FUT Champs w/ 93 Rivaldo, 92 Rush, 87 Cordoba

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All right guys so the team that I used This morning was so freaking good that I'm like you know what I'm gonna try to Keep it as similar as I can and get Revolved to win the team I don't really Know how I'm gonna do it but I think Revaldo looks so good he can play Cam And Center forward so I think the way That I probably will try to do it is I Might actually bench really Costa or Maybe what I'm gonna do actually is play Like can I play like a 4-3-3 the problem Is really cost the unfortunately guys Cannot play cannot play CM which is Really really annoying right I wish he Could play CM so I'm gonna figure out The team once I figure it out I'll get This sorted for you guys alright guys so I'm gonna actually keep the same team It's tough to not be using Ramos because I do love Ramos I love using them I Think he's good um but I thought Cordoba And Emerson are nice and it is nice to Change up the team That's always nice so really Costa will Take a seat for just a little bit I Think Rivaldo looks incredible right Absolutely incredible I do want to try Him with the hunter to start and see how He feels if he needs the engine we can Go and put the engine on but I want to Try him out first and just see how he Feels with that chem Style and what We're gonna do is yes we're gonna keep

Rush at striker and what we're gonna Play is revolto is a left forward and Gerzino is the attacking Center mid keep Dino on the right side I'm very excited Guys revaldo for me one of the best Players ever just not really usable in FIFA so hoping for a really nice Performance here five star weak foot and What we may do in the second half is Because he has good stamina at 86 we'll Play him out Striker with the five star Weak foot But with the hunter his stats are crazy And he's got great finishing and finesse Shot and player so let's go let's get Into it and let's play some matches I didn't even see the team but I saw a Team of your Benzema And I tell you everybody I play with Team with your Benzema is always crazy We've cooled down a little bit too Because we were playing earlier and now We haven't been playing so we'll see how It goes What a ball [Applause] Yo what a finish [Applause] Pain oh he's got the Canton alone as Well What a header bro imagine ribaldo scored That So he's got the jumping as well clearly We can see that


Oh who is there man nobody Eyes and Bobby kept that and now he's Through with pedry [Applause] Come on Emerson man [Applause] Well that was lucky Oh what a save from Mike What a save for Mike it's gonna be hard For me to get used to the fact that Rivaldo has that five star weak foot Terrible place to give the ball away Terrible man worst place you could give The ball away is right there What a play Man Rush to revaldo revolvedo that attack Positioning was fantastic man Foreign How am I letting that happen how am I Letting that happen that's the worst Defending I've seen man So frustrating man after a great goal to Get one back Oh man cancer is cooking Look at the sticky tube bro the gym [Applause] I'm gonna try revaldo as a striker this Half man Russia's been good I'm gonna Try Revolt it was a striker put gerzino Up to that um that roll up there and We'll get messy in and then we'll also Get uh Davies in This cantones on unbelievable I'm Defending horribly man horribly this

Defending for me has been terrible this Match I feel like we could win this game but We're gonna have to really start Defending because my defending has just Been atrocious man [Applause] Dude Revaldo man take a bow Take a Bow Revaldo what a freaking play from you Man Oh Val where's the foul Rivaldo man Where's the foul ref Come on Pain can't switch What is ederson doing [Applause] I'm gonna be 100 honest with everybody Watching this video right now you can Watch the controller I've not even moved Edison man I don't understand why the Keepers are moving out of the goal there Man That's very frustrating tough goal to Concede man we probably should have had A fourth and we didn't get it and we're Defending horribly right now the defense For me has been terrible this game the Goals I'm allowing him to get are very Easy It's a pen right Hopefully I score this guys I really Hope I score this

Come on So you're reading that Let's go man come on We've turned it up boys we found the Extra level come on What a Play What a play come on what a Play Dude press is like literally impossible To break [Applause] We'll take it man sweaty game we'll take The win first game thoughts will be Valdo really good Ivory toast I like that team name Good team as well man very good team did We just play this guy I think we just Played this guy Of course I read time that I needed to Score that of course I just read time That of course man pain even if this is The same player which is annoying I Think we're a bit more focused Offensively so we'll be right [Applause] That's the problem with Cordoba though I Feel like sometimes he's a little weird With the passing Well You're gonna tell me Russ just fell over That was really poor from whoever the Center back was because I was in the Area and like I know for sure that Ramos Is going to get that so again we Probably should be up one nothing very


Frustrating to be down Is what it is gonna have to fight back I don't even know what the hell that Goal is man that's the worst goal I've Scored today Sky scores the worst goals man I don't Even know how it's like a shot Opportunity how is he even scoring that Man damn Dude I have no lock-ons where are the Lock-ons man nothing is locking on how Is he just running through me like that Man there's no lock-ons these center Backs do not lock on man and we need Ramos bro Uh we are getting carried by Ramos Because we just can't lock on otherwise Nobody is locking on every time I'm Playing this guy the last game he did The same thing he just ran through me With the sprint button dude And I don't understand like how my Center backs can't lock onto the ball Very frustrating Look at these touches man like it's just Annoying man now the touches are bad Dude Whatever dude it's just annoying how Gameplay can change so often man like This morning my players look like Gods Today now I can't like All right no complaining come on That's the weak foot

That's the weak but for Rivaldo man Let's go revaldo That's crazy is Apple fauna that is Crazy that he just boughtied Dino there This guy is so boring man So boring bro he just runs down the line Man that's all he does bro It's so effective that's the scary part Like the way he plays is just so he's Gonna score right now Oh God Wow he just got a red card for that Come on man come on Let's go come on That is such a choke Come on Emerson come on man nice Here we go with the sprint button nah Pair play I'm defending like an idiot Man I'm defending like an idiot man today I Don't know what's going on in this video [Applause] Oh Come on man so bad that goal so bad Oh my God what I don't know what's going on man this Gameplay is out of sync bro I don't like This why I don't like playing the same Person back to back bro Cordova literally sucks man he sucks Cordoba does not log on lock on to Anything man that's his problem Like Ramos is way way better man because Please don't concede here

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Nice Cordoba guys unfortunately I think he Just doesn't lock onto enough like he Doesn't cover enough ground because that Pass right there Ramos is intercepting It's very frustrating to be using him Right now so See what I mean look at Ramos now Is he doing reading that man It's just so crazy like why is Dino Shooting on his left and I greened it But if you just shoot on his right [Applause] Bobby green it baby It's crazy he's got a man down and have Nobody open Stupid should have just kept the ball Now he's got one more attack So stupid 3v2 now oh my God he ties this Up I will cry Be sold That was so stupid all right guys Honestly I know we only played two Matches but those matches were Absolutely crazy Um so we're gonna call it there so we Can keep a couple games to revolve Though my Impressions on him though very Good I think you're always gonna have That like little stiffness with him Though at six foot one but in the step Over stride really good the gameplay Wasn't as good and he still felt very Responsive so this is by far the best

Version we've although I used to be that Crazy right footed shot I feel like he's Got to be worth it Um feels very elite up top very good and Uh Cordoba is a bit of a letdown just Because today I noticed some of the the Stronger attackers that I didn't play in The previous video like uh Cantona and Benzema were just truck sticking him and He wasn't able to lock on us and passes We gotta try to get Ramos back in the Team but we started off four and two I Feel like we're probably Oh man we have six left so we're Probably what are we 12 and two So really good recovery and uh we'll Finish it out tomorrow guys so thanks For watching and I will see you guys Later peace see you guys

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