I Used A Wonderkid On Every FIFA (09-23)

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Today I'm going to use a Wonder kid from Every single FIFA starting from FIFA 09 And working our way to FIFA 23. are you Tired of coming against teams that are So much better than yours my eyes are Bleached if so visit you seven bite to Buy your foot 23 coin they are cheap Fast and reliable make sure you use my Code Danny to get yourself five percent Off are we ready to see the first FIFA 09 Wonder kid the first Wonder kid in History boys there will never be another Alexandra basso well that might that Probably is there's lots of people like Him but Lads Alexandra Pato is the first Ever wonder kid ever the weather that's Him that's Alexander Pate one thing You'll notice 92 potential what I want To do boys not for every single player But I want to see did they reach that Potential um Alexandra Pato The Potter is the first playwright but We've got a lot more lads when I show You this player Eva you're not gonna Know who he is or you're gonna feel so Nostalgic uh you get a boat Oh my Lads Bose Bosan if you not don't know who bozan is Oh mate you're way too young but there's Gonna be so many people that are like Who on Earth is that Lads please watch a Game of football once all my life this Bojan if you know you know this man was A FC Barcelona and now oh God knows

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Where he's at now he's in the Chinese League lad Um the question is is he on FIFA I don't Think that's him he is no longer on FIFA He was one one of the best Wonder Kids In the world of a 91 potential he fell Off G everyone's gonna know who this is Yeah but you're not gonna you you forgot About him Douglas Costa Douglas Costa What the f what happened to him where What happened to Douglas Costa he's not He's not been on the game since this What a car by the way he's not a card Since FIFA 21. oh mate what a bowler but Boys there's one player I kind of want To use here I don't know we'll have to Pick between Alexandra Pato and get Ready for this boys Philip coutinho look At him look at him But we have a very tough decision but Look at that 62 rated he's a bronze with The potential of a 90. that's like a Plus 38 or something stupid like that But that's what I'm noticing Philip Coutinho with one star skill move one Star skill moves right boys let's pick Between Alexandra Pato and Philip Coutinho coutino does have a moments Card but I've got to do like swaps of That and I can't be bothered so do we go With winter wild cards Pato or gold Cutinho Pato which means duck in Brazilian FIFA 10 Wonder kids I want Every one of you yes FIFA 10 Wonder Kids

Now and when I say you will never guess The first player I mean it think of a Player right now it will never be the Person on my screen ready Alan Alan Oh Ellen This this goes off oh he had a 90 Potential and I have no idea who he is Absolutely no idea but don't worry boys You will know all the rest of players Starting with a very very recognizable Name Eden Hazard or sorry Eden Michael Hazard who was 18 years old with a 90 Potential Lads can I tell you who is Even better well actually it was Actually worse but he has a bad career Ladies and gentlemen Oh Neighborhood let's go 77 rated Neymar Boys in FIFA 10 look at him look at Neymar right there all right actually Here's the question who's had a bad Career Eden Hazard or Neymar I'm gonna use Neymar I'm gonna use Neymar I I think it's fair to say Neymar Has fulfilled his potential meaning he Will be the second player in the team With Whack Him left mid that's FIFA 10 Done boys you know what's next FIFA 11. Who would have thought not me I Absolutely love this boys you're not Gonna believe it when I say this Wonder Kid played for Tottenham Hotspur you Never heard of them no Christian

Erickson he was the best Wonder kid in FIFA 11. he ain't a new ball because he Was a 75 rated non-rare and they gave Him the potential of 90. EA you know Ball honestly boys I don't think there's Any point going with anyone else here I Mean like I can show you other options Uh we have romelu Lukaku uh the no boys Uh we've got to be fair we've got Mario Gert sir and then this one boys is gonna Surprise you a lot Canales is am I right In saying this Canales is is the random 84 right that Canales is him yeah that's Not really worked out well I think boys It's a no-brainer there you go boys Three players in the team now's a good Time to remind you a lot to subscribe FIFA 12 boys oh my like boys boys boys Back to back Tottenham Legends back to Back Tottenham Legends ladies and Gentlemen FIFA 12 blesses us with the Wonder Kid Lucas What a w what an absolute look at him Lucas Mora had a 90 rated potential and You know what he fulfilled that that the Cow Lucas Moore is 90 rated in my heart Boys I'm about to shock the world Phil Jones and I'm Phil Jones Phil Jones Had an 89 rated potential and that is Not a joke he had an 89 rated potential Jesus Christ that is a tough choice Lucas Mora or Phil Jones all right sorry Boys Phil Jones is in the team but the Third wonder kid was Mr Mark Andre

Trustagin I need a keeper but you know What that's not my problem it kind of is One of the best Wonder Kids in FIFA 13. I covered chitch why is kovacic of Wonderkid 88 rated potential I mean to Be fair he's like what 84 but like I'm Not using cover chips you know what's Even worse boys the only other option I've got is Raphael Varan no God please No if I go over ran it's another United Player I don't want to go full United But I don't want to use cover chick who Else are who else is who's this anyone Heard of nastatic there's no static play Football still he is but I'll be honest Time has not been on his side you know What going for run no right that's the Last Evian nicer player I promise you'd Last ever United player I feel sick Physically sick to be honest right FIFA 14 is what we start having fun boys That's where you're gonna start Recognizing some Bowlers all right That's the best youngster of FIFA 14. Markin marquinos marquinos marquinas Look at him why is he looking like that Yeah Mark enough had an 89 rated Potential boys also on this is like You're all Gonna Know The Players now Boom El shirari we don't stop there boys Martial I'll be the best in the world we Don't stop there boys Muhammad Salah oh FIFA 14 is Absolutely cook it when I think of FIFA

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14 Wonder kid I can't lie I think it's Gonna have to be El shirari Come again We're playing them we're playing Seven Camera Striker boys boom hell show Huawei he's in a team we only need five More positions but they're still like Seven more fifas so we're gonna have to Get some Super Sub soon boys anyone That's ever played career mode boys know This man Yuri tillermans Sylvan the career mode Legend oh Everyone if you ever have done a career Mode boys you know who tillerman's is We've got to go with him but some Honorable mentions of FIFA 15 Memphis Depay if I I wonder if I just show you The picture will you know who he is Anybody know who that is you you know Who he is ladies and gentlemen oh my Life sorry sorry Um it's Felipe Anderson mate it's Felipe Anderson Lads um we've got to go Tillerman's like when you think of Wonder Kids there's no one else that Comes to mind apart from tillerman's all Right look at that Bro look at this team this is Unbelievable Jeff what Thief is next oh FIFA 16. oh it gone Lads catch them Guesses and you should start the game Now starting with a very very obvious One Usman Dembele

Dembele but he was never LED them ballet Is good yeah but he will never be as Good as Deli Ali I don't know why he's Called bammy bami Deli alley Deli Ali Boys the absolute go You could argue he Absolutely fulfilled his potential at Tottenham Uh another few honorable mention boys I Just had fever 16 we're gonna start Recognizing some names Renato Sanchez Didn't really fulfill his potential Um someone definitely didn't no no Offense Eric Bali had an 88 rated Potential as well as another Center back Boys this is going to surprise you Jonathan Tarr Jonathan Tarr had an 88 Rated potential right boys we need to Pick between Usman dembele and Deli Alley then ballet would fit like a glove Here which is why I am gonna go with Deli Ali what wait there we go boys Deli Ali's at right mid my Wonder kid oh boys I've done this bad oh I've just fought This through boys Um Lads the FIFA 17 Wonder kid Um I'm not sure if you've heard of him Yeah his his lion And bappy lot in I believe he like he Played for Monaco not really sure where He's playing now at a 92 potential he's Never gonna fulfill that boys but I'll Tell you someone who will Donna Roma Boys I need a goat Lance I need a goalie So I reckon yeah Luigi Donna rumor

Unbelievable player voice I it is at the Utmost important you turn your attention To me now [ __ ] All right boys I'm going Don aruma Sorted right we need two fullbacks we've Still got FIFA 18 19 20 one two and Three left I'll tell you for three boys I've got two options to go with is Mephis's delic who was a 79 rated 17 Year old he was 17. the only other Option I've got for FIFA 18 boys is Christian pulisich am I the goat or am I To go like Now one of these has actually had a good Career at the minute and one of them is American The lit is in the team not on chemistry But chemistry's overrated Lads FIFA 19. I feel like this is the point where now Everybody will know everyone we should FIFA 19 was obviously the year of Vernisius He's the man ciao here we go but also Boys actually like very good of a shout We've got Vinnie we've got Jaden Sancho Oh lovely and we have Mr Phil foden That's a question right there Boys in it Vernicious Junior he's going right back Get my teammate oh you know what oh Actually a free back might be a shout Hold on let's do me a favor look at that For a team we're not done by the way I Want to use every single FIFA all right

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So we still needs some honorable Mentions on the bench FIFA 20 is Mr Erlin Allen he easy Lads easy it's Unfortunate he can't make the team but That's how the cricket that sounds Stuttering you've done good so far they Just stop it that's how the cookie Crumbles let's just go with his humble Gold Card boys yeah no worries sorted Boom early Holland was FIFA 20. I FIFA 21 is gonna cause some controversy boys Petri Birds ravenberg one of them three boys Pedry vert or gravenberg we could get Rid of Petri instantly because he's Overrated and not a good player so it's Now between verts and gravenberg uh you Know what boys I'm gonna go with Gravenberg I like gravenberg a lot I Feel like he's got a lot more of a Ceiling right boys Now FIFA 22 we're gonna have some fun It's between two people and it's an Argument people have already Garvey Or musala Go for your musala here we go coffee Again you are awful Musala is the best youngster in the World Jamal Masala is it a team ladies And gentlemen that brings us to FIFA 23 There is only one player we need if I Told you he was the best youngster in World football where it all comes in the Same conclusion that it is foreign

Kareem the dream at the yummy It's my FIFA 23 Wonder kid of choice That is a Wonder kid from every single FIFA ladies and gentlemen the only thing Left to do is to use this team for free Games every time I Lose I'm at the Discard a child a child you ever seen Such a bad team boys just let me know That's just because I'm buying a Mercedes does not make me a Tory it Makes me extremely fashionable and a uh Sex magnet okay as soon as I get my car I'm going McDonald's I follow that stand No you're a absolute No we're not calling it The custard Wagon oh can you stop attacking mate I Can't believe I'm losing two nilmate I Can't believe I'm losing two now Five boys I don't know how but I've lost Two I lost two one Lads I've lost T1 I don't Know That's a hoffenheim badge Pope But mother Aaron's at sense of Ha Thank you Hi man city what you've done Was naughty please don't do it again We're gonna sanction you with a fine Hopefully you can pay it soon thank you That's exactly what's gonna happen They're getting a fine which they can Pay easily because they're an oil Merchant

I'm not a fan of that boys I'm not a fan That's offside that's the side that was Outside he's using me to do objectives Mate and he's brought he's blood he's Brought American You idiot Why am I so [ __ ] I don't know GFS I'm I'm just getting I'm getting clowned Mate my to be fair Theo Walcott might Should have been in this video you'd Argue The Comeback is on boys The Comeback is on Baby Yeah that's two discards boys I got two Discards already My nan What a mid team oh Neymar Ah Oh there's such an awful goal mate why Am I losing you suck Oh Banya I'm all I'm really young oh yes Oh why am I [ __ ] losing mate So stupid I never leave games we don't give up we Don't give up Paradise para para parrot Paradise every time she closes her eyes Shut up every time she comes First one fair enough Shaw knows wrong What's white white too why again why Twice Foreign Games today I've lost all three games

We've got three discards boys this could End very Very spin the wheel three times Lord Help me okay all right that's not too Bad first one is I can live with that The second one in the gold upgrade Joining Donna rumor is gonna be again Okay we take it that's not bad inform El Sharari am I gonna get lucky three times In a row probably not the third and Final player we got discarded Oh no I mean hey we're throwing it back to Old School Danny Aarons we're gonna be quick Selling for run there's the free going Boys into an SBC make sure you leave a Like And subscribe if you guys are new

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