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Craig Douglas

What's up guys and the Panthers here and Welcome back to another FIFA 23 video It's 6 p.m it's Sunday it's Future Stars Team one and we are going to be getting Ourselves a Mini release among some Other things today do you want to be Able to afford to complete new sbcs and Test out new players if so visit U7 buy To buy your foot 23 coins they are cheap Fast and reliable and make sure to use My code NEP at checkout for five percent Off and so we will check what is there First and foremost we have got flashback Theo Walker outside the foot short trait Four-star skill moves three-star week For can play right mid right wing and Striker Has 99 pace Oh I quite like that cards I do quite like that card 88 stamina and That's fair for his page right because He was rapido 88 stamina is really nice it's passing If you're playing with strike is really Nice a finisher chem Style on him is Going to be deadly Is going to be deadly this card is going To be Absolutely insane And it is gonna cost An 83 rated Squad with an 85 rated Player and an 86 rated Squad I still think it's gonna be the one Though I really do

Uh into swap swaps aren't there yet Upgrades Nothing new No new icons either And then for live Yo go on loud Future Stars Challenge Three Prime electron players pack and Harper The token make sure you get your tokens In guys of course Um 23 chemistry 75 rated one rare player Or clubs minimum same country maximum Five so just use one League nice and Easy oh on that one and then an 87 plus A base or FIFA World Cup Hero player pick That better be quite cheap was that Repeatable Oh probably once every 24 hours right They changed those uh badges there no Um H7 plus bass or FIFA World Cup Hero Player pick Way too expensive An 86 rated an 85 rated and an 84 Ray With an inform An H7 plus base or FIFA World Cup Hero Player pick it's just bad value It's honestly just bad value There's not that many of these that are Like good value anymore Let's have a look at objectives and We'll also take a look at the Mini Release

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Nothing going on in there Nothing going on there so no new Objectives either Um Let me go and build A player pick if I can I think I've got enough folder for it 86 raid squads I've got like plenty of I've got plenty of order to be fair like I can't you know putting some 88s For the 86 rated squads and then some 87s for the A5 rated Squad but I've Actually got mostly A4s and a3s So it might be a bit tricky to get this One Over the line for all three We'll have to figure out we have to Figure out what we've got so that's Already 86 rated That's down to an 85. It's actually gonna have to be Gonna put an 84 in here yeah Well I actually had it bang on The initial setup Premium Gold players Back out of that as well Let's see what we get in the Premium Gold players back Foreign Let's go Brazilian Center back from nice is donch I'll take the uh I'll save him actually To be oh he's already anyway we could

Sell him Um And then we'll do the yeah I I don't Think this is good value I can't lie I Am gonna do it for the content you guys Know But I would uh suggest and recommend to Anybody To stay clear of this Um it does just seem like Horrible value the fact that you can get A base or a base Hero in here as well some of the 87 base Heroes are like what 20 quid Um 20 quid no Jesus uh so we're on the Brain about 20K And uh that's an ill We get another one away yes we can About another one nope that was it okay At least I'm gonna have enough uh enough Stuff to do it the packs back aren't too Bad a jumbo Premium Gold pack is uh Quite a nice pack to be fair JK's Twitter interesting what they're Doing We've scouted Oh this thing again we've scouted a oh Gold players packing a free play Let's Go we've scouted out a rising Talent Who've been made available to sign for Your ultimate team but our coaches need To know what you want to focus their Development on first up pace or Dribbling


This will help determine one upgrade for This this player's upcoming Future Stars SBC they did this last year it's it's Like it's just engagement farming right Um it's cool and all Um but yeah I think it doesn't really Serve like too much of a purpose Alberto in there I do think that Theo Walcott I might go And play some Champs games with him I Think Theo Walker's gonna be Superb Want a prediction for the pick yeah do It causa Is that uh It's gonna have to be pretty quick Though Let's turn there because uh Over to it I think we have to do it on Maybe one of the picks from shape like Because we are already on on this one And let's see What we To get from our one of three eight seven Plus Now Dean Natalie is not actually bad I just have him on trade War already Algebra is going to be have to be the Guy that I take which sucks And that's why it's gonna be Just bad isn't it Let's go and have a little look At the uh the new players Walcott Vandervin sansei and turkey

So this wall got 150k for him 160k I Know he only has three star weak foot I Genuinely think this is going to be an Incredible card with a finisher chem Style 99 Pace flat out 99 dribbling 99 Agility nice to balance 99 finishing 98 Positioning and 90 shot power that is a Wild card with outside the foot short Trait as well Lean body type as well that is a wild Card he is just going to be the guy that You have to have Uh we think of Van Damen three star Three star An all right upgrades Dribbling's okay pop a shadow on him Good Pace good defending stamina sucks Passing is quite nice dribbling is okay Six foot four as well which isn't so bad Um he's all right he's right Uh we've got someone say can play Striker Cam and send it Forward four Star Four Star Outside the foot short trait 15 Pace upgrade there Massive balance upgrade as well Massive stamina upgrade as well He's all right you know Stamina and strength are good passing is Really good for a striker because that's Where I would play him dribbling's all Right it's either a hunter on him for The pace and shooting or Sacrifice the pace and put a finisher on


Him too for the dribbling and shooting I think he could he could be all right I Don't think it's gonna be like Like crazy crazy but he could be right He's another common which is nice And then turkey who's a silver Um left Ming left Ming left Ming left Wing left mid Striker and cam 5 Star 5 star Good stamina very good dribbling Up an engine on him doesn't have the Best reactions but yeah he's gonna be Mad He's gonna be mad really good passing Good shooting finishing not so much but Shot power long shots are good Finishing's good what traits does he Have outside the foot shot trade flare Trait high low work rates Stocky body type which is a bit Interesting Um Big upgrade 35 with zero strength on That upgrade cool they've given him plus 16 overall and zero strength but it's a Good card again it is a good card and Then to look at the Active challenges Still walk outside voted This is down voted because it is Terrible value 300 000 coins for an 87 Plus base or World Cup Hero player pick Is just awful awful value Um and then yeah future size challenge For me is nice but that is going to be

The end for today guys that is the Content if you enjoyed it be sure to Like rating comment subscribe to my Channel if you haven't already for now Guys I'm out peace

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