“Did EA Actually Make This NEW Player Pick Good?!”

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Oh I have no fodder left base or World Cup Hero player pick oh I feel like That's so mid right ah this is a scam Bro this is such a scam chat why is base Card still in here man Oh Really oh so deserved Deserved wow That's pretty crazy man yeah he has a Great record too bro that is sick isn't This the same player pick that was just Released though couldn't they like up The rating one or I don't know because They changed the the theme to Future Stars I mean marquisio I think that's good I Don't know how much he is he's like 300 Right not Sam that's what I'm saying bro But I do appreciate the support Yo Yo that's a dub that is a win uh I'm Guessing 700k how much 8 30 bro Now that is expensive I mean so far These have been pretty good I will be Honest how much is it from scratch is This like this is probably like 250 Right all right bro good luck All right I mean that's not horrible Brolin's still like how much is he like Isn't he like 600k 500. man that feels So overpriced though man three-star week But I I don't understand his price all Year why he's been that expensive Marquez is solid I don't care about his

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Price he's really good really really Really really really good he's one of The better Heroes man he's really Annoying to play Oh you're not gonna use marquisio though Your team is crazy that's a Vibe for Sure oh let's let's go Let's go bro let's go appreciate that Wow he's got Captiva as well the Saudi Walcott

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