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Hey guys what’s going on Inception here And welcome to another video ladies and Gentlemen today we have another Formation to review uh it is going to be From I am French it is a 4231 wide Variation of this formation uh we’ll be Using this in foot champs for the Rashford and the essential videos and we Ended up going 11-0 the reason why I Didn’t continue is because I think the Rewards are complete garbage to actually Continue playing it so as I was like you Know what I’m gonna get my 11 wins and Uh you know get the Highlights for the Uh 4231 and just call it a date guys uh With this formation it’s pretty nice to Work with because the types of players You’re going to want to use in different Types of positions is definitely going To be a little bit more open for sure But obviously you want to work with the Best attacking AI as much as possible Because it’s going to be very very Important to work with as usual so Strong foot on a strong side as usual And make sure that you have the right Players in the right position so the Four two three one bracket two is set up Like this so we have it on balanced for Defense 45 for width 60 for depth uh the Offense is on slow build up direct Passing 45 for width 6 for players in The Box one for Corners one for free Kicks uh instructions for how this team

Performs in game is going to be two Different things right so stay back While attacking step up or both of the Full backs uh for the goalkeepers you Can decide whether or not you want to Put them on uh comes for crosses sweeper Keeper you know it’s not a bad thing if You actually want to do that that’s Completely personal preference based but Um could definitely be very helpful to Work with from time to time uh your cdms So your cdms They’re only on deep lying playmaker Right so with them being on deep lying Playmaker we’re gonna be talking about The types of players you’re going to Want to use in those positions as well The cam is on is going to be on comeback And the fence stay on the edge of the Box of the Cross which helps out with a Slow build up obviously with him being On the edge of the box it kind of allows You to build the play a little bit Differently the right mid and the left Mid are actually going to be on comeback And defense cut inside right so the cut And side part is going to be a very key Thing to work with because keeping these Players in those side positions when You’re building up the attack for how FIFA plays out nowadays it’s not really Worth it a very large majority of the Time which is why a lot of people still Use the 4231 narrow because it’s more

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Narrow based right players will make Those indirect runs on the inside now With this it’s interesting because you Being able to force the instruction on The right mid and left mid is definitely A very big deal to work with uh and then The striker he’s just on state forward Instructions right so uh the types of Players you’re going to want to use uh For this type of team now obviously it’s A little bit more open regards to the Types of players you can use but that I Think the key thing here is going to be The cdms in regards to whatever play Style that you want to work with right So let’s say for instance You wanted to use uh you know a Bastion Schweinsteiger in the team right and That right center defenseman position And you want to use uh William could Value on the other one or you want to Use palingar or whatever it’s really Going to be completely down to whatever Play style you want to go with right so In my case you know using jean-pilinga In the actual CDM position is not Horrible to work with the only problem That he has is that obviously with him Being more defensive oriented there Could be situations where you may want To keep them on stay back but here’s the Thing right so this card On a lengthy he has like pretty good Runs right so because his runs are

Pretty decent the way that he tracks Back is perfectly fine it’s the same Thing with players like a Valverde right Like Valverde you don’t necessarily have To give a shadow to like you can give Him an architect even right now because It obviously the lengthy on him and he Would still perform really well so a Card like valve very they would be great There Ronaldo Sanchez would be great so It really just depends on how you want To format your team do you want at least One defensive player while the other one Can be more attacking or vice versa Right so it just depends on what you’re Looking for like I said for me I think In the rashford video I think I think I Was using Um Paulina with Valverde in a team I Think I was using those two as my cdms And again you notice Paulina not Necessarily being the greatest at Attacking but when you lose possession Of the ball the way that he tracks back With his medium-high work rates is ideal Right so it just depends I think the Most ideal situation you can create for Yourself in that area is try your best To get two high high work credit cards Right so that they’re equally as good at Attacking as they are in defending like Even if you have the the OTW Cassie card Uh that would be great The new Schweinsteiger card will be fine


Too a little bit slow you know even People are like oh but you can make him A lengthy the pay stats for this card It’s a little bit low-ish for it the way That he performs you know but lengthy Definitely can help out but for me it’s Like I give him the shadow because I Want those extra defensive capabilities On this card right like with pulling It’s different because you have Pace but You give them that extra defense with Schweinsteiger you don’t but then it’s Kind of like a situation where you’re Working with him in a way where he’s Kind of like Valverde but then you know You go to valverde’s card and look at His base card Saturn Pace right so all Of that’s very relevant information when It comes to each individual card it’s All situational and what you want in Your team right but Um yeah those are gonna be ideal you Know I’m using laurente as just um Chemistry league for the the Spanish League teams right but um you know you Can use a card like Alex tell us there You can use hakimi’s Ferlin Mendes uh All those types of guys to be able to Utilize this formation Um I will say that I feel like in the Striker position in the cam position Again I think the attacking AI is way More important there than it is in the Side areas like if I wanted to go in the

Side areas and put anzu Fati and Ferrantauras off to the right to anzu Fati out to the left that would be fine Right but a player like Bernardo Silva More specifically the new path to Glory Card right I just have this card because Of the reviews and stuff but the Bernardo Silva card in the cam position He has that proper attacking Ai and you Guys know you guys know the Korea has That attacking AI right like I I’m Always a massive fan on this card even Last year he had that proper attacking Ad this year is no different he moves Across the pitch really nicely so you Want to try your best to get Strikers That move in that specific way uh to be Able to fully utilize this formation so A lot of the attacking plays That you’re going to notice with this Formation is you needing to do like FIFA Mechanic stuff in the striker position To open up the space but a lot of it is Also utilizing the cut inside Instruction from the left mid and right Man you notice it on a consistent basis Especially if the card has proper Attacking AI uh Frank Taurus you know Spain is playing against Morocco right Now and um you know if he gets upgraded And he he can remain on an engine Chemistry Style this is a pretty dope Card to work with if you’re using him in That right-sided position right and then


Anzu Fati obviously to the left side so On and so forth so so many different Things you can work with Um when it comes to this formation I Enjoyed it quite a bit uh I didn’t feel Like I had to adapt Too much to it because when I use a new Formation sometimes Because it’s a new formation it takes me Like a game and a half to like adapt to It but It didn’t really take me that long Because it’s still a four two three one That almost still acts like a narrow Version because that cut inside Instruction with the Wingers right so It’s nice because defensively if you you Can force the comeback and they actually Stay in those side positions while Tracking because it works really well With you not giving instructions to the Cdms to cover Center but then it also Creates a nice balance in your camera Striker position when it comes to you Pushing forward on the attack so uh Definitely really nice the slow build up Obviously very helpful against the Pressure tactics helpful but not super Effective because pressure tactics are Still super effective but yeah just a Few examples you guys can work with so Guys I’m gonna show you guys the Highlights of how the formation kind of Plays out so you guys can get an idea of

How you want to attack with it hopefully You guys enjoy this video today and I Will catch you guys for next one peace Out dudes love you guys Foreign Well done boys well done Nice goal asensio Let’s go boys The build up play Foreign Let’s go boys good goals good goals Sure we’ll take that we’ll take that There we go Well positioned there people just keep Shooting in the nets for some reason but I don’t know what’s up with that Oh Marco ascencio on the outside foot Shots Let’s go asensio Oh I got a penalty cool Right through the middle Nice Awesome goodness I was gonna say I’m Like hey man you gotta be able to scroll On your weak foot on a finisher you know What I’m saying you gotta be able to my G Nice Oh you know I would have been really Disappointed there if it didn’t let me Do those specific touches that I needed Whoo That’s John Bernardo Thank you ascencio great left-footed

Strike Foreign On an engine Chemistry Style too

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