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My team is shot you guys think this team Is Chet is this team bad craft your icon SBC there’s an icon SBC they dropped the One whoa whoa what icon SPC what icon SPC this I can’t play your face [Music] [Music] Foreign What am I doing like why did I bring This why did I buy him a return flight Back to Texas bro Neymar Pay tribute to the players who have Reached the impressive Milestone of 100 Appearances goes assist and More in Their Illustrious careers with brand new foot Centurions discovered new content sbc’s Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Blah scan the QR code to find out more What is this McDonald’s [Laughter] [Music] I feel like playing weekendly can I Please play weekend League are y’all Gonna give me an L for playing weekend League chat oh my God this car looks This car doesn’t look bad he has a cam As well this car doesn’t even look bad Chat No people’s lit right now is it is People lit

Wait what the f I just did this I can do two Here we go Here we go here we go here we go what is He doing I don’t think anyone knows what He’s [ __ ] I think he’s trying to pass It all the way back but I don’t [ __ ] it Up all right here we go wait do I have An overlay so we can ultimate stall this [ __ ] or not Do we have an overlay do we have an Overlay we do we do we do Hey I’m not gonna cover my screen but Foreign Yes Did the stream go down why bro why why Why like 100 the person who tweeted this The person who tweeted this is some kid From my chat Or some kid that was on Twitch a hundred Percent bro He should be fired immediately let me Open the pack I’m gonna hide two of the players I’m Gonna open the pack but hide the two Right players ready and then I’m gonna Do the prediction But my face is gonna give it away I’ll think of a good prediction Shut the [ __ ] up shut up don’t even Don’t don’t say a [ __ ] word Don’t say a word don’t even don’t even Don’t even say a word you’re so dumb


You’re dumb I like these predictions the Predictions where like you think you can Read my eyes or see through me Yes or no Channel points on the line do You think that one of the two English Players on your screen Is Alan shear We’ve got real Ferdinand Wright Cole Beckham Rooney Is one of the players Alan Shear yes or No Yeah Believers what did I tell you my Believers what did we talk about What do we talk about Believers breaking News David Beckham’s 20 year old son Romeo joins Brentford B on loan from Intermiami until the end of season Thoughts Thoughts yo these are kind of ass bro There’s no way I get a centurion player In this right these are kind of ass Maybe I’m trying to get one of those new cards Um I have played lacrosse my whole life and Twice in the history of the sport Someone has hit me with a shot in the Chest at the perfect time and had the Same thing happen to me it is literally The Perfect Storm one in a million Chance for that to happen add up the Impact the perfect timing with the right Impact crazy so glad he’s okay it’s


[ __ ] crazy bro you’re right it’s Crazy bro Ain’t no way I’m gonna pack a centurion Player Oh [Music] We still that Golden Boy we still got Golden Boy chat how much is this card Going for though like oh [ __ ] 300K English Center back When the [ __ ] did he get his center-back Card My Center back Okay new prediction New prediction new prediction new Prediction to scam new prediction Escape Okay Okay Schweinsteiger who’s the guy in the Middle you should all know who the guy In the middle is You should all know someone said drug Bop You know what for the guy that said drug Bot don’t even trip bro today I’m going To church to pray for you Um ISO magic thank you for the five Gifted sub the middle guy is Keen okay The middle guy is Roy Keane the guy on The right that’s the question who is the Guy on the right can you please read out My height on that identification card my Height not my weight my height Says 4 11. get the [ __ ] out

Get out Uh is the guy on the right a Defender Yes or no 51 said yes And you are I don’t know is pierlo a Defender [ __ ] No Chunky’s icon Okay Okay we’ve got English and we’ve got French and Brazil Um is the Fret Yes or no 62 said no 38 said yes Believer Earth We all believers we are believers Hey Believers how do you feel right now Believers how do you feel right now Believe it I can’t believe you guys are Struggling to read me You guys are struggling to read me Okay Who do you think the two icons are there I bet you there’s people that don’t know Who the two icons on the right are Let’s wait for this one Let’s wait for this one I mean Kenny dog leash isn’t bad right I Mean I just don’t know in in April is That very good probably not W’s though Two dutches Okay name some Dutch players in the chat Really quick name some Dutch players In the chat this is going to be a good

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Prediction a lot of people are going to Win a lot of Channel points I can Guarantee you that son I can guarantee you that we’ve got kreif We’ve got say Dorf we’ve got hulitz Cumin by Boston van Persie Um Bandosaur berkamp and Boston banister Roy Valdez there’s a lot of Vons there’s Also a lot of non-bonds burkamp Cumin cliver Say Dorf It’s not vonsadorf It’s not van State yes 40 said no oh my God does one of the icons have Von in Front of their name the answer is No But Boston what Bozo said no Please work please work please work Please work Did you see the guy did you see the guy On the left Did you guys see the guy on the left did You guys see the guy on the left Hey Did you guys see the guy on the left Who’s the guy on the left Burkey [ __ ] sake nevermind Javier Campbell never mind all right you Guys should have lied I would have still Done a prediction

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