here and Welcome back to another FIFA 23 video Today guys EA gave us more team of the Year's Essentials packs and they also Gave us the defender 83 by three pack And so we're gonna be jumping onto the Account of some of the viewers to open Them today and hopefully see our first Ever team of the week pop out oh this Guy's got some uh player picks as well Oh man Hey why not in for a penny in for a Pound you guys didn't even know you're Getting some bonus player picks how About that can we get ourselves our First team of the year Of a player pick I'll take an 86 a Barella Under My Umbrella give some good Photo doesn't it some good photo what Else we got A not the best And can we oh what a brand new team of The weeks in there if you guys of course Enjoy the content I'm gonna drop a Thumbs up on the video it would be very Much appreciated and if you're new Around these parts feel free to Subscribe Luis Miller the next we've got 23 player picks the perfect number I Think for a team of the year You know The perfect number A team of the year in terms of uh the Team of the week as well Holland did

Indeed miss out on team of the week in Spite of the fact he scored the Patrick And you know what that means don't you Both man He is going to get the 12th man He's uh he actually just we know he's Gonna get a 12-man anyway it has been Decided the Army under the next pick no Troops here so far which is quite nice What do we got next come on one team With the area one team of the year One team of the year I don't think it's Too much to ask for A ratty we're getting better as an 86 And an 87 Italian Now if we could just get there's no Italian uh offenders is there this year Um now we can just get a team of the Year that'd be perfect drb that's quite Nice I'll take Natural problems son All right next up next up next up Fabian Oh did I take Fabian I did I'm sorry I'm Throwing away an 83 on your account it's Kind of your fault having the player Picks there really isn't it Five more to go Are we saying Rodrigo Next up Oh it's kalulu again two dupes It's two jupes three more picks to go Not the same are they they're not the Same anymore do we sell Berto Did well for Lazio last night

And then Vargas all right player picks Are not the one not for the Defenders Anyway maybe oh I didn't take Lulu in That uh in the end did I Um not not anyway here we go the first We finally got there the first one come On team in the area nope wow at least Bit is cheeky it is cheeky you can't Fault it to be fair You don't mind when a Chic oh Sensational what's he worth like 50k 60k Yeah 65k Nice mod Rich navaster heya Tiago Lukaku Mendy Gunther one that is actually a Decent amount of fodder For the um I probably will go for him as the loan Actually Um That's that's actually a decent amount Of fodder That's exactly the same pick that I got On my account for this this FIFA Point Pack it might even be a little bit more Further down here there's not really all Right let's move on Damn now that's a team in it The full-on Arsenal Best 11. soon to be upgrade oh no he Hasn't got the uh Jesus green soon to be Upgrading that Saka to the team of the Year nominee five-star five-star Confirmed Not confirmed but Arsenal to glory is

The team name as well respect it hey First and foremost You're welcome You're welcome I've got you bro I got you no I'm desperate to see my first Team of The Year man I haven't packed a team of The year on my account on anybody else's Account Or anything Is this gonna be the first one maybe Even the team with your icon would be Nice it's just a walk out It's Korean it's left wing it is on It's still a decent card even even at This point of fever isn't it an 88 and 87 and an 86. the loans We're gonna go with Adam Miller towel Now he's got two out of three of those Defenders love to see it And we're gonna go with oh We'll go with uh Ashley Cole is there any fodder There is there's a Reuben dish how mad Is that all of these players none of the New informs none that's crazy much Appreciated oh oh it's alone I thought I Saw the first team of the year in Somebody's team he has got a knife Through Bale though which is quite a Nice card isn't it Project Blue lock what's that that Sounds way better than project Team of The Year project team of the year was uh

Certainly an interesting one The project loot blue lock Sounds much better it would go first Team of the year I'm just I'm putting it Into existence Oh it's an inform it's scary I'm sorry if I'm saying his name wrongs Kitty I wonder if the team ideas can sit Behind these I don't know let's see Cheeky Kayla Navas Bernardo Silva Harland who will be a team of the year On Friday the port the pie is our loans Scott you kind of just want Van Dyke Really don't you and there you go Maybe you don't maybe you want Hakimi I Don't actually know who the most Expensive Team of the Year Defender is And then from the icons you want that Ronaldinho It's just the same ones it's Cola Machalei in every pickup so far Once we've Nestor twice with Vanda SAR Any other fodder No oh terrible pack in bird all right Here we go here we go Nice team that he's got that Bobby Carlos left back called you almost never See him do you I don't even want to say Almost never see him you I don't think I've ever seen him outside of draft Um All right oh we got some more player Picks 10 player picks and then The Pack


Is this where we're gonna see that first Toss Klaus My face would be proud Pick number two come on Inform Jansen nice Used to play for Spurs in the old Jensen Team of the season I meant Team of the Year you know what I'm saying don't you You know what I'm saying next up here we Go Klaus again same sport Hernandez There Tammy Abraham in the middle And pick number four We'll go pal Torres 83s good father Good footer I just want to see that sweet sweet blue For the first time Gym City Has a cracking name isn't it Jim City Gym City sounds like a city of gyms Doesn't it not like a person gym the Outlet gym though isn't it bill foden Potential for him to get a team of the Year honorable mention Maybe maybe not Answering number eight two more of the Player picks to go We get Marco asensio And then last of the player picks come On here hook it up Hey we get Thomas Mueller As previously had Team of the Year uh Like themed items hasn't he never a team

Of the year I don't think but ultimately Thomas Muller not the best Year at the very least we have the Defenders packs Midfielder no we don't so it is just the Blade the blader door Uh special packer 10. And here it is Here it is An inform England River West Ham is Bowing Oh disappointing And very disappointing Sadio Mane Kula Bali some reasonable Following here again You know like and compared to other Packs that you might get Hakimi lovely Superb compared to other packs that you Might get Um You know for FIFA points not bad Nesta Cole and Macaulay again it's just the Same order and the same cards But hey it's not rude right Um And then an informed Jansen there that's Okay I suppose All right next up my guys got that Syria Team of Dreams Some nice players in there as well Potentially a UVA fan huh potentially a UV fan Um What have we got

We have got the defender packs here as Well so this is going to be nice to see Can we hear blue ah inform workout It's gonna be Saucy Pedro And then a couple of uh duplicates After that three Defenders pack number Two It's just gonna be Saucy Pedro again is It I hope you've got some quick sale Recoveries it is oh it's basically an Identical pack Oh And then 383 plus Defenders number three It's lights up It's bad it's Ricardo Pereira again It's just down bad however Insert promo Team of the Year Essentials Pack where's this number five Walk out German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer nightly Rage don't mind getting a 90 rate a bit Of folder to be fair Oh dear oh dear Wait hey oh hold on We'll take me What is that Dinosaur Cole mcelally Cole Makaveli Have been in slots two and three every Time Cross Navas Bernardo Silva and a bit of Other photos that's all right that's all Right that's all right could be worse Could be a lot worse at least you should Be able to do a segment of a team there

All right what's my guy got Pogba in there has he played any games With him 14-4 and four here I think and Ketty would give you a better return to Be fair Let's see do we have those Defender Packs Do we have those Defender packs yes we Do oh you're saving for the uh for the Whole thing oh wait do we oh my days You're saying oh you got some stuff Saved He doesn't have the defender packs good Good amount of pack saved though good Amount of packs and here we go With the team of the Year Essentials Come on Walk out only Cheeky Kayla Navas yet again he's been In three of the packs Baretska perejo brozovic Militello I'll go with Van Dyke I think Van Dyke is going to be broken In this game anyway Oh they've actually switched around Mecca Lily and cold this time they're Trying to throw me off What else we got in the dupe section EA Nothing oh that's probably the worst Pack so far That's actually bad bad that is all Right here we go This guy's looking for a team of the Year right back to sit right there

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That's why he's left that space open you Know it oh my days he's got the Ronaldo Woke up Jesus Christ you played a lot of games With him fair play Good return as well 510 goal Contributions in just 413 games that's Nice about 1.18 Gold Country gold gold To game ratio gold contribution to game Radio radio ratio And in store we have got Have we got those Defenders oh I wish I Didn't oh we have I didn't I didn't Oh we got some player picks as well I Didn't stack Packs not like that anyway not those Traders not those big ones next year I'm Definitely gonna have an account right Where The only thing we do on the account Is play the most efficient way possible And save everything until like Team of The Year Every big pack every tradable reward Everything And then Team of the Year just rip it All and see if we hit any team of the Years I think that could be quite a fun Fun experiment Um For next year could be very very very Interesting A prediction you get Cole and Makaveli

Out of the pick now I reckon we're in For a different one this time this Account feels different It really does We could do it now for team of the Season on one of the accounts we've Already done yeah I mean that could be Quite interesting it just requires that Effort Um To uh To actually play FIFA right now and I I I can't explain The lack of Interest I've got For actually playing FIFA right now I've Never had ever This lack of Interest It goes beyond complaining or anything Like that it's not that I'm not enjoying The game because I actually have played I've thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay That I've played over the past like Month or six six weeks I've thoroughly Enjoyed the road to glory accounts that We run the four-hour Road floor in the Draft only roads of glory and that was a Whole bunch of oh Joshua that was a Whole bunch of gameplay related content But I haven't played rivals in like four Or five weeks I haven't played Um Champs now in two weekends I spread my Champs qualifiers over the

Course of two weeks other than like the Draft here or there The amount I've actually played FIFA Like like I haven't done an objective in Weeks And as I say it it's not neces it's not A uh oh this game's terrible I hate it I'm not playing this piece of crap or Anything like that there's there's just No interest there's no incentive And you know as I'm talking it through And kind of like vocalizing it What I think the reason is Is because of the four-hour roads of Glory the four-hour roads of Glory kind Of confirmed what I had been saying for Some years and that's the ultimately There's no purpose to this game Once you hit a certain level at that Level is able to be hit so quickly But there's no format like I think what I I think what I'm trying to explain Here Is that I shaked the fomo And the reason why I shaked the fomo the Fear of missing out Is because upon doing that four-hour Road to Glory I kind of expressed that There's you don't miss out You could start a brand new account Some months after the game comes out and Catch up to get the same wins on Champs Almost instantly And I think that's what it is as I say

As I'm sitting here now trying to kind Of like understand it in my own mindset I honestly think that fear of missing Out is what was driving my Desire to play And now that there's no fear of missing Out anymore the actual desire to play Has gone the desire to build accounts And EA made it so hard with the amount Like you know only having one account Per like PSN now but the desire to do Share play the share plays yeah share Players we like those run these now the Desire to do like Um speed runs or mini road to glories There it's there in fact like I'm going To sit down with Josh tonight and try And figure out what the next one is that We can record maybe tomorrow or Friday Or you know maybe from Tomorrow When the Full team of the year is in packs but The desire to like grind the game as Into like oh here's an account that I Can build look at me at the end of the Year it's just gone It's just gone Um oh I think Guru was a Duke there was He He was let's send that into the club It'll be a menu lag there apologies at Least uh we had a nice little chat Through that anyway Um And uh yeah we did have the defender

Packs in here There we go oh it wasn't all of them how Many was it was all of them right come On team media Hakimi needed for this Account No team with you in the first one it's To do with the lack of content during Primos but the thing is I I disagree That there's a lack of content there is An extortionate amount of content damn Two Swiss goalkeepers in the same pack That there's there's an extortionate Amount of content I just think that what The four-hour Road to Glory and indeed The draft only Road to Glory showcased Is that That content that's there Is filler content It's it's engagement content it's crazy It's there from EA to keep you on the Game Not because it's actually value for time Um and as I say this isn't like lots of People enjoying this game this year and I have enjoyed this game a lot this year Actually I think this has probably been One of those fifas I enjoyed the most Especially at the start when the lengthy Metal was rampant on you know on PS5 Version and stuff I was fully fully Fully enjoying myself Um we finally get a walk out So it's not that I'm like I'm not Displeased with the game I'm not sitting


Here like playing vigorously but getting Frustrated because the gameplay is like Like burning me or anything I I actually just think that it is so Easy So easy To get A team that will carry me to 14 or more Wins in foot Champs but why bother Grinding an objective for a card that Makes no difference unless that Difference is I get to have fun with That card and then it comes down to uh I Don't have fun with cards uh Are like Against the Grain in terms of What's doable in FIFA you know it's not Fun to play with the three star three Star here we go the next pack Brazil Lower it's gonna be a cheeky little Neymar he'll get an honorable mention Won't he He will get a cheap little honorable Mention where else we go and hear you Show us something Oh that's a duplicate is your name all Tradable Uh Nick Oh he's already got Van Dyke let's say That Hernandez What's the best what's the best I'm Actually going for Ronaldinho in here Oh it is Ronaldinho it is okay let's go It might only be a five game loan but That's the most exciting thing we've had

Out of all of these packs the whole time That's unbelievable how oh if you would Have told me to start FIFA 22 that You'll be mad gassed over getting a lone Player Oh I would have laughed in your face right There and right then but the Brazilian Left wings are coming up massive in this One we've got a Neymar 89 a Reuben dish 88 at a Ronaldinho loan as well Sensational sensational Finally got into the algorithm and when He got into the algorithm it just took Off for him which is brilliant Absolutely brilliant Come on Team of the Year oh oh like icon Or something yay man Edin gecko Oh that's bad in it right give me Another run El Nino Not here obviously oh he's already got Her keep me we'll take eddier Militello And then Saw Nest oh no cold this time we're Going back Um Oh that's an awful pack sorry about that Man Arowani bags and junk bags oh my guy's Got the team isn't he he's still using Uh World Cup Heroes when World Cup Heroes came out I was legit like

These These are wild you know what I Mean What did uh oh he had the 88 plus icon Pack this guy didn't he But then all of a sudden it's like You almost see none like even look at The best ones Toray marquisio welcome Icons Spain Striker Hey welcome Richard gwenyo that's not Bad That is not bad 600 000 coin card four Star five star Dribbling nice Pace nice shooting nice Stem nice super Nice Shot Traders are lovely for their 88 icon Plus Pack lovely Right next up my guy's actually got Team Of the Year kdb baby 17 games 11 goals Eight assists very nice 19 goal Contributions in 17 games is always Trebion uh this guy's also got the 88 Plus mid prime or World Cup icon pack Can we get back to back beasts we can Welcome wake up baby let's go it's gonna Be on three Chev I don't think he's Worth that much is he It might be quite bad to be fair oh it's Bad it's bad bad it's bad bad God damn It yeah the honorable mentions are Coming in quite nice Oh This guy's man I'm happy for you I am happy for you GG's on the Edinburgh

Tower but we're ending off today's video Guys with uh A Team of the Year packed From one of these bags we didn't let me Open it maybe I'm the bad luck charm I'll tell you what I'll do I'll do your Player picks I'll do your player picks Corner oh you don't need to elevator Towel do you go look two team of the Years in a pack all my days all my days All my days And Muller hey that's the first time We've seen him as well Trent theory is Trend Theory isn't it Duke Trent Holland In there's gonna be a team in here in a Day or so Gigi's on the air military Though guys that's gonna be the end of The video for today if you did enjoy Episode comment subscribe to the channel If you haven't already and for now guys Um Mal peace

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