Rank 1 FUT Champs w/ 90 Pogba, 96 TOTY Van Dijk

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All right all right all right let's go Yo yo yo uh you guys could go into the Other streams now and tell them I'm back It's all right you can tell them I'm Back Pogba really Oh left mid 96 shot power pretty low on The finishing under my face cam 95 Strength 88 87 86 83 . he's pretty sick though I think he's Still pretty good wait wait wait wait What's his uh his chem oh two how's this Team even gonna work though man what About vvd though bro that's why vvd is Probably cheap to be honest the chem is Kind of a problem we've got pogbaum Three but I've probably got coins for Trent is there a crazy Liverpool Center Mid we could get Milner is cheap right Did he go up a lot let's see oh man oh My God can Milner actually play right Back he has 78 Pace though man Yeah we could we could to be honest we Could I don't really care you guys know I don't really care All right we're in we're probably gonna Lose like 150k but we're in Wow I have 6K left child honestly I'm Fine with this cam right now all right What cam style for Pogba give me another Chem style besides Shadow I don't want To use a shadow I want to use them as Like an attacking box the Box So I'd prefer not to use a defensive Chem style if possible Hawk for lengthy

All right we could try it How we looking guys good Oh Gold Ronaldo Old Ronaldo gold Anthony let's get a Ggmu in the chat [Applause] Bro Chesney What nah that was crazy from Chesney Nah Milner honestly is killing it No Pogba Yo yo I just got cooked Oh no way bro POG was so responsive I need better Defenders Bro they're kind of frauding man right Now oh my God bro Oh my God bro my God I have to focus man This guy's cooking me with gold Ronaldo He's on right You Savio man vamos [Applause] My God bro Oh come on Pogba Oh man fair play bro and then he pauses Oh You know what Chad I don't really look At that as toxic I look at that as like Admitting that someone's better bro I Don't know that's kind of soft man maybe It's time efficient I don't know anyways On to the next match to be fair he is Using gold Anthony and my team is crazy So maybe that upsets him Marquez oh

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[Applause] Oh my God he stepped he literally Auto Stepped for me bro God Lucio kind of sold me there I don't Know why he was playing crifon that Doesn't make any sense I had to get the Movement there Oh my God vvd stopped that I miss tackled the [Applause] Should not have tackled their creative Has terrible shot power that's a red oh No I should not have tackled there juice What's up that was that was poor That's cool man Disgusting no what's that touch Disgusting Pogba well done Bro bro That was nasty man defending bro nice Goal [Applause] No [Applause] Then Rev And ref Pogba come on Pogba [Applause] Oh he almost actually moved the keeper Far pulse bro how did he read that [Applause] I want to go for him puppy Nah that was the most embarking goal I've ever seen bro

Oh [ __ ] nice Pogba nice Pogba well done [Applause] Oh my Nah what a ball oh my God bro this guy Plays so weird [Applause] Let's go Pogba Oh DVD oh no vbd Oh no vbd oh no vvd moriantes is Teaching you a lesson right now BBD What a keeper movement let's go Morientes is cooking bro this is crazy Dude nah man this guy plays unbelievable [Applause] Dude are you serious Oh man I just tried something bro that Was really bad I'm up two goals bro I Don't really care Nah bro the way this guy plays is no It's man nice block let's go Virgil That's why you're here That's where the pace man that's where The pace Let's go BBD let's go dude you just get In the area and you win the ball [Applause] Oh I shouldn't know he's gonna move it Bro oh man he's been moving an all game Bro nah ggs man this guy was so good Oh what the hell was that I did a Time Shot Wow nice defending Pogba he's cutting in Dude what is this pure low man

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Wow I mean when I use purlo 2 the other Day he was so freaking good at defending As well [Applause] This card is just like so crazy man I Don't understand like how Like he's just so much better than Everybody BVD Football Pogba back to Pogba step overs It's gonna be nasty watch No no no you missed that pass up too bad Welcome to the destruction show Nice onside run great job pick BBT Stepovers Let's go BBD let's go man Let's go man oh Nah [ __ ] man second half I'm playing Him Striker bro this man is flying Noticeable when you're building up Pogba has great defending I really like His defending I slit tackle and then clicked 16 Buttons on my controller Oh That was pure panic Pier low is so freaking good man it's Kind of crazy All right Virgil how's this pass nice Pogba No don't leave bro let me play vvd Striker oh he's gonna leave he's gonna Leave for sure don't leave the only

Don't leave don't leave oh all right It's okay I guess we're gonna try him in Division eight at striker Dude Pogba feels really solid man the Thing that's impressed me the most is Like I didn't put a defensive chem Style On him and he's been really really solid Defensively has to be the height and the Physical maybe I don't know Feels sick Bro all right do we have this Pack yet all right we got a 50k it's From rank one Nah come on Oh ah come on Oh come on yay stop that all right nah I'm sick of this man we're getting Trolled today all right so that's the 50k it's still a good pack a walkout is Great let's do the mega and then we'll Do the hundred That's tough Summer 100K pack incoming here we go Here we go here we go here we go Oh we've got an ultimate as well from Last weekend like if you guys want to Rip that Throw it in the video I don't think That's anything Uh no that's nothing damn man damn that Was a bad 100K pack all right I think How many ultimate packs you get for rank One we should have two I only have one I Don't know why we only have one It's weird

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[Applause] I thought this might be the brine Wait keep the 84s for sure what's vbd's Price chat what's bbd's price right now Do Mill flat hmm what are we gonna do Man plug was pretty nasty chat I feel Like He's just a little stiff but it's Probably nothing an engine couldn't fix I don't know man he doesn't look like He's gonna go like that high though I'm Gonna sell him bro I don't think he's Going that much higher he's nasty same Thing with Pogba I like Pogba a lot I Don't think I'm able to get Pokemon my Main man

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