“NO WAY! The English Al Owairan is INSANE !!!”

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Oh Walcott wall cut face wait Futures Stars Oh my God the English Loa Rod get in my Club now oh my God no no still out away Run Holy crap bro He has real 99 Pace bro he could be two Star two star I don't care bro right in My team holy that's going right in my Team bro 99 Pace who cares Walcott looks Crazy though is he really expensive Though he's English so you know EA is Probably like yeah this will cost you About 700k knowing EA he's only in 83 And an 86. all right what about the new Players Cherokee is he 5'5 bro wait he's Never really had like a crazy card right Yo 80 reactions Damn but he looks really good five five Outside foot that's it though 80 Reactions 82 finishing he actually looks Like where would you even use him how do You compare him to like Neymar or Ribery He's about the same maybe like do you Think river is better yeah I don't know Why they all have low reactions bro it's So weird Good father good father EA high medium And 77 acceleration I'm about to say That kind of looks crazy 96 strength Fake lacrosse Yeah yo let me see this Walcott nah Imagine he was 4-4 before three like if You have him out wide what are his


Positions Striker oh that's nice man Walcott is like bro to all the ogs in my Stream bro they have been playing FIFA Like over time like Walcott is like an OG FIFA Player you know in in a way like It's kind of like one of those sbcs I I Don't know I used to use Walcott so much as inform And it's mad at the match cards so long Ago I haven't used him in in like any of The recent FIFA years at all bro I kind Of want to do the SPC He's also going to dribble better so He's got worse weak foot but he's gonna Dribble a little bit better what's the Finishing about the same a little more Shot power worse long shots dribbling's About the same strength is less But more aggression stamina same Jumping less how are you comparing those Two what do you mean bro 99 Pace that's How

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