GARETH BALE TO RETIRE? Andros Townsend addresses talk of Gareth Bale retiring

GARETH BALE TO RETIRE? Andros Townsend addresses talk of Gareth Bale retiring

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We’ve also got the former tottenham Winger andros townsend with us And the question is there’s going to be Big news speculating All no doubt throughout the summer about The future of one Former tottenham player and whether or Not he may well retire This summer coming forward son choose Poor clearance bale to finish it he’s Running all the way through He’s hit the post he’s put in the Rebound it’s 4-2 And there’s no doubt about it now Leicester city’s heartbreak is complete It’s leicester two tottenham four Now there’ll be people thinking right Now what are you talking about gareth Bale to retire well It’s one of them yes i know actually Both of you looked at me quite shocked It’s been reported this morning that That’s That bail could be considered i can’t Speak Let’s start again i’m trying to Sensationalize something and i’ve not Done a very good Uh good job with it oh gosh right here We go it’s being reported this morning That gareth bale could be considering The sensational step of walking away From football all together after euro 2020 now

If you remember after that the final Games of the season he Hinted about his plans for the summer That had already been mapped out He suggested that he didn’t want to Share that information just yet because As he referred to it It would cause chaos abc In spain are now suggesting that bale is Plotting to bring A plotting i love that plotting debris I’m going to plot exactly right now Chaos and plotting He’s plotting to bring a swift end to His illustrious career by negotiating Oh my gosh put your teeth in the end of His contract with real madrid and Walking away From the sport all together now andros You know gareth bale Well you know of him you know the talk About him uh We’ve all heard that well we’ve always Heard this this Chat about is he really interested in Football is golf his passion really that He wants to He’s earned enough money uh he can just Retire could you really see that Happening I couldn’t until you mention the fact That he can He’s looking to negotiate a deal with Real madrid you mean the plotting yeah


The plotting Because if you want to retire if you’re No longer interested in football But you’re on three 400 grand a week for The next for another year Why would you retire why would you not Just go back sit get your money and then Do what you want to do after that but Listen he’s He’s had a tough time in spain he’s come Back to england he’s hit double figures He’s proved to everyone that he can Still do it Is that enough for him is that enough Will he do the euros hopefully have a Good euros and say right that’s me done I’m going to Retire on a golf course somewhere you no It can’t you should not when i even Moved it I mean i i understand totally That he’s financially secured i get all That side of it But come on man you can’t i know i i Went the other extreme i probably went Too Long but you’ve got to play as long as You can what you’ve got to love What’s left for him to do enjoyment Enjoyment But if you believe the rumors he doesn’t Enjoy it although specifically He doesn’t enjoy i suppose that’s Different but oh the

Abuse he’s had in spain over the last Few three or four years just Sucks all the enjoyment out of the game So maybe he’s thinking i don’t need that Anymore i don’t need to go to another Club and Have to prove myself and be criticized If i’m not scoring i don’t need that in My life When he talks about causing chaos as Well i mean there isn’t much More than saying i’m retiring at what 31 Years old well But there could be an angle you could Cause cures by going back to madrid Yeah well i’m playing for madrid could It be possible that Uh the reporting and journalism is two Plus two so they’ve taken that statement And they thought right what would cause Chaos yeah oh it’s retiring let’s run a Story about garf barrow tyrion what are You saying about the [Music] He’s too good to play i mean two goals In a weekend good finishes well For me it would be unbelievably sad I really would well obviously you saw Him this season in the premier league When he’s been on loan at Tottenham what did you make of it did he Live up to expectation Yes um he’s obviously wasn’t the gareth Bal that left the premier league

He um is not as explosive as he was Because obviously age catches up with Everyone but The way he’s um changed his game the way He’s now Getting into pockets being more cuter Obviously he’s got the wand of a left Foot so even though it’s not The player that was ripping mike on to Shreds um at the san siro Still a top class player and that was Proven especially when ryan mason came In He’s proven towards the end of the Season they can still do at the highest Level The situation with gareth bale going Back to real madrid will be interesting I know we were speaking yesterday Weren’t we ali took to ramon calderon The former real madrid president and He was talking about the relationship That the bale has with zinedine zidane Which On the outside certainly looks like it’s Broken down whether that can be repaired We will see over this summer period um There’d have to be a question mark about That right enough Absolutely no anyway but you know we’d Ram on yesterday more or less confirming That Yes exactly that there seems to be a Problem between balance

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Yeah but is is the dan going to be there Well that was Interestingly enough said that you think She would be really yeah Okay but with only a year left on his Contract then at real madrid Um i’m not quite sure where you’d value Him at right now but Um we know and again ramon calderon Mentioned this yesterday that the Financial issues in spain Are huge and we know a lot of clubs Obviously have been affected by the Pandemic over here as As anywhere um is this the opportunity Then for real to cash in on him And should they cash in on him uh well Listen i’ll tell you right now If they had an opportunity to i think They would i i don’t think there’s any Doubt but i understand I think if if if madrid had an Opportunity to cash in on them And get them off the wage bill i think The wage bill was certainly The wage bill was the big thing i don’t Think who who’s going to spend money Here this is what i don’t yeah This is the next question isn’t it who Will be prepared to to spend that money On gareth bale Now tottenham fans they might think oh It’s the dream to have him back Um after but then as we mentioned

You think he’s lived up to expectation But some sort might not think he has Quite sure Well i’ll tell you what i’m on i think He’s done well but what has surprised me Uh probably his lack of game time early On I’ve got to say yes that was what Surprised me um And you know clearly we weren’t privy to The main reasons or the reasons for it But once you get back into the team Towards the end of the season yeah i Think it’s some excellent performances And some great goals yeah I think if he’s paid up by real madrid There will be teams queuing up at the Door But if there needs to be a transfer fee It could be a could be a problem The change in management obviously it Probably helped at tottenham With jose mourinho going and ryan mason Coming in There were a couple of moments though Throughout this season with ryan mason Mason in charge Maybe even with jose mourinho if memory Serves me right where they sort of Talked about Gareth bale saying well i’m i can’t play In that game i can’t play in that game I’m not fit for that game i’m not ready For that game is that the right attitude

You should be having When you’ve had the injury history that Gareth bale’s had then yeah um he’s What is he 32-33 31 He’s had every injury under the sun he Knows his body so i think That’s more professionalism from gareth Bale to say Right i’ve played 90 minutes on saturday I don’t feel my body can take the Tuesday play somebody Younger and and saved me for the last 20 30 minutes so for me that’s not a Problem at all That’s really interesting you say that Because maybe um people that aren’t Involved within football would look at That and think well that’s just a bad Attitude isn’t it but you’re saying No it’s the ultimate professional saying Let me rest so i can do my job the next Time right now would you rather gareth Bale let’s say playing 90 minutes or 60 minutes on a tuesday Night against aston villa and picking up An injury and being out for two weeks or Would you rather arrest him Give let’s say steven bergwein the Chance and save gareth bale for another Day Again there are so many transformers the Stories That’s why the man’s doing his batches That’s why that man of course

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No he’s just another exclusive from ali Mcquist we haven’t discussed the fact He’s doing this Sorry andrews but the nation needs to Know that sending a very qualified Opinion And i had to give them the reason why it Was a qualified opinion Oh andrew samson you’re thinking i’m Never coming into that studio with alex Again um we have obviously reached out We should say here at talk sport to Gareth bale’s representatives jonathan Barnett has told us Uh the following sorry don’t speak about Rubbish Reporting that’s what he’s had to say Then on this news coming out of spain That Gareth bale is set to retire of course Jonathan barnett has Had a habit in the past with saying Things that don’t turn out to be true I.e He didn’t say when we asked him about Him coming to tottenham He said that one that wasn’t going to Happen but obviously it did this season So Um take of take what you want from what Jonathan barnett has had to say today About gareth bale and that speculation Of him retiring Um but if he if he doesn’t make that

Decision andros What a career he has had where would he Be ranked you know when you when you’re Talking about the greats in the game Probably um obviously not alongside your Ronaldo’s your messies and players of That But definitely definitely under that for A British player to to go overseas we know That doesn’t that tends not to to work Out to To go to real madrid to win the trophies To to score in the finals that he’s done 100 definitely ranks among the best in In britain for sure talk sport breakfast With laura woods monday to wednesday Morning 6 till 10 on am on dav Via the talk sport app and on your smart Speaker Talk sport

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