“Apparently This NEW Player Pick is Actually INSANE?!”

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These 83 plus picks are insane yes They're very good now bring them to Share play yes in the moment store there Is a 83 plus pick for 15 tokens if You're interested if you are interested That is all right he's taking the player Pick boys uh do I think we will get a Guaranteed Future Stars Pack I don't Know man I feel like a party bag could be coming Out though maybe you know although I Feel like EA are just kind of doing These store packs now man instead of Spcs so it's three tokens now he's he's Asking if we're gonna get like an SBC For it because we used to get that stuff Damn chat that's so bad Ah that's Actually like terrible to see bro he has Lucio and tradable oh went to buy benzem On Modric I think you've probably missed The boat on them man because I kind of Feel like they're just gonna go up I'm Not doing rashford no I don't have a Prem Team bro so there's No point for me Georginio from the one of 83 player pick Georgina oh this guy has content Fourth wise up Oh Bro that's a dub Chad's probably gonna Tell me he's 40K but That's a dub how much is he How much is he chat He's 40K no he's 100 he's 100.


I think he's 100 bro dude he looks Really solid that's nice that's a good Pull Nah it's not tradable anymore oh primeto Yo I can't even So pixelated bro yo let's go Prime ETO Let's go all right so that's the first Icon pack yo how many packs did you save Why are you saving these packs No way no no oh my God I thought it was Right wing back that's still crazy That's still insane I thought it was my theory though that's So crazy he could play center back too Right naughty defending yeah oh my gosh That's so sick he's a million coins as Well oh imagine that was cut food chat

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