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I’ve finished foot jumps I’ve finished Foot jumps on a Saturday Oh God it was a stressful one oh I found It really difficult this weekend I Really did can anyone else relate to That drop it in the comments if you can Relate to that I found it very very stressful ragy But I finished 11-7 I got the 11 wins in The end so that’s a relief Jesus I don’t Want a bottle 11 wins that’s I don’t want to go there Matt’s been There I don’t want to know what that’s Like I don’t want to do it on this FIFA so as You can see it went really well with the Red player picks and the theme of the Weeks that was great And then we uh we opened premium and Yeah ultimate and rare players pack but In the end guys I’ve gone back to a four Two two two two two two two two and as Soon as I went to that we started Winning so Uh yeah yeah rough weekend Those I’m just reading comments say Those who want a squad hunt around the Future star raise your hand do you know What I’m not in the mood to do Squad Hunt uh I got bored of doing that to be Honest I like I like to I like doing what we’re doing Now the progress style that’s my Favorite

What else have we got could you guys Make the steaks bigger on Super Sunday Uh do you know what again I’ll be honest Here we’re just enjoying doing Super Sunday playing for fun without stakes And you know back in the day I never Thought I’d say that but dude we’re just Enjoying competing at the moment you’re Playing the game and without having to Discard players gonna do that ruins the Videos discarding players every day You know doing squat on them every day Discarding a player every day what’s the Point what is actually the point in it Think about it when you really look at It deeply what’s the point There is no point Yeah quite a passionate speech there but Yeah well there you go oh and you should Use the 44 uh well mate Hey look I’m in a good place with the team now And I’ve got a new player I’ve done an SBC who do you think it is well I don’t Know mate I have no idea I’ve just been Waiting to to kick in here I’ve got so Much to talk about Um tokens first of all there’s actually 13 tokens right I know that there’s one In moments I’ve got 11 at the moment I Know there’s one in moments that puts me On 12 but where’s the 13th token do you Know Chris I was about to say I don’t Know but I do know yes no Matt It’s quite well hidden this one this

This call out to be honest but if you go To the uh the objective player here map Uh Lindstrom it’s actually in the first Objective if you look at the text so it Doesn’t show you in the actual picture It’s an 80 rated uh Lindstrom yeah so It’s it’s there oh yeah got it got it Right okay so we need to get that done Score four guys do yeah okay we’ll get That done now I have I’ve made some Massive changes here guys right massive Changes right and Chris you’re Interested to see this as well I’ve got A new player right completing him before Let’s reveal that player so there we go As you can see it is azure genio we’ve Gone and done him and you’re thinking Why have you done him why is that well I’ve got a very very strong solid reason Why I have done that card and he’s a Lovely CDM absolutely lovely perfect Work rates good Pace good everything now I’m running to say at the moment poor Passing it’s not great but I’ve got and Completed another player as well Chris Any ideas I almost feel pretty bad I Feel a bit bad here because you’ve done Your genio did you know I sent him I I Sent him I didn’t mean he was up too Much oh well no I didn’t know you sent Him no but it’s okay it’s okay the next Player that we completed Now I’ve done this because I’ve seen Some amazing feedback on this card

It is Fabio Vieira we’ve gone and done Him our first future stars is in the Squad and yeah I thought This guy looks amazing I’m seeing some Really really positive ridiculous Feedback on this guy we’ve got to try Him out and maybe drop Pogba because We’re struggling with chemistry Pogba Van Dyke and I was thinking let’s try And get the whole team on full chem with These two new players and that’s what We’ve done and the team absolutely slaps Right now when you said people are Saying good things about this player I Honestly thought you’re gonna say this Sir this Sherlock apologizes if I’m Pronouncing that wrong I thought you were going to see him I’ve Seen people say he’s good but yeah I’ve I’ve also got a new addition let’s show You where I am I’ve got player of the Month for rashford Yes I have got him what is that concept Now I have that’s just not saved I was Glitching on me there we go So This is the direction we’re taking here Now I wanted Declan rice in the team Again Sign for a bit of controversy go on We’ll do some early controversy here Mathias don’t like him I think he’s weak And he’s short passing that annoys me Preferred Declan rice that Declan rice


Is an absolute Beast plus rice and Fauxhana work much better for the four Two two two two two two you’ve got two Proper tanky cdms there who win the ball Rashford and Jersey near White Jersey Neo have converted I now actually think He’s absolutely quality also a goal Scored of him now but my I have Converted Chris is a converted man on Jazzino to be honest it’s really weird Actually because I feel like yeah since This new team he’s been good for me Again as well very strange how that Seems to be happening for both of us but Anyway there’s the team right um we need To put in a couple plays there so I’ve Got them ready first player right back You know I’ve been talking about him for A while we’ve got Arnold in there Obviously house for Van Dyke we get the Premier League Link in there for the Chemistry as well now you’re looking and You’re thinking well the easier last Player we need one chemistry there we Need a chemistry there we need chemistry There we needed chemistry on mbappe now There’s one player that just tops up all These players lovely it’s a player that Not really ever thought about this year And it’s quite an expensive player as Well a little bit under the radar That player is Saint maximum Uh winter wild card so there we go

Everyone gets on absolute full chemistry Lovely now we need to figure out the Formation and I’ve been playing some Champs today and I am currently five and Three But I was one in three yeah I was I was Going down the route of Chris I was Having a terrible weekend but I am now Five and three since I changed my custom Tactics and my formation to this Formation It slaps again it slaps I’ll show you it Now yeah the thing with Jazzy you know It’s it’s you know it’s it’s the quick Dribbling but I did like this gold from Jersey no I really did it’s uh you know Just me you it might not be the best but For us a nice little goaler and you what Are you just saying there by the way Matt so you were one and three I changed Formation then then you started winning Now you think you’re winning just Because you went to that formation not Really you your record was bad so you Were probably gonna go on to win those Anyway so be careful thinking that just Because you made a change that’s why you Suddenly won nah but seriously like it The weekend started bad I was playing Some very good players and I I didn’t Get it I won the first game then I lost Three in a row to very good players and No I I do think that the formation Chains has set me on a right path and I

Wasn’t following a row from it so look Here it is it’s the four two two two I’ve just got it on balance 45 45 just Drop it down a little bit I’ve actually Gone into slow build up with forward Runs seemed to be really liking that I Can control when I want to attack more Rather than having to be forced to do it At every attack that you know comes About so we can actually build up our Play nicely and then attack and break When we want to and burst staff yeah 65 Width I’m really liking width at the Moment as well and yeah they’re just a Simple self stay Central we’ve got come Back on defense on the cams cdm’s cut Passing Lane stay back with one of them And the full back stay back guys try out This formation let me know what you Think player of the month and Bape is Meta Stating the obvious there no he’s he’s Unreal could just finish here that’s Just one goal but He’s finishing really is ridiculous uh The way you can sort of get a shot in so Quickly as well like it could be quite Closed down but and if and with any Other play you’d think I’ve not got time To shoot there but but he can do it That’s pretty much where I am at the Moment really Ashley Cole the plan is to Upgrade Cola to Captiva and Matt Captivirus shot up he’s now like

700k 700k that is mad you know what I’ll be Honest with Captain BS sometimes I feel Like he’s he’s a bit like slow and he Can’t really muscle people off sometimes Like he’s great and I’d never swap him And well he’s obviously the one of the Better options out there but that is mad That is wow what a pool we actually got That time hey and I I didn’t even Realize at the time so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna try and rashford now I’m Starting my playoffs on a Saturday that Feels weird can’t remember the last time I started playoffs on a Saturday Rashford let’s try him out I’ve seen Mixed opinions on this card I’ve seen Some people say sluggish I’ve seen other States really good What I would say is if he is Anywhere near as good as that World Cup Stories rashford is going to be class Because that was one of my favorite cars I’ve used So yeah It’s a nice scene that you know that’s a Nice that’s a nice game oh got the ball Again oh it’s a sloppy start and Bape Plays it played over the top there is Mbappe on the ball Go on lad oh it’s unbelievable he’s Finishing he’s out of this world Honestly I thought Keeper’s Gonna Save That any other strikery doors what a

Finish Oh Yeah so I think it’s safe to say Player of the month and Bape is my Favorite card on the game uh oh God be Carefully with this defending Coffee fan better than that be on top of Our defense here oh it’s a good pass oh He’s done mate he’s done me All right then here we go analytical Matt Fabio Viera how is he Matt what’s He like well look he’s got the ball here Right and we’re seeing an absolutely Lovely pass potential down there oh yes The scribbles are back out uh but yeah No I I enjoy it man but yeah and and Look you know the past just yeah spot on Absolutely lovely we didn’t score the Goal but hey lovely lovely uh passing With Nike passing you wouldn’t expect Anything else there he is on the edge of The Box really really dangerous on the Edge of the Box can I tell you now Um and he and he’s really um he keeps The ball really to his feet so it’s very Dangerous man and here we go we actually Score the goal with him he just gets Into the box guys you know I mean look If you just watch him his movement there On that first goal look he’s just he’s Just down here now look look he’s just Down there looking around and just watch Him like he just gets into the boxes Positioning is quite honest nicely

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Fantastic and there you go with the left Foot bang great goal very dangerous Going forward Wayne hunting they’re Breaking away oh look at these Pace guys Really plays it what am I doing What am I doing there chance and Buffet Send All your team for this player of the Month mbappe just do it Rooney come on Try again We’re gonna get this ball one way or Another Rooney on the ball and Buffet going Space space yeah guys gotta score it are We on for the hat trick I think we are Not we’re not oh come on just just just Yeah you can’t allow Ed what should happen now Almost there it just literally like shut Off the ball I told my player to turn around and the Ball just flew off him It just flew off him He could just go up that corner and it Would have been two two right second a Few little Clips here now not all of Them are around Fabio Vieira but um you Know a lot of them are there you go you Can see him charging into the box there You can really use him to charge into The box and what I noticed right is now Obviously tactics are like you know Everyone’s different but what I know is

Like he he always gets in behind the uh The Midfield lines just just in between The the Midfield and the defense there He’s always lurking there and he does it Really really well I mean obviously you Got the triangle triangle going there as Well but yeah just the one two back There like that and uh it’s just just a Really simple play really but yeah Dangerous man really dangerous Especially with that left foot but yeah Here we go and Bape there in towards Maximum and guess who’s there Fabio Viera is there he’s in the box now I’m using him as a center mid in these Games right now in a 4-4-2 He just gets forward man and I’m not Even triggering him to get forward he’s Just doing it like look he’s in space There lovely pastor and Bape and we Managed to convert that there with the Skill move it’s just lovely man just Waiting for that chance oh that pass was Shocking Really what’s go on uh taking the risk There oh Oh no no he’s free with saurus I think I’m gonna I’m gonna replace Bayou that’s For sure at some point quick quick yeah Yeah yeah yeah quick quick go on and Buff how you play again go on hate it oh No oh Jesus that was a chance wasn’t it Right Rooney playing on there oh God He’s read me like a book there I’m

Finishing that rashford Oh God Those finesse shots from that angle are So broken oh we’ve lost our lead now Damn it we’re some bad defending here oh Whoa Whoa What went straight through me no And I know that a lot of these clips I’m Showing you are more like attacking his Attacking side but believe me he can Make tackles now I’ve not really got any Um like proof of that but trust me he Could do it man because when I’m playing I’ve gotta like clip it and usually I’m In mid game when he’s made a tackle and I can’t really afford to clip it but Yeah um if she has Xenia there to a Vieira as you can see now he doesn’t Score but just just look at the era here So he’s just on the edge of the box here And he’s just charging into the box There and you know I’m not triggering Him or anything he just does it and he Manages to link up the play there as you Can see gets into space links up the Plane and helps make the goal there with Mbappe come on let’s go on yeah yeah Cheers play it Jazzy now again that’s The one cheers [Applause] Oh No no no no no No no no no no no don’t just let him run

Past you a lot [Applause] I just can’t understand what’s gone Wrong with our defense here in this game That is so bad I don’t get it I really Don’t just going through my players oh Get out Oh God Oh I’m having a horrible weekend Go on break go and rashford keep going That’s it that’s it one rashford go on Live go on Rashford Oh God it’s just not going my way here At all That is a dead goal that Rashford run forward get into space Go on so farther oh guys no I shouldn’t Be losing this I think this game Honestly sums up my weekend as a whole With the weekend League honestly It just does I’ve had horrible luck I’ll Be getting on the ball Commands his job oh that’s terrible Isn’t it that’s terrible good tackle Come on we need a free free Ah he’s gonna be offside it seems to Play that oh Keen oh God scrambled egg Stuff and Papi Oh no no other player scores like that That’s almost again unbelievable he’s Finishing he’s out of this world well we Got the free free then Come on I want to win this deserve to

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Win it just defensively we’ve got some Problems here today I don’t know just Really Soft goals let’s let’s get this winner Now 75 minutes Actually called to lead the way Rashford go go go mbappe play it yeah Yeah yeah Robbie what are you doing Robbie oh Jersey [Applause] This game is Magnus Rushford I’m hitting it oh my God uh I was a shot That what was Robbie Keane doing for Where do I start with that what was Robbie Keane doing oh it’s a goal it’s Just yeah that’s all he got to do I Can’t but I can’t believe it actually I I I’m I’m very rarely lost for words Very rarely Yeah But I’m definitely lost for words today Take a stretch your time Jersey and you Come on let’s now we’ll never vote for Fun Rashford play it And Battery I don’t know why I’m Shooting that oh rashford’s done really Well there oh no no it’s over oh no it’s Not last last attack Last attack of the game And Bobby Last chance I keep saying last chance Every time I say last chance it isn’t no This really is the last chance now

Rashford No no no no no yeah quick No Don’t listen painful loss guys we Actually played well I didn’t deserve to Lose that that was pain listen if you Give me that God if you give me that Game I’ll analyze it for you and I’ll Show you exactly where you went wrong if You want to see that guys Let me know I’ll help you out So I mean the depositives are rashford Seemed really good honestly that Rashford I’m not just saying that but you really Did seem quality so that was just Unlucky it happens I guess it does Happen but ah Yeah let’s have a look at six o’clock so I would 100 Recommend getting this card done guys Honestly I think it’s an absolutely Brilliant card there you go just a nice Little goal there just to show my Progress in the weekend League we are Five and three we’re doing well it’ll Probably go downhill but we’ll do our Best and we’ll try and keep my head but Yeah I don’t know how jazzino missed That one I put that in just because we Were talking about jazzin you’re being Bad but he he has scored me some bangers There is yeah it’s been good to be fair

So yeah it sort of uh changing my mind Again a little bit on them there and That was a great goal to win that goal Uh game at the final whistle there so Yeah What A Team guys what a team and overall You know I know I’m not the best Reviewer in the world but Fabio Vieira I Would say is definitely worth a try he’s Got three assists three goals and seven Games just really really good if he’s Not scoring he is assisting so six O’clock we got this vanderson so there’s Two versions of this card There’s a right back And the right wing now I’ve done him to Get the right back because I’ve Literally just gone league in And yeah I’m gonna try him so I’ve just Done that card there I like the card Design there pretty cheap as well 84 and 83 rated team so we’ll put him in I’ll You know over the days give you a review There we go I didn’t I didn’t expect That to be honest but uh yeah we’ve also Got new tokens I’ve sent him the biggest reason I sent Him is so I stopped using him Sometimes I do that to send a player Just to stop me using them because I Need to move on all right then so the First token of today has been completed Actually in the only token right are we Missing another one I think this was the

Only one that was released Future Stars Challenge two a little bit of a head Twist there took me a while to get that One sorted out but anyway we’ve done it So we’re now on 12 tokens but there’s 14 Released right Comment down below just make sure that There’s 14 up to this point right now so That means tomorrow I would have 15 Tokens so guys leave a like on this Video If as soon as the rewards are Available you want me to do the 85 Plus Times 10. so if this video gets 2 000 Likes I’ll do it as soon as it’s Released if this video doesn’t get 2 000 Likes I’ll go for 25 tokens and do the Two times 85 times 10. other than that There’s not really anything else going On so we will see you tomorrow for Tomorrow’s video check go the last one Up there Get a cup of tea whatever you beverage Your choice and enjoy it really just Enjoy it okay hope you’re all having a Good weekend have a great Saturday night If you’re watching this on Saturday Night

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