“If You Do THIS You’re Guaranteed a TOTY?!”

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80 player picks Pro 80. crazy man Guys we have to pack a team of the year Today we have to today Dude What the hell man it's so weird right it Has to be my theory or streamer Theory It's two theories it has to be It's Gotta be streamer theory listen up Vancouver we all know you're pulling the Strings we know it they have it up in The studios bro I'm telling you Chad There's no way man there's literally no Way Chad that's sick Bro Milly Tau how Much is he like two mil hell yeah bro Unreal He's got 80 player picks so we showed up Yeah that's unreal he's gonna make me Just make a bunch of player picks now And the whole probably Chad is gonna do The same that's so sick let's get Another team of the Year let's get two Come on let's get two Let's get to let's go Hell yeah bro we finally got one for Somebody man crazy that's that's Probably so out of today right what do You guys rank Millie Tau if you had to Pick a top five vvd is obviously number One right is melee Tau too like just Team of the years just team of the years Chad akimi is too wait so maybe four you Guys would take oh bro I mean to be fair All these cards are really good which is A good thing right all right so


Everybody make 80 player picks and You'll get a team of the Year chat let's All go in Castro stream and spam that I Packed Milly towel yeah yeah Chapman That's bad you guys are the biggest Trolls bro you guys trolls so much bro Oh I can't take it man oh hi just came From Castro stream I heard you packed A Team of the Year yes Yes

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