FUT Champs w/ 90 Diaby, 87 McGeady, 87 Bahebri

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How can I use magidi like should I just Start him on zero for The Vibes I kind Of want to use him link him to Keen guys I don't have keen should I just use him As a super sub I feel like I'm always Using the same team Yo Olive was about to hit 1000 bro That's crazy we should put Tony Cruz Back in to be honest My gosh bro this is what happens when EA Qualifies everybody for the freaking Foot Champs bro What is that team gold Tony Cruz we Should say wire Team bro Seriously I feel like last time they did This I think it was like winter wild Cards and it was really easy if you just Log in bro EA gave everybody quality Points so a lot of people like can't Even don't have the time or I play on New I feel like nobody really plays on Old Anymore though right Foreign What's the record bro 32 dude I didn't Did I draw Chico I think he's just making that up man Yo The Abbey bro No Chad he was gonna quit too Nah rubble's sold rare Ramos l Uck ready Shot cancel Disgusting from bakaribi disgusting hit The gritty hit the gritty


Disgusting Let's go Viera goviera Ref the ultimate disrespect right here Thank you Yo he turned his console off I do Warren Assist Oh man I might have to start an RTG Early ticket but every on the rats Baby Captiva Where is doubles sleeping on me man Because I'm gonna destroy him next time He plays me I beat him 6-2 last time All right I'm [ __ ] ready for doubles Bro I played the Bulls after a Pez Session I don't even care let's go with The bulls Sold And Bobby come on man Yo so many rage quits today man this is Crazy how many wins is that three Oh my What Martini is so good The baby it's just the baby man this Baby one is crazy Rage Quit again wow Right Or he's gonna make Super Subs Wow that's that's the fastest four Matches a FIFA I've played In a while 9-1-1 I'm being scammed by Pick no dude you're not being scammed Yo Rage Quit no way Wow what an N A Champs today this is

This this is what happens when EA Qualifies everybody man we just Absolutely Farm bro we are farming right Now That's so good man Deli man Deli Oh no Wait what Great song Nah no race quit no race quit Happening Here cooked bro I just got cooked yeah I'm gonna try fearful but it's gonna Take either a 20-0 which is unlikely or A Another week you know Yo this gameplay is so freaking good Right now man what am I seeing Dude my players are freaking flying man I'm telling you flying no one's taking Bad for his touches either So in my opinion the best thing to do Against a goalkeeper is actually shot Cancels it's been working so well today Bye Henry Shot cancel by Harry ah is that Marquez Gotta get closer to the keeper I think No way cooked All right all right stop messing around Now you suck Guys Alaba is almost at 1 000 games this Is a Monumental moment in my FIFA Club Baby Maldini rabbit Ravage man All right cooked

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Km3 Nah diabi is so cold man With this upgrade the obvious insane No I really put this pie in an SBC bro Oh my God man Yo and I didn't do the wrong man L for me bro Shot cancel shot cancel Nick you don't know how Sorry to the opponent because to be Honest that was a cook for somebody in The chat not the opponent Oh that you missed the shot no way man Oh Oops Bad defending bad defending bad Defending bro bad Dude what is my defending Chad Oh it's like on speed this gameplay man I can't even get used to it sometimes Maldini is the goat man this Maldini bro He's out running diabe Needs a focus needs to get a 10-0 need To focus making a lot of mistakes A lot of mistakes Can't concede Oh we're gonna lose we're gonna lose Because we have lapse of focus man lapse Of focus we are gonna lose no Chad I've Really sold this one man I've really Sold this one He's not a bad player but this has been A terrible performance for me too much Messing around

Wait what that was a fake what is that Babies Man soul clutch Babies no after the skill move two and It was a white time oh I wanted to I Wanted to give it to him for the winner No Huge huge let's go Cross Cdk Nice man ice ice from zidane ice man This Martini is So annoying to play every single game When I play this baby Maldini I can't Stand it Because I can't I'll run from him for Pace ever Or I always have the nicest plays and Then I read time finish it bro like come On there's got to be a green Come on Dino bro Crazy player No Disgusting no that pass was so bad Killian oh Defender save that Damn It's all on Nice goal that was a good goal Come on Charles bro This card is so good man Scores every second half for me Oh I didn't push the touch man [ __ ] Mayday this is a goal No you got stuck on the ball bro

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No where was the touch bro where was the First touch oh oh Charles man He missed it that badly FIFA man Charles man FIFA man Man No man Oh nice movement guys did you know Growing up no I I know nobody asked this Like I know I will tell you this and Nope and everybody's say oh well I Didn't ask but growing up my favorite Music Was Um Well Well before before this era it was Avril Lavigne and pink But then it was Justin Timberlake And Timberland And like more original Kanye but I know That nobody asked so I'll just keep Playing FIFA should make me want to cry Chat so mean to me man Cooked We're turning it up an extra time man Two games in a row Guys my eyes are bleeding do we just Finish it out though Green bro this guy is a sweat man Oh gritty all right man getting a voice Message dude Oh he's on PC chat I'm in love

No Oh Wait wait wait wait wait didn't Wait Chad did we just play this guy Ah man or is this the one before oh come On man Pessie Pepsi let's go pessy Yo EA honestly can we have this gameplay Like every day man I I will pay yeah I Will buy all your store packs if I get This gameplay every day I will buy all of your store packs Sold Needed to score that man How to be a fifo rat 101 That's all you do man very easy that's FIFA 23 right there But we don't play like that shadow we Don't score those goals Bro Yo chat I I cannot have a tubal lead Against this guy man it's really driving Me crazy he scores right after I score Every time Chad I sold this game bro really bad I Stopped sweating no chat chat chat chat Yo Chachi Nola attack chat RAF Howe Chat chat Oh my God man I sold this game he's Gonna gritty So stupid man Gerzino with the jam The green time finished through the legs

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Look at terracino man he is just ready Gercino all right fair play to this Opponent my hands are sweating I do not Sweat when I play FIFA I can't switch L l W my hands are literally sweating bro This guy is making me sweat No He told his soul I need a towel man No did I just give him the ball back bro L l for me l Major l Major l Turn Daniel No I sold again bro stop selling He sold no he didn't yes he did no he he Just sold yeah give me the ball Ref Is that a corner oh plus three oh this Is gonna be a goal I just tried to clear it though Ref Thank you ref we're both selling like Crazy to be honest I I should have had Like five in the first half and he's Been choking so much in the second half Like that I can't believe that Chip he Missed Bad Oh cooked I can't get the ball bro I can't get the ball This is really bad chat I can't get the Ball thank you my ball

Bro I need you to turn Where is Ramos going oh chat Where is Woodley I don't even know what Happened there man what happened to him Bro it's usually so assisted the center Back right That's a tough one man I feel like we Just really sold this game overall Oh is he gonna keep the ball No this rap man Uh plus one All right boys thanks for watching this Stream today that will be all Disappointing and man we need we need to Set higher standards for ourselves in Here But anyways

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