FUT Birthday Champs w/ 92 Rush, 91 Rui Costa, 88 Emerson Royal, 91 Ederson

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Yo guys what is going on welcome back to Another video on the channel I just hit An insane workout we have so many foot Champs matches to play and we have so Many cool new cars to try out so if you Enjoy the video today guys please drop a Thumbs up they support the videos a lot And I wanted to just make like an insane Team for you guys today I wanted to try Out a lot of different players Um so I figured out a way to do it we've Got 33kem I know shocking uh we packed Cordoba yesterday out of the hero pick Uh he looks pretty good I think he's Like a little bit outdated but I think you still saw it obviously has To Pace the defending and the physical So all that is there we packed Footbirthday Emerson yesterday and I'm Hearing he's one of the best right backs In the game so we'll be able to put that To the test he's got 90 Pace 86 Defending 88 physical he's got a really Solid card I mean like for a right back Having 86 defensive awareness is Honestly unreal 93 aggression very good 91 side tackling really nice so yeah it Is a really really really really really Good card Um 89 shot power as well super nice Right so I do like this card a lot I Think he will be really good we'll Obviously end up seeing uh how good he Is I picked up the ederson yes guys I

Won my last Rivals match today and we're Gonna try 99 reflexes ederson should be Crazy I'd be shocked if he was bad we Had the 90 he was kind of average but I'm figuring this version will be a lot Better so very excited to try him and Then we've got two foot birthday icons I Know we've bought some of the cheaper Ones but really cost them for 230k look Five Star skills four star weak foot I Think he looks solid so we'll just try Him out I think we're gonna give him Probably the hunter but yeah we'll see I Mean I know he's fought her probably to A lot of you but I always like trying Out new players so we're gonna try them Out we're gonna give him the hunter We'll probably use them as a box to box And up top and then we got Ian Rush We're gonna be playing Ian rush in that Center forward roll he's got bad passing With 74 Um which is not too good but I feel like Overall uh his car does look good Somebody gave him a hunter which I'm not Really sure about you could give him an Architect and he would be lengthy but I Think I'm probably just gonna end up Going with the engine I think overall For me the passing is a problem Um and yeah Five Star skills for Ian Rush right 93 shooting so it looks Really good yeah overall guys the team The team that we have today it's such a

Fun team I feel like Um you know not a fun team in terms of It's bad but I just like trying Different players and I feel like There's so much to you know check out With this team today so if you enjoy the Video guys thumbs up as always We're going to jump into some matches as You saw by the video yesterday we had Some of the sweatiest foot Champs Matches I've ever had it was so so so Challenging Um so hopefully today is just a little Bit easier because yesterday we were Playing some freaks we went 4-2 but it Was really really really challenging so Let's get into it Wow this guy has some of the footballers Cards tells me he's grinding out the Game a lot Rush already with the passion Rush finds Georgina And we can't really cost to open in some Space All right early start Rush with some Nice hole to play pretty easy one Ray Costa Jersey now Over to rush Tap shot let's go Rush Let's go man great positioning gerzino Obviously the goat you can see early on Jersey knows just that guy That's my problem with Cordoba is he Gonna be a little too weak doesn't

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Matter he wins the ball back love it Wow it's so weird to have Rush with Five-star skills Rush You know what I yellow timed that but Rush with the positioning and we take a 3-0 lead in eight minutes is wild so we Want to get the games in quick and we're Flying so far the team looks so good S-a-c All-Stars let's go Nice team oh my god he has Prime R9 and That's an Ali the tonali is really Annoying really annoying man Rush what a ball See Don let's go man the greens are out What a play That's What I Love About Zidane man like his Pace I know it's 82 But because he's lengthy he's so fast Viera Jersey now Roy Costa back to Jersey no Nice Roy Costa here we go Not the best Wow man I don't know how he missed that man What a pass though from Rush Oh almost from Rush I'll tell you man rush so far has been Absolutely incredible maybe my gameplay Is obviously very good right now you can Tell by the pace I'm playing at it's not Sluggish But so far I'm very impressed with Ian Rush I was expecting him to be horrible Pass

Block well done Emerson Fast too Nice Emerson well done Rush wow man his attack positioning is So good Nice hold up Rush come on Dino ah the Team is definitely showing a lot of Passion today which is very commendable Rush intercepting and now dinos through Unlucky Are you serious Rush What nah man Rush is moving different Wait Costa Rush Dino Rush What in the DDA is going on the EA Sports what just happened man Let's go man this gameplay is so good Right now the gameplay is so good Let's go Nice pass from really Costa No I sold He sold more and Emerson was there let's Go Emerson Dude Roy Costa this team is frying or Crying God man my team is killing it What a reflex save from ederson honestly That probably should have gone in I Panicked he totally beat me there I literally love really cost I can't Believe I'm saying that Wow nice step Emerson gotta get back now It's funny how everybody is so ratty I Feel like everybody just tries to run to

That byline spot and get open Well done Oh man the ram is now playing Viera hate To see it nice Emerson well done Okay this guy has caught me out of press 10 times this game I need to stop Playing out of the back Need to sort out the mistakes Nice Emerson Not a terrible defending Ederson that's a crazy save man that's a Crazy save I mean these are all reflex Safes crazy save Jersey no what a ball really Costa Ah man Edison tax you cannot ball roll Him because of his reflexes should have Passed it Oh what a ball from Roy Costa Dino the postman cheerzino let's go come On let's get it I can't believe how good Ian rush and Really Ross are like I'm just kind of confused I guess Cooked Cooked Cooked in 23 minutes we have five wins I Think if we might actually have six I Don't even know we are flying this Gameplay is God's here this team is so Fun to use right now rtgfc let's see Mateus Captiva Sanchez Gomez decent team I'm not too scared if I see Gomez to be Honest I didn't really rate him that Well

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Dude how did I just miss that It's all right it's all right because we Got it right back we pass it right back To rush man because Russia's our guy Rush is our guy All right if we want to try to get rage Quits That I moved him too so I think ederson Is just a baller so far we want to try To get rage quits we have to try our Best to uh Get a quick goal or two after that first One Man everyone's moving the keeper today We are cooking today That works that works Ian Rush that Works Mr Rush man he feels like he has a Five-star weak foot My God cooked This Maldini is the most annoying Center Back you just never beat him Rush What are these posts that I'm seeing in This game today man How many pulse am I gonna hit Oh I've cooked him so badly that was Gonna be the best goal of the day and Rush misses the easiest chance how did He miss that Oh didn't even rush just missed that man It's crazy FIFA when you have good Gameplay it's so fast today man I don't Even understand I don't even know if I've ever had this gameplay in my life

It's like so fast Rush well done The fact that he's just defended that Man Is very impressive Wow guys I'm gonna be honest I moved Ederson to the right corner and because Of the 99 reflexes he actually went to The other Corner I'd even go there which Means he like actually made a reflex Save from the AI which is kind of wild Gives you no time Yo this team is unbelievable man I might Play all 20 games right now it's been 28 Minutes And we've played this many matches Already I might literally play all my Matches right now bro this is crazy what Is this gameplay Guys I've just realized I didn't even Have a camp Style on Emerson so I'm Putting kempster on Emerson Warriors FC Ederson he's got the new cumin Rush What a save I could have made extra pass But A small Deanie man it's always a small Deanie driving me crazy Okay I think Russia's kind of set a Screen to be honest So thanks for the screen rush I Appreciate it Nice Emerson

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Rush Rush Oh my God Oh my God so many freaking crossbars Today bro That was incredible from Rush against Captivia and uh Ronald Oh it's so annoying man the amount of Crossbars we're getting today is really Annoying Nice huge save from ederson and nice From uh Nice from Emerson there as well that's Gonna be a goal though Awesome lucky Green Oh Dino that is a crazy green Broke the net he broke the net Cordoba like is so good but I just feel Like he does not that's gonna be a goal I just feel like he just does not win The ball enough because he's a little Smaller so he doesn't sometimes Push the player out of the way like he Should you know what a ball Rush go on Jersey no Luck he probably should have square that To dino Red I just read time that I just read Time that what am I doing man oh What a ball man what a ball from Anderson ederson has been fantastic man I I really really like him he's been Better than courtois for me All right GG's man tough one really Tough one this was a sweaty game he

Didn't even have that crazy of a team Very sweaty game all right guys so Overall want to talk about the team a Little bit because obviously team was Playing crazy now ederson for me I think He's hands down the best keeper like the Saves he was making were insane reflexes Are crazy he only had one bad moment Which was like a down the middle shot From aloeiron that just didn't seem too Strong so that was a little concerning But other than that Sensational feels Totally worth it to get and now once you Do obtain that card you've also got the 90 address in which you could use for SPC which is really nice also felt like His distribution was really good on the Left foot 95 kicking so that was really Nice really caused to surprise me so Much like for a player that I I feel Like no one uses in FIFA ever he was so Good Five Star skills great from the CM Position his passing was his best Strength really like Tim would recommend Him Ian Rush was Sensational for the Price absolutely incredible six goals Three assists six matches really really Good best thing with this card is the Finishing and the attack positioning and The R1 dribbling with the engine is Really good crazy value And then last we have Emerson who I Thought was solid I don't think he's Like the best right back I don't think

He was better than kafura Kimi but I Thought he was solid and I'm gonna Continue to you know use him and learn How to use him but very solid so we had A great team today everybody in team was Really really good and this was just a Great video so thanks for watching guys See you guys later peace

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