FUT Champs w/ 89 Diaby, 88 Raspadori, 88 Di Lorenzo

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All right so like how are we going to Use raspidori man bro it's so hard to Bench gersono man D Lorenzo oh yeah we Have zambrata Hakimi the fraud man why Do you have a hunter on mbappe bro why Do so many people ask me that Delorenzo Right back zambront to left back but Then what about Ramos man yeah I have Respiratory untradable man I'm so happy I like I was so happy when I packed him Because Napoli is sick so I was super Happy about it you know what man this Card is probably already up so much Because of the upgrade Eyes up a lot wait I think Ramos is Going to go to one though chat does that Matter though Not really I mean 30 chem is sick so I Think we'll just go for it wait what Camp style do we have on diabet right Now what campsite would you guys use on Diabi I don't know if I have the right One Marksman Dead Eye uh I think they're On stay back and then overlap bro pretty Sure no I need the manager for aliba Chat wait no I don't Wait I don't I don't right because we Have Mendy oh okay after this match We'll change it guys Chad I'm not sure I'm gonna be full Sweating this weekend man this might be A chill weekend league is that Acceptable or I'm getting voted off rad Island

Hey yo I I needed to do a shot cancel There That was so bad I need a campaign like Party bag and I need to pack Wild Card Mendy man that would be so good Nah that was so nah just like I don't Know if I'm gonna fully lock in whatever That means man 80k you got team of your Courtois what How the heck did you do that nah Delorenzo selling Oh this guy has Alvarez man And Bobby Raspadori And Bobby And Bobby And Bobby hey hey papi where's that chip Man deal Lorenzo you suck man You Grandpa man Your father zambrata should be in the Team Really notice that defensive upgrade With the Avi everybody Respidori with the perfect pass I have No idea how Dino just lost that Man we gotta smell the coffee bro how The hell have we not scored yet man Oh no DDA Drogba Champion please Yeah be Abby Rip and won man rip What the hell man how is it not a p like That's not a pen man this ref is not Pushing P Bro what the [ __ ] is that man

That's a pin Style Alaba so much passion I'm surprised EA aren't doing a Rosa to Final two With The Showdown cards you know Yo this guy is crossing to drug bust so Much Dude mother keeper Oh my God 45th minute Ah let's go I'm playing whack passes today bro I Told you I'm not up for it man I'm just Chilling I have cup hangover man I Played like every Cup this week man you Know the cups are now clear of weekend League bro I'm telling you Nah Oh nice turn That's the thing Mandy Lorenzo like he Wins the ball but It's going back Oh see what I mean bro he just doesn't Win the ball come on dude just take it DDA drug but man look at this bro look At this bro guys can you help me find Some passion man I have no passion right Now I know what's going on man Oh my God respiratory how did you just Miss that bro Oh here we go That's a cool man I'm gonna lose bro Kick it in the net ah he's so happy all Right man we have to now we have to lean

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In officially have to lean in man take All these frauds out man unbelievable Just like a lack of focus you know but We got some time man it's possible we do Have some time but he's very good man to Be honest he's very solid Ah that's a pen actually rap that's a Pen but it's okay Uh All right man more passion I guess Butra butcher Oh I'm not warmed up oh my God man what Was that what game is this man this is Game number one I got maybe three Matches in me today chat yo it's kind of Weird man sometimes when you do the Power shot that happens bro I think I Should have done a low driven van der Sar was kind of in my head to be honest Dude he's through So nah man Drago dude ggs ggs honestly Guys this guy was better bro he deserves It man Well how can we complain That's vanderstar attacks that goes in On anybody else Even when I'm not on my game I still have the ice Oh my God this rat Rat man he's just crossing that's gonna Be a goal Does anybody know what Ronaldo's doing Why is he not running to the front post Oh my God man what are you doing Ronaldo

Man's running into the DM man at the top Of the 18 what are you doing Man that's a goal if he makes the right Run what if the player lock that FIFA man We're losing this man this guy is Scoring Corners man and crossing the Line he's gonna be pen master Ah yeah I'm losing this man I have no chance man this dude is Sniping corners but he's gonna Top Hand Every Let's go come on I should have known no way he reads this Do it come on do it Ah he's never gonna go middle he's never Gonna go middle So Ggs Ggs ggs man Ggs Guys GG's in the chat GG's in the chat Do you do the chat he also beat us a Shootout man you have to respect him we Don't lose many two games remaining will We win them he outratted you yeah Honestly man he did Not on top of my game right now dude Gotta admit defeat We've been already lost all motivation To finish my remaining matches my God Man I didn't play well but God Respiratory missed an open net uh I Shank the shot with butra

And Ronaldo man Ronaldo just sold me at The end there bro I'm not subbing Ronaldo man Nice xqc is better than FIFA at me Listen man it's funny to joke There is no way in your entire existence That you would ever believe that Statement you just wrote in the chat It's one thing to me but don't say Stupid that you don't even believe Because it's not funny You know what man I think I'm gonna Bring cdk back into the team today man I Need some like Holland Jam or something Dude I don't know what's going on Everybody got played as three back Bro oh my God Nice how is respiratory I'm not really Sure yet bro I'm kind of just like Warming up right now dude seems okay Though bronze weekend League challenge Uh Man some weekend that I would have like A lot of time and I'm gonna play 40. so That's a good idea though or maybe Silver I'd like to do silver probably Bronze is too hard I think bronze would Be too frustrating I think I'll probably Try to play to like 14 this weekend Maybe or 11. No I did the craziest skill over the Keeper man I sold that [ __ ] so bad oh Champion come on Nice

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You know what man I should have sweated A little bit harder my first match like To start off with because I had that Slow start because I forgot we got a 20 Last week so we could have tried to go On a streak can't go back now I want to Try I feel like mbappe at striker is a Waste though right maybe Dino yo I want To try something right now hold up let's Fight let's try Daniel I want to try This let me see how this works Daniel Striker and Bobby right wing diabi left Wing and then respiratory is like a Box-to-box extra Let's try that man because I think in Boppy on that right side is going to be Lethal if they don't drop a couple like Good things over the next couple days I Probably agree with you all right let's Get it uh I'm not really sure about her Aspidori yet bro Oh my God man Awara gold for diabi Oh Zero passion man where's the passion Respiratory zero passion man Dino Diabi step overs So strong tiabi no Km3 Km3 This one Ricky Laughs That's your favorite one man Zappos

Ricky especially after a goal oh it's so Bad man that's the worst that would Make my heart pounds Dude I am getting destroyed by bro this Card is crazy Is that the World Cup what version is This man oh no All right man what a player bro It's about a brace for gold Mendy Oh man it's crazy I used two different Left backs I don't even think one of Them scored for 20 matches then gold Mendy just comes back with a brace Ah shouldn't have done that raspadori Man I almost want to try like an agility Chem Style on him man engine all right I'm gonna try it Is diabi even worth completing if I have Mid-jirezino and already have smaller Wreck as a Super Sub uh probably not Probably not I I like those two players more than him Right now he's gonna need some upgrades Still you could just do it for like the Fomo you know yeah dude you know what There was not even any roads of the Final SBC so if you didn't do any just Do it Oh that's crazy I I want you to bring back like Seasons Or those uh dkts you know I feel like There's like something about those that Is just like so chill Babies and Nettie huh

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Baby Zanetti Oh what a manual interception or a block Oh my God I can't believe I just read That Oh messy team oh my God he hit the post What is going on bro I actually had far too much fodder I Have a lot right now as well a ton Uh this is new Jen bro New Gen the Decision to shoot there was because I Know in that angle the keeper is going To start running out so usually when you Shoot when someone's running out from a Distance it's like always goes in Ref When is gonna be the weekend League of The opponent scores first uh Uh that's a good question I don't know Man that's I I can't wait to do that one Though I mean that's pretty much already Every weekend link though dude you know That right but yeah It's an organized format way Oh did respiratory just outrun Prime Cafe wow alrighty And Bobby km3 It's like it's hard because when there's No promo cards your motivation is a Little lower so you just focus less so I I personally have Dino and like I start Doing these dumb skills and dragging my Center backs to Hatfield Genola wow that team is really good man Matthias I mean yeah the move is like if

You were able to play weekend link Before one just with the road to the Finals and that would have been probably More worth it but that's a lot of Weekend League man Foreign Yeah that was a good the first goal was A good goal man sometimes when you can Like isolate the DM like right there I Was just like 3v2 you just do a skill Move and you wait for them to do Something with the center backs Goof thanks for the 10. auntie thanks For the 11. Only me bro I'm the only person that Would red time that bro Oh Figo oh we gotta Focus oh I'm locking In I'm locking in yeah we sweat this one No skills man let's play sweaty sweaty Rank one FIFA let's go you'll see the Difference Oh Oh [ __ ] man oh Oh man this is bad bro you'll see the Difference Nah the obvious change of direction is Insane wow Wow that's moving different man the fact That you could just turn right there That's that's moving different for sure That's crazy left stick Thanks man You got to be kidding me you got to be Kidding me man

Cold cold from Figo cold Cold from diabi unlucky cold Oh he hit that on the drop oh the Avi he Hit that on the drop Oh hit it again bro And Rev Capitan

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