FUT Champs w/ 96 TOTY Modric & 92 Eusebio

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Dude Loki I just want to go on my second Account and use a god Squad should we Just do that kit chat Dude it's so hard not to play with his Team bro Wait who can we buy oh let's buy Modric Bro we didn't try mothers yet let's buy Modric but we need to get Cam so maybe Mendy Milly Tau I think we have courtois I'm pretty sure who the hell do we use That right back though how much is Modric though he was like 1.3 right oh He's kind of down a bit you hate Rivals Yeah we all hate Rivals bro we literally All hate Rivals man yeah but it's fine If akimi's on two I don't really mind October defense Defense defense you can get away with it Guys did you pack a team of the year yet I feel like we're gonna pack a team of The year but I think we're gonna get Like one on share play Man the weight is So bad Yeah of course not it's so so so bad I Did see a lot of people tweeting me some Pics last night that looked pretty good People were sending me some ads with Some picks Nah this team is honestly so crazy Chad I wonder if because I have Lucio in my Team can I just play 10v11 Like I really really don't need another Center back like I'm happy to just play One Center back

Oh what a corner is that a corner glitch I don't think so I think it was just a Good corner Oh my God and Bobby no way he almost got That Oh no that's when you know the game is Against you bro Lucio did not win the Ball what Luca well done terrible from zidane what Was that zidan Guys what do you think of mbappe having Five goals yesterday by the way how Crazy is that you should have had more It's mid but I think it's so crazy Though even if you play like a lower Division team I don't know it's still so Many you think the people he was playing Have highlights on the subreddit nah man Not like that Imagine this chat trying to defend him Bape well done Modric Modric Let's go Luca to eusebio no Always with the AI blocks in this game Man oh this guy is so boring bro Runs down the line Cuts back Look man Lucio's not winning the ball That's concerning What the [ __ ] Luca Luca Luca Lucito let's go Luke uh let's go what an interception Now switch nice


Ref Oh ref Oh No that's nasty What a goal bro oh he's out he's out He's seen enough he's out he has seen Enough To put on a show Luca wow Nah Dino is going off before that too That's what we can't see there oh what a Laser Yeah it's my RTG bro No Lucio Luca Luca Mbappe holy Luca bang it Oh my God bro just banging on the right What is that man in these conditions bro No no he just threw balls this guy just Threw balls bro Where's Luca Disgusting Tempape what a ball L1 elastico L1 elastico back to Luca Little skill Oh Luca and mbappe out there just having Fun Oh Whoa Lucio hey Lucio Where you going Where are you going where are you going Let's test the left stick oh my God he's

Very responsive he's got Max dribbling To be honest Rachel And puppy no no the no look from Modric And Poppy ah Oh that's He choked Far post oh dude nah that's a crazy Kickoff to be honest that is like the Worst timing offside trap I've ever seen In my life You sebio Net machine oh All right top of the box Let's Go Dinos Season Here we go Here we go Jam oh dude Surprisingly Beautiful Oh Oh you sepio Net machine bro what a finish from Eusebio that was crazy I did an elastic hole man Nice sold bro I should have honestly Just done a power shot bro I've already Beat like three players man it's like a 40-yard run there Dino is the goat of This game man I'm telling you he's Insane Oh Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry I thought That was top Corner bro I greened it as Well I thought it was I thought it was

Top Corner how about a freak out man Sorry no dude I need to buy how much is Prime Dino bro I don't care man I just Gotta sell everything to get him oh my God he's so much man he's so good I feel Like his team of the year is like gonna Be impossible to buy right Damn Lucio all right let's get it that Attack is insane he's got he got Benzema He's got did he have Team of the Year de Bruyne or the gold Luca let's go man Daniel Oh this guy's the goat man we have like One match left with him bro I'm gonna be So sad Oh my God Luca Ah and vvd that's right Luca nice Luca Well done that's right you took him out Bro great passion Oh my God Lucio let's go Disgusting All right I would take it bro we'll take It we'll take it bro Dino is absolutely Stealing the show today Oh [ __ ] Vvd has really recovered there really Nah man I [ __ ] it bro why did it lob It man Through Dude ah dude bro I don't know what I Just did man Why didn't it do that I Tried to do something else bro this is The last game with Dino


No no no no Oh so sad I mean this account second Account we know they play friendly so I'm just gonna use him bro Oh that's a nice team Luca Whoa and Papi No Is that like a glitchy finish how the Hell did he chip it over me from that Distance because it like didn't really Elevate he just kind of like I gotta Learn that bro All right Penrith don't reach the Don don't reach Oh no way I did the Sprint oh Sold Doing too much yeah I'm just having fun Bro like to be honest I'm just chilling Man And Bobby what is that man just tripped Nah it wasn't because of the red bro I Mean the red happened after he tripped It only went red because he fell over Man so like my time finish was off Because I didn't I didn't anticipate the The fall animation all right let's go I Predict I'm going to come back in this Match I think definitely I feel Unstoppable today Luca has been Sensational though So good Dude this game man is selling me right Now I'm telling you

Let's go madrish Nice Luca you sevio Milly towel wants it Milly towel wants It All right oh Millie towel man come on to Score all that effort bro Whoops Eusebio man he's just so he you know if You get that shot off with him he's not Gonna miss which is like just such a Great feeling to have with an attacker Luca Luca Luca Oh dude nice defending Maldini is just So fast he feel like he closed down Space so well no need Nice tackle Matheny man Martini Lucio Lucio All right what are we doing bro what Whoa whoa whoa is he done man I don't Know why I just did second tackle though Because the second one I had no space After that Luca Luca oh Luca Luca oh those are so hard to hit bro No Dino how'd I miss that Oh [ __ ] I missed that Boris doesn't like Luca I like him a lot bro he's really

Good all right man that's it for Dino Though we say goodbye it's been fun Dino It has been fun we will buy you soon What did he do for his uh his loan yeah He was just so fun man that's all I care About having fun oh and Bobby can play Left wing Bro what oh Let's go man moderate she's insane bro I Like him like like Jude is a good DM but I just like Mother's a lot bro he's Dribbling in his passing is unreal a Little weak would be like the downside If you had to say one a little weak Dino Is by far like probably the most fun I've had using a card since Neymar in FIFA 20 and 19. do you know this year is Like literally perfect bro this Prime is Unbelievable bro I can't believe how fun He is to use man he's unreal makes me Want to play like 30 games of FIFA I Know I sound crazy seriously that card Is crazy fun once you get a couple of Those like skill combos down with him It's just oh it's it's very addicting to Play with him Oh my God bro wow this is Meza Mezza you Rat all right boys we're playing Mezza Is this actually you yeah his his tag is Rat Mezza you skipped school again huh Look at the pass look at the pass from De bruyne bro My captain what a finish Oh what's up

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Holy [ __ ] eusebio don't break the goal Post bro Mezza man sit down He says you're such a rat Thank you Meza what a compliment My favorite viewer Yo Pele bro he thinks he can beat Mendy Bro what What kind of shot was that what are we Calling that one chat Oh my God I just did a shoulder pass oh That was nasty I've been trying to do That for two years bro I know we playing Some volleyball bro What I didn't move my keeper of course What are you doing really Mezza Yo sir thanks for the six months Nelson what's up all right Mezza ggs bro GG's Mazda ggs bro Modric is crazy I Love him he's so good he's a little weak But he's so good So so so good Love him he scored five goals from the Midfield that's crazy

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