“Did You Seriously Pack The 5 BEST Heroes?!”

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Andres you got something Andres Show the chat right now your team with The heroes you have show the chat right Now this is disgusting Chat how does he pack so many Heroes That's not even the worst look look look Look look look he has Lucille captivia Yaya Touré aloeiron and he's just packed JJ he has the best heroes in the game All of them I've not seen an account with it man It's crazy Isn't that wild crazy bro 152 packs That's a lot Trent so common Oh Lower ah How many of these do you have bro The 8220 so far have been concerning to Me man there's not nearly enough for Birthdays out of these packs matter of Fact I don't even know if we packed one Oh my God four informs though wow All right so we're checking it back Nothing bro we have to pack a foot Birthday icon today We have to man gotta see that In action on the Stream I don't think he's like ever been good On FIFA oh my Oh my man Prodigy and Andreas man I'm Getting sick of you two run the hero Market YouTube

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