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Craig Douglas

What's up guys the Panthers here and Welcome back to another FIFA 23 video it Is 6 p.m oh cool Um it is Wednesday we should have a Brand new team of the week today And potentially some other content from EA but who knows we'll see Um we've got the team of the Year Essentials pack is back 30 gold rare players four guaranteed to Be 86 or higher A Team of the Year and a Loan player and a team of the icon Player uh all the items are untradable So uh that's back Uh more FIFA points uh in in the bank For EA and then the objectives silver Stars is Storm from Michelin What kind of cards you've got five star Weak foot Uh left mid Honestly just garbage isn't it Silver I haven't done silver stars in so Long I just got so bored of completing Them they're just not very good Um so that's their Milestones nothing New Which leaves us with Team of the week Which we'll go to first before we go to Uh The sbcs for today And the team of the week is How did they not given kettia the star Man team of the week they gave El Sherawee the Starman team of the week

Five star school was three-star weak Foot Good pace Decent dribbling bit of a Mech odd Altogether Riyad mahrez has an inform Reasonable card on him as well five star School was four star weak foot A looks awful He got left back of his availability he Has got left back there to be fair Could be all right with a shadow rakitic 88. Not his age his rating getting closer on The other one though four star four-star Dead Cod poor physicals Paul dribbling Poor pace zambo and Giza doesn't look Awful peaks of physicals Reasonable dribbling and defending Reasonable pace and all right short Passing Boeing looks quite mid Loki looks mid looks awful actually Delict looks quite good is that a third Star Oh it is again oh wait he's a star as Well or he's out bugging out I think even four star players and still Not on kettia that's outrageous Um the lick six foot two Like reasonable cards you know you're Not gonna pick him over a potential Other players there is he going wants to Watch as well he might have Hermoso


Is okay trap goalkeepers who cares Torreira Just looks mid Saucy Pedro Mid I mid Hits goalkeeper number cares Diego Rico Looks awful And ketia Three star three star Looks absolutely terrible yeah you've Done him dirty there math kith Only four star skill moves these days Awful Morelos Physicals are okay apart from stamina Dribbling is very very strange Extremely low agility but extremely high Balance Decent pace and shooting power header Three star four star I bet Rangers fans Like him obviously links well with the Other Ranger specials Jansen Again weird physical is reasonable Finishes poor pace is all right looks Mid Looks awful looks awful Looks awful looks awful everyone just Looks awful that's a terrible team of The week to be fair There's a couple of like little hidden Gems in there and stuff but overall Nothing too major Uh and then s because

What have we got Nothing in swaps Nothing in upgrades No new icon today No new icon today Nothing in advance nor basic so live State login is there as always guys Forget it and regret it do it right now Do it right now Let's see get our bronze in there boom Say his name once without without Tripping over it Loud What a name yeah I'm a club Um What else we got A three by three Defenders 81 double Upgrade wasn't now already there Literally no one cares some people Probably care but No one cares Uh upgrades upgrades Upgrades erdoguard upgrades mixed leave Upgrades That's it Is that it did I miss anything I don't think I missed anything I Actually thought it's just dead Um Let's go let us go on to food bin I mean yeah it's just a team of the week In it Man they've actually given four stars And none of them in kettia

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They gave rakitich a 25 Pace boost to be Fair but he's still not quick enough All Star four stars nice they've given Him good defending it's his physical That lets him down the most shooting is Quite nice pass is quite nice dribbling Not so much Physical not so much Yeah the stamina kind of kills him a Little bit if he had like maybe like 90 Stam it'd be all right in that defensive Role Now the licked he has got ones to watch I wonder how How does his ones to watch have better Stats than his informing suppose despite The fact they're supposed to be the same Goddamn card EA Uh we'll see what is one Swatch gets Upgraded to when it gets upgraded He's he isn't bad bad like He's definitely like Reasonable slash usable oh sure we can Play left mid left wing what they giving Him Give him a plus 11 overall 16 physical Five star three star puppy Maestro on Him he said he's all right I'll be dirt Cheap as well he's all right and then This guy went from a 74 to an 83. Yeah just not my bag not my bag I can't Believe how bad they've done Eddie and Kettia to be fair he's on an absolute Run of form for Arsenal

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And they've just done him full full Dirty 73 to an 82 should be like an 88. Top of the table carry an arsenal Pop a hunter on him Beast Beast five star five stars original what I mean Um But uh That is it for today guys There is the Defenders upgrade there Which you know expensive you are likely To get a team of the year out of it but Hey you might as well give it a shot This though is just terrible And then Other than all of that Is just That store pack Which is uh the team of the Year Essentials pack and we'll pop it open Maybe a decent chance of packing the Team with the air Defender out of this Not for me Not for me German Sentiment Tony Cross 88 And then we get another team of the Year Alone We'll take Hernandez this time I'm gonna Have a full team of the year loan team And then I'm gonna go and Destroy Someone in Champs qualifies with it and Then for our icon loan We'll go over Ashley Cole for the Arsenal Parson present

And then Yeah I mean it's just not really worth It If you are going to spend three points Anyway you give it a shot but I wouldn't Be putting my coins on this that's for Sure and that's going to be the end of The video for today guys so uh if you Did enjoy it be sure to leave a like Rate and comment subscribe to my channel If you haven't already and for now guys I'm out peace

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