“Did EA Just Release Their CRAZIEST Pack Yet?!”

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We have a new store pack today and the Store pack 65 gold rare players 386 or Higher for birthday loan and then we've Got a 125 gold players 387 or Higher One Loan for birthday so that is also crazy 500 000 coins thirty dollars 125 rare Gold players that is just insane I mean That's just wild so 50 chance at a foot Birthday player four percent at an icon 93 of a team of the week one problem I Would say is we don't really have a lot Of sbcs right now to rinse all the rares Into 500 000 coin pack being open now it's not a Foot birthday Okay I'm really confused I've spent 500 000 coins and my highest rated is an 84 Inform Messy Okay messy 91 rated look at the amount Of walkouts man 91 89 87 87 Trent oh my God Trent in the pack two that could be Good uh okay I'm a little worried Because last time we had a story pack Last week when the picks appeared in the Front there was no special card in the Back so I feel like there's a chance That we did not get a special car now We're gonna take Thomas Muller a Ridiculous amount of matches and there's Actually an icon loan I've actually just Tried both of these players but we'll Choose rush now Please oh no flip birthday so these

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Store packs they're pretty much Hit or Miss I feel like you've probably got Your best chance at getting icons out of Those but it's still again it's four Percent and it's it's 500k or 30 right And that's that's that's not easy he's Got the story pack he's gonna check it Out hopefully it's better than the one We just did because the one we just did Was terrible we have a foot birthday we Do not have an icon but we have a foot Birthday it's French it's lefant It is lafon so we got an 89 you get 387 Or higher players guaranteed we got like 12 walkouts Emerson and Trent nice that is actually Very very solid now he's got the loans And does he have anything in the back do We have an icon I don't know why it Would be in the back wow 280 wow 287 Informs in an 85. so yeah that's gonna Be Prodigy's pack and Andreas is going For it 30 Pac-Man thirty dollars All or Nothing only four percent still at that Icon but do have a foot birthday It's also Lafont so Prodigy and Andreas Both got Lafont and chukwueze as well That is a lot of fodder 289s 389s and 88 So two foot birthdays for both of them Um and a lot of 85s I don't think he got An icon so I think that's probably what He got anything in the back nothing in The back still probably the best chance You have to getting the top tier players


But still not a great chance

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