“Apparently This SBC is Actually INSANE Now?!”

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The Hero player pick is just rinsed Right it's what we had earlier in the Week oh it's 250 I'm not doing that no Way 250. boys we have a hero player pick Okay I'm choosing marquisio but that's Sick I'm choosing Marquis you I don't Know he chose the Natale interesting It's understandable it's an attacker He's also really good I'm choosing Marquisio there am I a meta rat dinatale Is very good too A Hero player pick if It's 200k a sub all right here we go Yo yo this is paying out today no Captiva no no no please please please Please please please please please Please please choose captivia oh you're Gonna drive me crazy if you don't choose Captiva please let's go that's a dub bro That is a dub I'm not gonna hold you to The sub but that is definitely a dub all Right Next Up Prodigy has an 87 plus Hero pick Oh my gosh three center backs and he's Got Lucio in the final slot that is Insane these aren't paying out bro my Viewer is going to make me do this today For 250k and get papping again man nah The way is actually crazy today oh I Gotta do it Chad I gotta do it bro just When I started making coins bro Chad This is why our coin total never goes up Man oh dude I've gotta do this pick bro Oh my God it's so good today come on bro 50 chance of Lucio today man oh this is

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Tempting me today for real Jab thanks for the sub I appreciate it Man welcome to the stream that's a very Nice player pick guys I think I'm gonna Do this is that stupid I think we send It man the upside on it is nice but my Hero Luck sucks but then I'm like at Some point I think it'll change you know All right you know what Chad should we Do it all right all right we're done Here we're done here I've seen enough All right six seconds one Two Three Four Five six Well well let me let me let me let me Let me break this one down you know what You know what you know what based on my Pack look this year this is an L to most People but for Heroes I will take it Because my hero is terrible I I have not Had one good hero this year all right so I'll take it it's an L for most people But I've submitted my father and it's Untradable we don't look at Market Values but what I'm not really happy About is how EA literally trolled me I Have not opened a hero pack or pick on This account I swear this year maybe one Without papin bro it's ridiculous I Don't understand why I packed happen so Much we'll take Park we'll take Park It's okay

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