Future Stars Player Picks & Party Bags

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Yo guys what is going on welcome back to Another video on the channel uh it is Absolutely freezing it is like actually Zero degrees uh Fahrenheit which is Very very cold Um but we are recording a video today I Told you guys I wanted to do this video For a while I picked out a couple of Videos that we had with party bags uh Stuff like that because it’s the time of Year where EA start to release this for Birthday party bags Future Stars reunion Stuff so if you enjoy it guys drop a Thumbs up we’re kind of going to trip Down memory Road I actually posted on my Twitter and Instagram like a uh future Stars in the past man like they used to Be so crazy I feel like the promo cards But yeah we’re gonna get into it guys if You enjoy it drop a thumbs up we’re Gonna watch some party bags uh talk Through it a little bit And just kind of go through and catch up A little this is actually FIFA uh This is FIFA 21 I believe which is such A long time ago now and let’s just see What this this contains real quick Because I I was very interested it said There right so one rule breaker one road To the final record breaker team in the Group stage foot freeze Headliners Future Stars what if or full birthday Player oh you know a lot of you guys Might not actually know what what if was

Uh what if was a promo where I think They had released an original boost and Then if they had won one of the upcoming Matches they got like a plus two it was All types of weird to be honest um Spanish Striker oh no Chad the scan bags are Back oh Morata 84. okay maybe we don’t Miss party bags that is absolutely Horrendous even the group stage Morata And the worst part is this video was Posted After like foot birthday which is Probably pretty deep into the spring That is so so so so so bad Um wow all right next one that’s a Record breaker if I’m gonna take a guess I don’t think we’ll see that promo again Unless EA decide to do in the summer Maybe that’s gonna be five cow I don’t Think I’ve ever got an mbappe record Breaker out of this is because wow That’s bad I I ended up getting uh Almost a 20-0 with falcal and my team If you have someone tradables it can be Really birthday Headliners team of the Group stage foot freeze wrote the final Record breaker rule Breakers okay yeah He did a really good job of still Putting in a lot of outdated Promos in This uh in this party bag but that’s Gonna be Portugal Center back I think That’s Future Stars Reuben Diaz yeah it Is I mean he’s not I like that Future

Stars car designer a lot it’s a little Bit slow but I think he’s on the market Worth a good amount it’s not a bad one Right fodder Thumbnail that’s going to be Future Stars Spanish Striker who is this Oh it’s for birthdays Oh and Yaki Williams oh he was expensive I think he was like 200k PS4 party bag Nah I was on Peaceful all morning I’m on PS5 now yo that’s not bad bro that’s Pretty good yo he’s a beast in game I Wonder if it shows uh how many coins he Was that card is so good five star four Stars too many players wow I forgot About this card he usually has like two Star weak foot that’s pretty good man He’s really good in game like he’s not Like wow he’s not like a What if was decent man there were some Good what-if cards all right that’s for Birthday I think right another full Birthday France It’s always this guy oh my God bro I Thought that was about to be honestly in All my no wait sane Max is FIFA 20. I Thought that was gonna be same Max oh my God That car was really good Um Oh my God bro I know Louise thanks for the 13 bucks bro left

Mid Argentina who’s this what if Pereira I think it is boys Uh the what if promo I’m not sure about This promo though Interesting card interesting card baby I’ll walk out all right what is this This is like man of the match maybe oh You can uh who is this wait oh my God is That Pepe I think that’s Pepe wow Pepe That’s the trip down memory Road some of The some of the best parts about like These reaction videos that I like is Like you don’t even remember a lot of These cards when you watch the packs you Kind of get to see who was uh who was Like a promo card back then which is Always fun I think that’s a record Breaker anything to beat the system uh Spanish [Music] You know how we do Okay uh Morgan we got a lot of stuff Today we got a Mandan objective got your Video SBC what oh come on man what is This What just happened What is this man oh I think I remember That EA messed up I think I think the uh The pack animation for rule Breakers was Not broken in the promo but I think it Was broken in the uh the party bags Although it’s weird that that’s rule Breakers as well and that one works I Wouldn’t even get that what’s going on

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There all right Right that’s the Atta what if the other All right this card was all right that’s So good this car was so good 97 Pace 86 Shooting Ada dribbling what a player he Was so good this year I remember very Well oh I forgot about this player Oh I Thought that was money money had a foot Freeze and he was like two mil this year All right so that’s FIFA 21. let’s look At Guaranteed Future Stars player picks Special you could do it three times oh My God three times okay so 85 rated with A team of the week three times Chad we Are gonna go ahead and complete it all Right Chad are you guys doing this today Not right or I was probably being cheap And seeing what it was before yeah bro Okay so we saw a couple of these in a Video this week preparing for future Stars Jonathan David in the first one That’s not super crazy expensive right Um use that card bro 41k and if you have Some fodder or something from the pics This one looks a little bit worse I Don’t know for sure though but this one Looks a little bit worse all right so This was the one that EA decided to do Last year oh my gosh man look at these Bro all right so there is no way that Any of those players are more than like 10 or 11k on the market there is Actually zero chance

Um once the watch is in that is brutal Look chat isn’t that bad I don’t even Look anymore oh I like these though I Think the EA has to do something Different this year they’ve kind of been Changing it the last few years so Hopefully they do something else this Year oh my gosh man three informs but Please yay don’t put team of the weeks In an 85 Squad this is not acceptable in A party bag that’s not even fair That is not even fair team one player Pick I guess who’s the best you can get Team one player picks Those are good ones I don’t know if that got cut out maybe He was capping ready Chad um one of Three Future Stars player oh this is a Swaps reward Oh to a many Oh that’s crazy Huge win boys huge win huge win huge win That’s insane that card was so good shot Massive win 84 Pace 88 defending 93 Physical high high work rates four-star Skills what a player bro that is an Insane pull Very happy for you wow Even last year some of these were crazy Huh that’s a mental Point that’s what That’s what 25 tokens looks like 25 Tokens for that as well Okay so we’ve Got a reunion and we’ve got a future Stars player no that’s not great

Jonathan David seems to be very common Last year Jonathan David was amazing Though everybody loved his wild card he Was so Elite last year people loved his Car Um this is the big one okay future stars Player now oh my god dude Oh my gosh dude that is crazy wait Smithrow as well okay guys so just so You know Smith Rowe had a five-star week But I think and I think he was like 800k Or 700. I think the holovich was also 400k so even without you that was a Crazy player two out of two like oh my End game picks bro And I think we had looked at it like Damn we should have done the um We should have done the player pick Because I think a lot of people chose Like the 8510 or something else and I Think that you know there’s like five oh Man it’s gonna be interesting to see What’s up with the Future Stars swaps This year Um there’s always fomo I think for me Smith Rowe is still a w though I think For me Um I’m still going with the prime icon Player pick because I just think it Makes the most sense for me I want to Try to get a really good Prime icon I Also feel like the future stars are not As good 500k as they were all right so Smith Road was like 500k so that’s still

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A w I didn’t do this like I really Didn’t learn my lesson after that all Right so wow I didn’t learn lesson man One of three Future Stars player these Are very interesting Um if this one is also good Let’s see oh my God friend Taurus these Are crazy this is one of the only like Guaranteed team player picks that I’m Seeing that doesn’t look like it’s Actually like really manipulated with With price on the market because one of Those we just saw had like three W’s out Of it I mean ferrant Torres was 1.3 mil So that is insane fireplace That is crazy and also there’s a Repeatable 81 plus player pick that’s Out right EA you guys got to pick it up We need that you guys got to release That we can’t be going backwards with With 78 times three packs Rule Breakers Trent that’s not terrible He’s about 100K I think these I think These sbcs were about 100K Reuben Diaz signature signings that’s Not terrible this guy did three a little Bit slow but Wow wow he’s got three reunion player Picks oh my gosh Lafont Diaz dupe three Imports that’s unacceptable I think this guy actually did that’s Absolutely unacceptable I don’t know What I’m seeing for VA there that’s Terrible

Um this dude is All right so He did three picks chat Oh man how is that even possible how Does EA let that happen bro four informs Okay Valverde oh that’s a dog All Right Valverde’s freeze last year was crazy That is sick he got the same players Like 89 Pace as well and his card is Fired 84 defending 84 physical that Promo was so stupid they released two of The He was what 450k that’s very nice I Don’t know if that’s worth it that promo Was so dumb that promo still makes me Mad that foot freeze promo Fire and Ice Was so dumb guys all right mid or prime Icon player or is that card fairly 30 Million coins 27 million coins oh my Gosh I I have not played that card too Rich he has too many coins oh holy crap Why aren’t you doing three player picks For us right now bro what am I saying Okay Striker yes Yes Congratulations you’ve got a prime icon Let’s go boy that is terrible oh yeah I’m such I’m such a mean person I’m Literally sitting there saying let’s go All right he’s got a future stars player Pick Oh and dika I remember him he was good

It was really good good Bundesliga Player joao Pedro as well I think he was About 200k Pedro was like 70k he bought Me a spotter 25 tokens um and then he’s Also got a one of three mid icon player Pick All right boys so he’s pretty much Struck out on those that is yeah that’s An L he has struck out overall that’s Really bad 87 Michael Lily it’s not what You want to see I hate to see it as the Best player from the mid icon player Pick so struck out and you hate to see That all right Um another Future Stars player pick I Love these These are sick to watch Figure that out let me let’s see what It’s going to be Bellingham to a menu Oh okay that is terrible all right so That’s the risk that you take for going 25 tokens you could potentially get that And you’d probably want to cry because That is so horrendous Um for 25 Tokens The Grind that that Takes to obtain is just brutal all right Two reunion player picks incoming Had a future stars card I think it was In FIFA 21. it might have been that was So expensive upon McConnell’s not Terrible but I think there’s a bit of a Frog one of three Future Stars player Picked gifting five Subs if it’s over a Mill It’s crazy to see the teams too like if

You see his team right now I feel like Teams are a lot better right now in FIFA Than it was probably last February Because that’s a crazy team Joe Gomez that’s very good I wonder if He’ll choose Joe Gomez 85 Pace that’s Very good all right he might choose Trent though better father overall what Is this what is this what is this what Is this did I just give something crazy 8510 and we also saw that it was a Future star so who is it is going to be Nunes Darwin Nunes let’s go Benzema That’s a pretty good 8510 Is really Rodrigo to Nali So let’s see what’s in here I like these These are cool we haven’t seen these This year Um Maldini wow that’s pretty good that is Pretty good even storage cob is pretty Good that’s nice that’s a good pull uh Actually interesting because the meta Option here would be choosing the center Back but I think lahovich is probably Lavish was expensive but yeah it was Confusing that he had the 73 uh 73 Passing and people were paying so much For him you know what I mean by his rage Effect with 32 mil What’s he gonna get That’s an L yeah this was an interesting One and then we also had party bags at Some point I don’t know

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First team we also had party bags so This was a little bit different this was 84-70 Cam And what does it give you I don’t even Know what it gives you I’m opening two Team of the weak packs but This is a little bit different I believe Oh I got trolled bro one wait wait wait Wait wait wait wait wait you know what We got to see this all right all right Ready so one wild card one honorable Mentions or future stars team one hey You know what so wild card in my pack Who did I get 270 He was actually really good so that Might have been a dupe because I know I Had him but he was actually a very very Good card last year so that’s not the End of the world very usable I feel like Portugal right wing back cemento That’s not great Um I feel like we could do better there That’s not that’s not bad though like an 84 Square this is a cool concept like I’m trying to think if they did Honorable mentions wild card and a lot Of you also use Future Stars it wouldn’t Be that bad that would be a nice pack Right now That’s going to be Insignia he was very Very solid last year if you have one oh Let’s go bro Um oh my God Cooley Bali got upgraded 91. we keep it rolling holy crap he got

Upgraded chat France Striker who’s this Alessandrini I don’t know his price but He was really good they didn’t change His clothes just harder to link but this Was obviously the last year where we had Chem like this okay I kind of missed him Like this but a lot of wild cards Honestly um Oh Hazard very nice it was a little bit Harder to do sbcs with chemistry like That I think I think there’s no denying That SBC completion was a lot more Challenging with Cam like this it was Not easy hey we take it man we take it You know all right we’ve got chaos What’s chaos God for us isn’t it very a Lot of wild card the Wild Card weight Seems crazy the hazard again so it looks Really hard to pack Future Stars so far This is good bro you just get that very Very hard that’s pretty good that’s so Good all right Future Stars party bag Here we go well my theory that’s a Future stars who’s it gonna be Spanish Pedro poro That is an L first future stars all Right that is an L all right we’re back To the wild that’s not a walkout Oh that’s an 84. that’s why these party Bags sometimes were like painful That’s a big full Bundesliga team what’s He gonna get France left wing back Delane that’s very good he was like 300K

Very nice that card is full metal very Very very good pull the lane is nice He was so Elite last year very very good All my stuff is pretty pretty much Untradable at the moment the heck bro Yeah just opened his pack and minus out What is this can’t even see what you got Brother what did this guy just do Oh you got Alaba I thought he might have Gotten something just absolutely insane And was like freaking out but you got Aliba good luck I wish you the best Honorable mention Alaba again wow He was not expensive last year Mateus cunha that’s an interesting one I Think we’re gonna watch one more like Doing like five minutes from each video That is Mendy All right guys well we’ll see when uh We’ll see when EA drops something like This I always like looking at these Though I like I like seeing what they’ve Dropped in the past I think we should Expect something like this probably this Week or next week so we will see thanks For watching Everybody if you’re new Subscribe and thank you we will have More videos soon peace guys

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