EA Gifted Me My DREAM Player From The Icon SBC !!!

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All right man that's it for Dino though We say goodbye it's been fun Dino we Will buy you soon what did he do for his Uh his loan yeah he was just so fun man That's all I care about having fun once You get a couple of those like skill Combos down with him it's just oh it's It's very addicting to play with him a Few moments later oh okay this is back I Feel like doing uh doing this icon pack Is a little weird feeling because I just Feel like we could definitely do another SPC but we'll we'll send it we got Butcher last time maybe we're just gonna Be on fire oh it refreshes again Oh my God all right let's get a prime Icon let's get a prime icon come on Let's get a prime icon No What the [ __ ] Oh my God Chat it's so bro it's so rigged dude EA Sports man it's so rigged bro it's so Rigged no it's so rigged it's honestly Gross it's so rigged all morning I've Been playing with Daniel alone nah man What am I seeing what am I seeing bro They have they have to be chat I don't Know if it's my theory but they have to Be watching bro 100 that doesn't just Happen chat you know what I mean there's No way you talk about a player for three Hours and then you just open icon pack Like bro what am I seeing Oh my God bro


Chad this is the only player I wanted to Pack like I don't even care about Team Of the Year oh my God man nah that's I Don't even know it's I feel very weird About this no this is the main account Dude Main account man we just packed Prime Deal no they they have to be Chad they Have to be messing with streamers pack Luck man 100 100 bro for two hours I've Been just talking about this card like Non-stop I'm a bit conflicted I'm very Happy chat but at the same time I feel Very weird man because like I don't want To be that guy who doesn't talk about it Like it definitely feels like EA Manipulate streamer stuff for sure I'll Take it bro I'll take it but it just Feels weird you know like I was speaking About this car for literally two hours Today I was like I dream of this card I Was using his loan Yeah dude we just pack him like I Haven't even seen Dino all year in a Pack bro it's very odd I honestly I want This card like more than anyone in FIFA Right now based on like players I've Tried over the last like two three weeks He's just the most fun card like mbappe Is the best but He's just and Bobby's not as fun as this Card This card is so fun how much is this Card

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Dude what he's three oh my God he's four Mil almost chat it's like 10 mil bro That's like 10 mil I don't care about it this Market has Like 10.

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