Nick tests First EVER 90+ EFIGS TOTS Player Pick

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How much is foot birthday thank you bro How much is foot birthday Desai oh it's One of 390 plus well every every team of Season well actually not every is it top Five leagues as well yo someone's got a DJ in it today man somebody has to do it Bro you know what if somebody djends That today I will what would be worth it Chat yeah if someone takes the pick I'll Send you fifty dollars if someone really Doesn't need the father and has a crazy Team or something to hit Level 20. Honestly it's probably not even that Much worse like value-wise no I'm not See what I mean is there even a team of The season in this pack roll two in a Row without team of the season no chat I'm not it's not unlimited it's not Unlimited bro I'm not just sending that Out bro we gotta see what it's all about Bro I'm not I would do it but I'm not at The level yet so I don't know of course Prodigy of course Prodigy that's to fund His next week's promo packs Prodigy is Gonna take the one of three 90 plus uh Top five leagues here we go Fifty dollars all right I'm gonna have To write this down I'm gonna have to Write this down on my notes you absolute Degenerate I love it I love it okay That's fantastic dribbling Good passing great shooting Is that Martinelli Come on

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Kingsley come on not a bad start for the First player not bad that's the first One 90 strength 88 defending This looks like a midfielder with all 80 Stats bad shooting though who is this Rhys James Reese James all right not the Best And then the last one attacker with 87 That's Alexis that's Alexis oh my God It's Alexis Sanchez oh my god dude you Just hit the jackpot I don't know if I Can pay 50 to everybody going for this Today this one honestly looks better I Feel like you got to take Alexis right Bro this man just got 50 and Alexis Sanchez come on bro what am I doing here Okay he's gonna start reveal anyways Holy 99 aggression 95 stem Good defending oh my God No man this card has to be crazy what is This card Oh dude I looked at that dribbling I'm Like what 90 strength Good defending I think that is that 81 agility 96 balance let's Reese James Again uh again Rhys James next one next One next one 53 strength this is an Attacker Eruption Bad passing though I'm not no I'm not paying people 50 Anymore bro this is obviously the option To take I should be paying you to do the 84.25 that's insane bro

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