LaLiga Santander Draft & New Purchases! – Sorare to Glory Ep 8

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LaLiga Santander Draft & New Purchases! – Sorare to Glory Ep 8



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Craig Douglas

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What's up guys the Panthers here and Welcome back to another so rare Road to Glory video we've got a little bit to Catch up on and a brand new introduction From so rare that is absolutely Fantastic now before we get into that if You guys want to get involved in so rare The link in the description or the pin Comment will join you and get you Involved so feel free to use that and Upon purchasing five cards from the Market you will get yourself a free Limited card so What's changed first of all we have got A reward don't worry it's nothing crazy It's just a tier one common Which could be quite good I suppose German Forward Verner no all uh oh wow I didn't Even expect Marvin ducks Marvin Ducks fair enough he's my common Reward uh from the Casual division we Finished 47 000th Enzo Fernandez did not Play Um however a decent little score there So what's changed first of all I did buy Some players as you guys well know I had A few uh a little bit of eth uh you Can't see it right now because my face Comes out I had about 15 pounds worth of Eth And um From the global cup that we won the

Rewards from and uh as you can see here I was offered some stuff I tried to tell These guys it didn't really work out so Well Um we we had Camp hair I think I've Still got I've still got Um but I did buy a couple of cards I Bought Jeremy jellin and Jesse Bennett Um I bought those actually to enter into Kick off for this week There's a little bit of risk involved uh In specifically Jesse Bennett he's not Expected to start neither is colu Arrow Code but I didn't really have much other Choice and so we'll go through that uh First basically so The kickoff limited and the Casual League I was going to enter into The intermediate Division I can't Remember what it's called now goddamn Um Because I thought I could have actually A real good chance with Messi Neymar uh One of these guys you know maybe Jillian Donna rumor and then gusto I decided to go balls to the wall for Kickoff and it's actually quite mad Because kickoff obviously is l15 55 and We've actually got Donna rumor in there Which is amazing we've got agbadu who's A very decent scorer how do we see his New score page

Um yeah very consistent scorer there and Uh yeah gelin Bennett with a 40 bonus I've got captain on gelin and arrow Cadair is in there as well so when we Look at how much I paid for these guys I bought them can't see because of the Trade can you What does it say the history of the Court these days It just doesn't anymore does it Doesn't show you the history of like the Partic the specific card that you Actually own Um Or it doesn't I've just missed it That's the listing There you go so I offered nine pounds For this guy and uh sold five hours ago For 8.93 for 10 hours ago for over nine Pounds so likelihood is and the hope is That we're actually able to sell him for A small profit and uh Jesse Bennett we Paid See how come I traded this one as well But it doesn't actually show it I paid Like four pounds three three pounds Something for him uh three three pound Fifty or something like that I can't Remember exactly but he's selling for Over four pounds so again there's hopes It will make a slight bit of profit when It comes to selling these which I Actually want to sell now now that the Game week's locked in

I want to get rid of them it does Actually look like I did sell Um What's his face does it show in here no Um does look like I did sell the uh Semper compare the other the other Limited that I had so what did I build For this upcoming game week for this Live game week we built ourselves the Kickoff as I say I think the prize ball Here is top 200 and uh the team that I've got is quite strong uh the reason Why I chose these two players Specifically let me grab up um A little bit of uh so rare data here uh The reason why I went for Jillian and Bennett specifically Is because The fixture that they have is quite Favorable in a week where there's not a Lot of games so they've got wingamp who Are not too highly rated or highly Ranked at the moment in the league uh They are 12th they've conceded 22 they Don't score too often and aliens are up In fourth place right now Um I don't really score too much either to Be fair but uh gelin who's a Defender is Playing in a CDM and the thing that was Interesting to me about Bennett was that Let's see if we can see what his actual Price went for Here we should be able to see it here

Uh the buyer was the Panthers there we Go so four pounds two pence I paid for Him as you can see he is regularly sold For more than four pounds Um so worst case scenario we're going to Make 50 60 70p off of him which hey at This stage that's nice and in fact if 459 is is his low bin Let me So make sure that mine is the okay mine Is the lowest which is perfect Um So the reason why he's a bit of a risk Is because he seems to like start a Couple then subbed starts a couple then Subs Although on play sharper he was not Registered to start this game this Upcoming I feel like the because he got subbed on And scored a goal Like just in my mind I'm like yeah like He he is a regular starter or rather an Irregular starter but he does get lots Of Starting Games And so there's very good potential that He's going to start but even if he Doesn't start when he gets subbed on It's usually for 20 to 30 minutes Um there's the old one where it's only 10 or so minutes but it's usually 20 to 30 minutes so it's a bit of a risk in Kickoff uh but worst case scenario I'm Able to shift him and

Um Gelin on for a small bit of profit and Have a chance of winning a reward in um In kickoff as well and if we look at the Limiteds So I paid nine pounds for mine look at That he actually sold off to that for 12 Pound fifty one Um and has subsequently sold for over Nine pounds quite a couple of times so I Think for my sale on him We'd be looking let me cancel this at 11 Pounds because I think that's a little Bit excessive we're not trying to like Get crazy crazy money here we'll Probably go for like nine pounds 80 and we'll just see if somebody offers Um you know obviously anything over nine Pounds would be uh more than acceptable And um Obviously I don't want you guys to see The password there so he is now listed Up for nine pound 83. I I would arguably Actually even accept nine power I'd Accept the money back that I spent on These guys because the whole purpose of These guys was to hopefully win a reward In kickoff limited and then a striker as Well Um he's seems to be more of a guy that Is a sub guy sorry a starter um But I guess because of this big run of Losses here he got dropped like it was His fault I don't know


Um but he has a really good string of um Consistent decisives he got 20 minutes Against Laval uh like again I don't know Much about these guys I am genuinely Taking a punt I'm going to be watching The game with Keen eyes tonight and um Hopefully picking up uh some Understanding as to how men's play who Plays where low it's a it's possible That they've picked up a new Striker and That's why he got dropped Um I think it's Pappy's Si say now Obviously the Newcastle Legend right Um so he's had a mad influx of purchases I guess I see look they've started together Before in a in a Duo up front Otherwise we've got this guy so other Than papisi say at 37 years old who's Unlikely to last for 90 minutes They've got a guy that comes on as a sub Who's just 19 years old And then they've got Uh so There you go we've got mama do for fauna In there as well He might be in a bit of a better pickup Actually No he does he's not even guaranteed Minutes doesn't even get great scores so That's where we're at with what I've Bought guys and more importantly not What I bought but what I bought it Um

I think uh Even if this fails I think I bought good Players at Good Times However the thing that's like most Important here for us uh coming up and Uh is is actually going to be the Upcoming game week and the reason why That this is going to be so important is Because so rare have added the La Liga Santander draft beta now this is going To run for a few weeks they said I don't Know if that's a few real life weeks or A few game weeks but it's effectively a Draft like the global cup and I have to Say I think this is amazing Um It's just a test at the moment obviously However there's 200 cards on offer Everyone can enter and I'm sure Everybody would want to enter so if you Like if you're a free-to-play player or If you're you know a low budget manager Or if you just want to get involved in So rare and you you're kind of like Nervous about the crypto side of things Or the nft side of things This is another great way for a Free-to-play manager to get involved so Again use the link down below to sign up Because it will benefit you in the long Run and of course benefits me in the Long run as well However this is great and the reason why This is great is because you have a

Budget 400 points to select eight Players for your squad every game week You will field your squads completing The La Liga and you can still redraft Your initial Squad before the first game Week win rewards so it's got shirts here As well which is quite nice uh each game Week your team's performance will help You win amazing rules including special Edition cards signed jerseys and VIP Football experiences which is amazing And first of all It's sad that these Commons aren't Staying in the club because these are Some beautiful common cards second of All how do you draft who do you draft And what do you draft and we're gonna Get into that right now the first thing We're gonna do Is we're gonna go and get the lowest Scoring goalkeeper I think the lowest Scoring person is 40. uh they did state That Um full like l15 under 40 will be 40 Points basically So one of the things that we want to do First of all is actually go ahead and Find the Um l15 under 40s from the the From the division Are starters right so to do that of Course we're always going to use so rare Data so score average is 40 or lower And the goalkeepers on offer

Are Benjamin so the reason why I would go With him straight away Is because he is the only goalkeeper That is going to cost you 40 points in Fact he has been dropped how about that Um So maybe not him what have we got a 41 42 we might start seeing like a whole Bunch of goalkeepers now oh well Dimitrisky it's actually a decent Goalkeeper I mean I own a proper copy of Dimitrisky How many points is dimitriyevsky Compared to Um Compared to Sorry dim Oh he's also only 40 points I wonder How far can we go In terms of l15 scores to get Goalkeepers that are still around 40 Points so we've got Adia Bono for Sevilla man wouldn't that be a really Good pickup for cheap I mean the answer is it's quite quite Simply yes that is a very good pickup For cheap Um Sorry Bono's 45 points Which is just over 10 of your budget for Just you know 1 8th of the player

I actually just I think he's a good Option I will be taking him and you know what I'm also going to take dimitriavsky Because that way okay I don't have like A courtois or something and potentially Your goalkeepers are going to be very uh Very good and I think courtois pending his uh His value there His l15 is actually fairly low It's fairly low Oh but he does get mad score like for a Goalkeeper from Real Madrid he he picks Up a lot of this a lot of a a game Ledesma is a good goalkeeper as well Because these don't really concede too Many goals I need to go and have a look At the price difference Between Uh Courtois 53. It's only eight more than Bono and Offers way more and uh Ledesma He's only 49. You know what I'm gonna stick with Dimitriavsky and I'm going to put Courtois in goal instead I think that that's actually a banging Like banging banging option dimitriavsky You have to put someone in there he's a Playing goalkeeper that's only 40 points

That's fine I think your options now as well because You can only build a team of five your Options are quite interesting because 4 8 12 16 20. we're already at like 24 Sorry we're already at 40 points is Going to take 240 of our budget Just by putting 40 points per player and The fact that not a single player is Lower than 40 points Is just a bit Frustrating I guess Because you can't then go for like Like I guess it's actually almost Impossible I suppose actually Antoine Griezmann is Capped at 66 that's the highest ranked Player That's a high strength the attacker Anyway Wow araujo at 84 points is crazy I don't Think you'd be able to afford the rest Of the teams put him in and he's not That good I mean he is good in real life and stuff But in terms of so rare he's not like Much better than other players so the First thing that we're gonna do Is we are going to go back here And have a look on so rare data for our Defenders And who are the best playing Defenders Right now If he wants to uh

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Set it in for us there we go I do like Yuri I do like Athletic Bilbao in general These l15 is only 52. He had a bit of time out he's a good Score he's a consistently good scorer He's an option Let's get rid of all of this uh this Stuff up here for now The other thing I want to do is I want To go and have a look at who which team Can seize the lease goals Barcelona six goals only Villarre out 12 goals oh I tell you what From Villa Royale Alveol What's his fixture in this upcoming game Week Celt of ego not a good one because uh Aspas is on fire at the moment what are In general the next fixtures who's the Worst team for conceding goals else And who's the best team for consider Scoring goals Barcelona Real Madrid And The Rao Saucier Dad sawloth could Actually be a really good option let's Have a look At the uh the upcoming fixtures Who have L Scott Cadiz And who have oh no actually Oh yeah oh no that will be in the game Week that's okay Let's go Madrid against Almeria

Sociedad against Athletic Club not Really a game I want to go near Celta Vigo against Villa Royale Then no Barcelona or Real Madrid oh That's interesting When's Barcelona's next game then Their next game is in two days in a Super cup then the Copa del Rey That's very interesting and that Actually changes my Outlook straight Away Because I do not want I want Cadiz goalkeeper I want Ledesma This is going to be massive right and I'll tell you why this would be Interesting and I think you guys should Pay attention here as well the fact that There is no Let me look on the other one here the Fact that there is no Um Matches Sell to Vigo against Villarreal about a Dollar against valacano Girona against Sevilla there is no Real Madrid And there is no Barcelona Two four six eight ten twelve fourteen Sixteen and then there's two other clubs That are missing it looks like Who does it look like Who does it look like Is it Betis It is Betty so also missing And

Is it Villarreal A villarreau there osusana Osusana are there We've got velocano Majorca Majorca are There Valacan over there Uh Valencia and Girona Girona are there It's Valencia as the other team so There's no Valencia this upcoming game Week No Real Madrid no Barcelona no Real Betis Which means in terms of like the quality Of opponent Rao sauce your dad are Probably the best but they're up against Athletic Club who don't concede many However sawloth Is in very good form And He's 50 points but I think you'd be a fool to go against Him up front right now I think also when we look at real Sociedads And we look at uh The roster here or the the overview of The scorers Alex Romero is decent There's no like standouts brace Mendez Is definitely now he's just served a Suspension as well So I think braze Mendez is somebody that I'm going to be taking Might be quite expensive mind you

Um But having a couple of guys he's very Expensive having a couple of guys who Can play together is really nice So that's a midfielder and a full wood Now the other thing we want to do is Just go ahead and get Um Playing midfielder that has l15 Under 50. so we're going to that Midfield roll sorry l15 under 40 because I just want to get somebody with uh As lower points as possible Jeremy Pino is he playing now is his 40 Games the last two yes And the games he didn't play was at the World Cup And he's a midfielder that plays a Striker I think Jeremy Pino is going to be our Guy Alex baina if he's playing as well he Could be a good option As he's just all over the place oh he's All over the place because it's Villarreau too Whereas actually he plays for Villarreal Not every game all the time Alex baina I think Jeremy Pino's the one that I Like the most Back from the World Cup And has great potential to actually be a Good scorer who villarreau got

Celta Vigo yeah again not not like Necessarily the best option but that's Not bad and we've got 155 budget here Sally Jimenez doesn't score well because He's got difficult game Well actually you could easily got a Fairly easy game against elsh How's that table look for Cadiz and elsh Elsa bottom of the table zero wins ten Goals only could even though cadiza also In that relegation Zone Look at these uh Defenders Could be very very uh useful which of The Cadiz Defenders now Valley Jimenez I Actually own his super rare believe it Or not And he's been doing all right first time In a long time he's playing every game He's uh I've had him for a while and he Constantly six games out Ledesma the goalkeeper is obviously a Great Shout Spino could be a really good option His l15 is under 40 so he'd only be 40 Points a clean sheet and potential Decisions and good AA game could be mad For him Luis Hernandez what's his l-15 43 what's Fally jimenez's l15 40. Difficult one because Jimenez has that Potential to have like really high Scores there but Espino obviously has a Better option of getting a decisive

Action And we all kind of I'm kind of looking I Suppose and obviously my opinions and Choices might change here Do you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go for Valley Jimenez And I'm gonna go for Espino as well Oh I can't you can only have two from The same Club I'm gonna drop Ali Jimenez I'm Gonna Keep Espino although was he booked last Game no Jimenez was it might be a yellow Card suspension anyway I might change Espino for Jimenez And then our other Defender I want to be Again just a playing Defender really Just a playing Defender that has that L15 under 40. And potentially a good L5 It's been oh we got Pozo from Almeria We've got Athletico Madrid that's gonna Be a tough game The interesting thing is let's look at His previous score against Atletico Madrid against Barcelona he didn't play Only 16 minutes against uh sociedad Against Betis he only got subbed on okay This guy's not the guy Um I want somebody who's playing Sergey Gomez or Espanol We've got hetafe that's not a bad option We're a Taffy and a table

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T why wouldn't this go there we go the Cafe oh 13th but they've only scored 15 and 16. And uh Sergio Gomez I guess 90 minutes a game he's not a Very good score but he's not going to be The guy that we start anyway he's going To be like the backup guy So we will take Sergey Gomez Uh There And that leaves us with 75 points now I Can upgrade obviously somewhere else But a forward Antoine Griezmann against Almeria just Makes sense doesn't it Karen Benzema no game John Moreno Against uh Celta Vigo tough game Muriki's good player but not what I'm Looking for Israel Felix against We're gonna take Antoine Griezmann that Leaves us with nine budget So we could have a Defender up to 49 Points Victories Oscar DeMarcos Kimenez Jimenez could be an interesting one Who was it that got sent off for Atletico Madrid Uh Am I spilling him in his wrong here Oh human is that's why I don't think it was uh humanism got the Record was it no it wasn't

It was Savage that got the red card Jimenez is a good scorer He is a good scorer I think he's going To be the guy that we replace out and Again I'm like this is just my like Initial draft I suppose I'm definitely Going to do a little bit more uh A little bit more um research on some Some scores and stuff that leaves us With one one point I like that And then the team that will actually Build Is going to be Ledesma and goal because Cadiza got a good match up against elsh It's gonna be It's gonna be uh Jimenez in defense it's Going to be brace Mendes Antoine Griezmann and soroth and we are going to Captain Grace Mendez Two Athletico Madrid players To uh Sociedad players although Associated Have got a tough game against Athletic Bilbao and the Cadiz goalkeeper and that Guys is gonna be my setup Or the upcoming game week on top of that Uh oh we've got some daily drop cards Oh yeah we'll take a Picker oh we've got both goalkeepers From the club we'll take the 17 year old Goalkeeper that can't hurt Then we'll take

Yeah I don't want the bird just players They don't concede too much of bird just Defenders okay Um oh look at those I know they're going To get removed man but they are so nice They're actually so nice uh the other Thing that we've got to do Is have a little look The uh Uh kick off again So we've got a lot of options again We've got Donna rumor who's still Eligible And we'll go in We've got Jeremy jelleen Who is still eligible Now they got Bordeaux that's no uh no Easy game But he's a good scorer We've got DePaul against Almeria which Is a good option Oh wow I can actually use these cards In I can use these cards in kickoff And casual Now isn't that peculiar Because it might be a better shout To sandbag the whole legal draft system And get players that make the most sense For kickoff With the l15 under 55 And we've got diving Nunez against Brighton he's going in there go on lad We got to hammy Gusto Saucy Pedro but

Tough game The pool We've got Bennett who still goes I'm Gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna stick unless I Can sell these and then replace them With somebody else I'm gonna stick with These they almost just play whole Placeholders anyway I'm tempted to go for DePaul in here Awar against Strasburg is a nice option Though Jeremy Pino against Celta Vigo Go to Vigo sorry Thank you sir against Juventus I'm gonna I think I'm gonna go to the pool Um We shall captain Again Darwin Nunez there is nice and then for Common now that leaves us in a real Interesting sport Because we picked up some players we Just didn't have before we've got Alison Against Brighton Happy Days None of these guys are here for it So where is that new Defender that I Picked up here then we've got Marcos Acuna against your owner Terry Hernandez against leche is just an Obvious choice there isn't it Oh wow looks like that that might be an Error that might be an error it looks Like that those cards Were eligible for

Kick off But they're not eligible for common With all my midfielders that are Available at the moment it's going to be Enzo he is going to play but that is a Tough match up and then we've got messy Neymar and Bape I don't even know who to go with We'll start with uh Messi and Neymar and We'll have a look at like injuries and Expected lineups and things like that But those are going to be my lineups for The next game week guys So the La Liga draft mad oh I know Whether they weren't showing up Because I already put them in the La Liga draft didn't I Oh that's just not that's not right they Should have been showing up in the other Place anyway we'll figure that out those Are going to be the lineups for this Time around guys for this current game Week Um I honestly feel like there's a chance Right I feel like there's a chance because Kickoff limited already 19 complete not A single game has been played Um so that's you know that's already Like the best part of 800 people 900 People Just done Um and and even with that you'll have a

Lot of people that have got four players In a dnp and stuff and that just wipes Out actually a lot of lineups I wish that uh so rare data would add a Little function I don't want to see how Many players have played already I want To see how many lineups have already had A card that's played Um that'd be quite interesting Um but yeah I've just got to wait we've Got the game tonight at 7 45 for the Main three and then we've got uh Tomorrow at six and tomorrow at eight For the other two and then our Commons As well I don't know if Messi's even Gonna start or play same as Neymar like PSG or just ordered at the moment so and They've got you know quote-unquote easy Game Um but that's where the road to glory is At the moment guys thank you very much For watching hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you next time I'm out peace

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