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Hey guys what’s going on Inception here And welcome to another video ladies and Gentlemen today we have the new elanga Card to check out uh this card is five Foot ten high high work rates right Footed Four Star skills three star weak Foot Um so with a card like this guys you do Want to mainly use them in that um Right-sided area for the most part Because the three-star weak foot could Present to be a nuisance sometimes If you see his traits in game he does Have technical dribbler long shot taker Flared flare trades as well as the Finesse straw trait so a couple of Interesting traits to work with there Obviously if you’re playing him on that Left side for the Finesse strong and you Could utilize that sure but honestly With defensive AI being as strong as it Is playing him on that left side to get That cut inside when you don’t have the Four star weak foot for me personally It’s just not really worth it unless Someone’s playing like very vulnerable Defense right Um this card we are going to be giving The hunter Chemistry Style to because in This game uh pace is very important Right so when you give him 99 Acceleration 98 spring speed with good Shooting capabilities I feel like that Is going to be the most ideal thing

Because yes technically you can give him Uh something like a hawk Chemistry Style But the shooting boost for me I want to Give more finishing than shop power Personally because of the extra Pace Especially for a play that is going to Be playing that side position the main Thing that we have to test out is Obviously the lean body type 5 foot 10 Height with dribbling uh stats set up The way that it is because what would Have been nice is if you can give this Card The Marksman Chemistry Style but His base card stats or Pace was a little Bit higher Um with stats like this you would have To use him mainly in the middle Positions but like I said pace is pretty Important so you would just have to sack That and make sure that you have it uh Passing on the cards in a good area Composure is low with some of the Dribbling stats being low which is what Made you want to you know maybe give Them that Marksman on him but again I Don’t think it’s going to be ideal for How The Meta the game plays out uh 76 Are heading accuracy he’s gotten 88 for Stamina so the stamina cut off is good To work with the pace and shooting Capabilities that the card has right so Yeah a couple of interesting things most People are giving him a marksman or a Hunter which kind of makes sense uh

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Because of the specific boost that he Needs right so uh for us he will be Played mainly in that right-sided Position uh we’re gonna be using Rashford in the striker area because Honestly he plays that role pretty well Right so we’ll play him right here on That right attacking position come back And defense against the box of the Cross And we will see how he plays man Hopefully he is a beast Oh dude what a kick Clash proper man I Use an Argentina kit you guys still Don’t know how oh my Man frustrations man frustrations Nice I can’t tell the difference with The kids but We score Uh it was still registering my L1 for The for the past I want to L1 dribble quickly and then make a Through ball because if I have to love Pasta I had to take some time and settle Oh he’s gonna go for a rabona shot not a Rabona arabona shot Player is actually pretty nice close Useful play OH Close Timothy or Hernandez though you Know Well done on kickoff too Oh white timed Oh and it was good there too that’s Unlucky Let’s have a look at the initial 11 for

The visitors Stands between the posts nice Nice nice The fans really want him to shoot cut The Chip Shot off good We’ll take it we’ll take it But I’ll work with a few dribbles here And there Now veering in fields There it is Playboy’s good play Lionel Messi Surely The Equalizer almost had there With a lingo Good job olango Dodge that flick up was horrible that Was such a bad flick up man Good job of Langer A heel to heal wouldn’t have worked out As well there I had to do that skill Move get past the goalie a great Achievement Can they take advantage Charting through trying to lock the Keeper nicely done Um the AI runs that he activates in the Right side of positions they’re Consistently pretty good like he he does The middle runs pretty consistently like I have to use him on a hunter because Pace is just super important in this Game but Um yeah They Converse oh that touch oh

All right I always tell you guys man like that Last R trigger touch is always over Emphasized when it’s close to the Goalkeeper especially it’s always Overemphasize man That you know what the power was Actually perfect Um the animation choice for Malanga is Not the greatest there so I’d have to be A different type of angle for me to Potentially hit it but you definitely Tell he’s not like crazy special at Those bad boys Scene That’s first A perfect ball now I’m trying to see if I can get lucky there at least It might be nice good finish It’s unlocking I’m trying to get like a Touch there just so like just so I can Do the right foot strike but it’s Actually funny because it’s better for Me to ball roll into the to do that Driven than it is for me to just do the Driven you know Well nicely cut out our first time pass Was not the greatest Hard to blame him though because passing In this game is very weird sometimes Can they take the lead here nice He’s using manual goalkeeping there for A little bit too I thought I was gonna take The Shard

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Away okay guys so final verdict on the New elanga card so Um obviously with the new accelerate Feature Um this card on a hunter Chemistry Style On explosive with a high high work rates Is super ideal to use in those sighted Areas now what you have done with this Card is that they have now made him a Usable version of himself so nothing Crazy special but obviously if you’re Decent of the game you can 100 utilize Them if you’re working with certain Manchester United links uh for 151k Um I feel like it’s probably still gonna Go down a little bit more uh in regards To in-game Quality but yeah a few things Right so For me personally when it comes to these Sighted players I always feel like it’s Very important to give them the hunter Chemistry Style Um what I will say is that the pace is Important uh it doesn’t feel as fast as Someone that you know has a 99 Acceleration 98 Sprint speed there’s Always different variables that cause That uh could be dribbling stats could Be uh you know body type with height a Couple things right like it doesn’t run As fast as someone like Killian and Bape Right and For me personally I always tell you guys This right but the cpuai traits like I’m

Not going to compare like Team of the Year to whatever right but let’s just Take a look at the traits here so you See when you have like speed dribbler And Technical dribbler so for me Personally the speed dribbler trait is Like a big one like it’s a cpuai trade But it always feels like when these Cards have that trait they feel like They run faster than their stats Suggests right so it’s the same thing With the rashford like when when I was Trying out rashford on a finisher his Acceleration is low but his Sprint speed Is at a 95 but he actually runs faster In game than those stats suggests Because he has that trade so with the Langa only having a technical dribble or Trade his pace is still decent to work With but it doesn’t feel as fast as it Probably could if he were to have it Potentially right I always you don’t Know for sure but it’s just the feeling You have when you use these guys right Um the shot power being low It’s a little bit of a nuisance you know I think having higher shot power is Always super ideal but most of the Strikes that you do end up taking this Game are going to be close higher Percentage strikes right so having the Higher finishing is definitely going to Be more important in my opinion Attacking AI with this card honestly is


Perfectly fine you know when the 4231 Set up with the high high work rate While being an explosive player Um in that right-sided position he Played pretty well for me like attacking AI why has he gone to really good Positions for the most part so I didn’t Really you know find that to be that Much of a nuisance Um it would have been nice if you could Improve the dribbling 5 foot 10 is Always that specific height that when it Reaches that with a lean body type the Cards don’t feel as responsive it’s like When you hit five foot nine and then Five foot ten like it’s such a big Difference in my opinion right so it Would have been cool if you can give him Potentially a marksman Chemistry Style While giving him that shooting boost With higher base card stats for Pace but Obviously that’s not the case with the Card so you do have to either give him a Hawk or a hunter being played in those Side positions so it’s one of those Types of cards that EA have improved to The point of being usable in this game Uh which is always a cool thing to work With uh again nothing crazy special but You can definitely work with him in your Team if you’re using him in those sided Areas right so 442 right mid 4231 right Attacking mid you know that kind of Thing the card’s definitely gonna be

Usable in those positions so Um honestly I I needed a like a Left-footed player like a lenga who was Portuguese in that left side with the Same work rates and all that kind of Stuff would have been cool to work with But Um yeah hopefully you guys enjoy this Video today I’m Gonna Catch You guys for The next one peace out dudes love you Guys

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