I Literally Made and LOST 700K in 60 Seconds…

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We're ready to open our Rank 2 rewards Come on come on Oh okay something good please Okay that's probably about the worst Possible Reds you could get but I have Faith that my my blue pack is going to Be better I have faith hopefully we can See like moderate something crazy man Something like 95 96 That's so weird I literally just Yes Man It's bro this pack Could Be Crazy 97 on The front 500 oh my God man he's 500 Open the 500k pack guys that's so dumb Man that pack is ass Oh no griezman how much is Merino 100K Though he's 100K 630k that's pretty good Man I'm gonna take that boys no dude no Chad no Chad bro I don't have any coins All week you guys just only fun of me Dude it's not funny anymore guys I'm not Doing that Story pack man it's horrible Why the could I do that you guys have Lost your mind bro Timothy's an elite Pack 89 of a team of the season bro 100 Players 81 or higher 386 or higher Guaranteed Chad it's just dumb man it's Just dumb it's just dumb you guys are Like the people that like get a paycheck Bro and buy a Gucci bag and three cars Bro and then have no money left until The next check why the could we do That man that's just stupid you will Give 25 Subs if I open it oh I'm in I'm In I'm in now Chad it's go time let's go

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Man 100 players 81 or higher if I don't Get a team of the season I will give 250 Subs Who's that who's that chat who's that oh My God man I didn't even get a La Liga Team of the season chat what do you mean Why would I do it you all made me do it Three team of the seasons bro is this Guy in every pack or what what's going On with him chat why is he in every pack Yo how many 81s did I get you should do The 200k pack what's the 200k pack but Bro then I will have no coins again yo Is that the La Liga Essentials pack chat That pack is actually like 30 team of The season right or something guys is it Terrible this pack let's see you got Pedri from the essentials pack all right Let's see this chat 44 no way man I'm Not doing that sorry what 44 I can't Chat I can't do it bro that's not good Enough for me you'll have 30k left you You got this To chat what would you do in my Situation somebody gifted on a wager but The pack is horrible he says you have to Do the pack like what would you do Otherwise I'm scamming him All right dude guys I'm ending My Stream After this though Oh my God Spain no I packed him so many Times this week bro Chad I have 30k left now dude Yo fakir though not bad value though not


Bad value for me how many coins I have Now

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