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We're taking the team that we built from The previous 20 draft wins into foot Champs we grabbed out the points in Rivals and made our way through the foot Champs qualifiers and after four quick Wins And one quick loss invisible please We were qualified for the finals but These were the boys that were going to Carry us to glory in goal Randolph the Red-nosed goalkeeper our wing backs our Team of the tournament Guerrero and oop Triori our first winter draft for war Player in center-back we've got two more Of the winter draft reward players with Godfrey and the ones to watch Schlotterbeck the two DMS with zabella God winter World card SBC and the best Player that we packed through this whole Time the centurions at Trent Alexander Arnold are three cams was fadiga WWE WW And soulshar's base hero card which was The final player from the winter World Card draft up front we've got the FIFA 22 Legend Luis opanda in form bear in Mind this is where I played them in game Rather than how they're setting up going In and I started the first games lacking A little bit of confidence I don't think We're gonna get the same 14 wins that we Got last last speed run this team just Doesn't quite feel as good okay this Guy's either giving me a win or he's Going to be toxic and quit straight away

Let's see if I get a free gifted win for My first win or if he's just gonna pause It and quit okay Well wanna know straight away Don't mind that I think on this occasion I would be happy with 11 wins with this Team all right opponent number two What a team that is No way Let's go upender let's go Panda lovely What a finish that is man toppings Look at Slaughter bear kid just run away Hey this guy's team is just too nice man Um my defense does not have it Ah Let's go Pandora Let's go upender come on Five goals in 14 minutes Nice Nice lovely beautiful goal let's go Nice lovely beautiful At five star week for coming in clutch They might even be left footed but Oh man this game is this guy's team is So good guys and he's a real good player And it's hard it's just hard I need to Get Soul shot off Let's bring this ribbage on Nice nice let's go come on oh I'm having To work so hard for these goals Let's go for the bicycle kick Go for that bicycle This guy's not even trying to I'm impressed for the ball you would

Think he would realize but there's one Minute of the game left And for him to get back into this game He's gonna need to put a bit of pressure On me oh there we go now he's coming Doesn't matter ggs Gigi's that was a tough game he was a Good player all right our next opponent Has this team push Cass team Maria Blanc A couple of uh Heroes at casimiro There's a beast as well Oh a Pender Oh I could save Island Lovely that's a nice goal Lovely two nil s game Lovely mate it's three cutbacks with Three goals and it's three nil Oh what a shot what a goal thanks babe Guys On top now What's that up top no Four for one no why because you don't Deserve one why just have your four Nuggets give me a five God damn it You're such a child thanks all right I Think we're 3-0 we are it's a new day And I mean Anusha I I think again I Think I would be content with nine wins All right What does this opponent have When I put my tactics on Did I just leave it is it just default Oh it's not it's Ultra defensive isn't It

This guy's pause it phase Beggars what a Team he's got Nice thanks Oh Hold it Oh yeah oh yeah oh it's nice it's good Fee for that it is good FIFA No way I'm hoping second half we should be able To like come up trumps Just not a free kick is it Because this guy's been on press on Possession loss This game man and now this guy There we go How on Earth has he managed to move Randall that far goddamn grateful but Yeah Soak up a bit of pressure again here no I mean it's gone in but that was Obviously for paella what a finish that Is from Trent Nice Oh Gordon no ref you're killing me man Give me one second this draft run is Gonna be tough Because this team is good it just lacks A real quality Nice born let's go baby come on Well that just feels like goals in it That just feels like goals to be fair Yes it does oh we see the ball Tough game there we get our fourth win Let's go all right next opponent I


Didn't see what his team was my bad I'd be surprised if the the game is as Hard as the last one Let's go baby come on Waiting for the opposition to make a Mistake Love that Lovely lovely That's a good goal well Works he was Pressing me when I was in that left back Area as well That's my queen he's quit let's go five And oh come on I did like the weekend Where we played all 20 games and got the 14 wins on the other account Do I think I can get 14 wins on this Account not really this team doesn't Feel was good we're getting to that Point where it's going to get really Tough now you know five five form Already rap against good teams good Players I mean this guy's got a sick Team there gonna be tough Oh yeah oh how's that flown in People just watched it Just missing call Love that love that all my days there's No way Oh he quit let's go I don't know how he made that save man But we'll take that dub what's this guy I got Alison again Nicole nice back line Nice Midfield nice front line nice team He's gonna query

All right what's this guy got damn man What a team you don't see that Ronaldo Very much do you let's see Is this Karma Oh my God And we have live at Live at the Champions or maybe it is He gonna give the dub Oh he is it is karma how about that The one guy quits at Neil nil the next Guy gives a win Dawson what a goat this guy got through It oh my days Jeez now that's a team Bang let's go baby love that It's a perfect challenge it's been a Little bit more patient man Love that oh that's a lovely goal I had To work so hard for that goal man he was Defending so tightly what a win that is Jesus Christ I had to focus so hard Holy moly opponent number nine and he Slept loose ball it's actually opponent Number 10 because that no no Rage Quit Jersey Dudek tomorrow That's an interesting team He's got some fun players in there That's for sure You don't do much baby but there's a Goal come on Nice why hasn't he shot first time what Am I see in here There's no need Let's go play it

You had to go say that didn't you Josh Just so you know whilst Josh ended Insists he said Randy looks to be fairly Solid because it really is a special Keeper has such great reactions Ben Concedes that this guy's literally Scored from two corners this guy is just So defensive it literally has had two Counters he got Corner corners from both Counters and they both resulted in goals Oh my days what a Cheesy goal what a Cheesy goal Nah Oh yeah I'll take that Love that love that lovely stuff He's gone let's go let's see what this Guy's got game ten Courtoiselle Valverde Cruz red and Bape Best ETO Messi Klaus lambrus cannavaro And El Faraday Love that On my days Oh my days that is liquid Football let's go He's gonna quit Let's go maybe 10-0 come on come on it's Genuinely saying how much better you Play with worse players and and it is it Legitimately all comes down to the fact That it's because I don't expect them to Like quote unquote play for me you know What I mean I know that I have to work hard and Create chances instead of being like oh He's got a five-star week for oh he's

Got five star skill moves like all right Game 11 Sammy was 11 a game 11 Brazil He's got on my nan and Ike Okay cards don't see much that's a nice Team also I am trying very hard To follow the mick element Mikhail Arteta mentality of no matter what Happens with the scoreline on my Opponent just play my game That's the first thing that I'm just Kind of trying to do Um And then the second thing I'm trying to Do is defend more of my DMs I've tried my best to not Like Sprint players out Exactly in situations like that Oh I think this one's going to be one Too many unfortunately No way Oh social how have you missed that come On bro Arif And that surely has to be a free kick Right Oh that's tough man that should have Been a free kick with Venice he was Junior Happy game over That's too bad All right we'll go up against next Harris a.s damn was that badge that's Nice Oh wow how cheesy was that the skill

Move was nice and should have just come Off naturally but Everyone's team now at this level is Just so good man Foreign It's just going to be difficult It's never happened it never helps when Stuff like that happens Oh my days It's just a joke in it guys it's just a Joke now that he feels comfortable he's Being toxic as well that's too bad Dealt with the threat post Utter utter utter Joke Man utter joke Well the fans really want him to shoot And there goes the final whistle As team members never give up come on Pal let's go Dharma try Oreo friend you don't see him Very often do you Always keeps his players going over There over the hoarding oh come on game He might be through here And it comes from a throw-in where he Blocks my player and so my player can't Receive the ball and he just received The ball Oh dear oh dear I've genuinely hit I've genuinely got The ball like four times there and it Just drops back to him every single time He's driven in the car all right there's One come on That's tough nice tough


It's quite literally oh man he's just a Good player he's just a good player Right But it's just ball roll it's it's to Step overs at every opportunity for no Reason And it's just crazy it's crazy that That's another like it's crazy though Like player locking is just way better For getting My favorite accurate passes And it says equally crazy The doing a step over before you run Just makes you faster it's mad anyway Ggs to him GGC him he was good we've got Seven games left When we get 11 wins at this rate three Losses in a row three really tough games Or hopefully we get a bit of an easier Game this time around Let's go Panda come on Making progress is Killian mbappe must Take the lead here Opportunity it is Ah game over I've literally cut across For that oh damn it Game 15. Cruz Matthias Again lovely Well the fans really want him to shoot No way My opponents just get gifted goals left Right and Center man just gifted goals Opportunity for them to get back into

The game let's go come on Thanks pal thanks Trent oh Challenge baby Come on Oh it's a joke Oh it's all a joke Nah game It's just all a joke man I can't believe it I can't believe it Man So the corner played into the box I even Put a player in front of him I even put another player there just to Cover it Go again I'm getting so pissed off with the Amount of bounces that just keep Dropping back to my opponents is just Doing my I'm literally like I've lost I've lost the will to care to play Now Messi And here he is no I'm sorry man I'm Sorry I've literally read that so well The player switch is killing me oh my Days Oh my days I don't even think I'm having a meltdown Man I genuinely think I'm like I'm just Getting cheese I lost to a couple of Really good players But this this game in the last game I've Just been done Dirty by the game Attack Fizzles out

Can he make it count I literally literally just pressed past The Trent And that was it Looks like we're going for just 11 on This one I could say those that four Game stint from 10-0 to 10 and 4. we Played Four really good players and just Struggled against good players with good Teams Um From ten and four to ten and six we Played two bang average players that I Just genuinely feel like I've cheesed Their way to wins Obviously my team just doesn't help you Know Lovely goal come on let me get this 11th On Trend lads Brilliant This guy's gonna quit all right there is Our 11th win Foreign I need to go 3-0 Ah If did Oh this guy's got Pele brilliant Man these teams Everyone's just quite an insane team man Let's go quiet come on This could Square the game why traveler You absolute mom I can't believe he scored off for that Man that's dumb that should have been

2-2 man I'm getting genuinely aggrieved At some of these The the things that are happening like In my opponent's favors here Let's go anti all right 20 minutes ago Come on In the center I genuinely can't believe I've lost that that is so that is So would have taken 11 before we Started yeah but it's devastating to go For a 10-0 to finish 11 and 9. right was It worth the pain let's find out I'm gonna go for the foot Champion Player picks first because team of the Week is dead nobody cares taken 85 Tammy Abraham for fodder Pick number two Jesus will take a shower for father and Pick number three We'll go for Reuben alcaraz he's got a Mad little card actually isn't he Is real nice party is good and in Physicals and ice cream is all right It's just slow And then two rare goal players 284s to start with cool And then number two Another Tammy Abraham damn That is brutal That is brutal maybe the packs will Offer us a little something better It's a premium team of the week pack First obviously this is just going to Give us coins even if it's a walkout

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Team of the week it's not going to make Any difference it's dutch it's the Goalkeeper it is celestein another clean Sheet for him today as well Uh that's Just trash isn't it and then A rare players back what we're saying EA Lights up It's gonna be Bono Damn I'm a finger duplicate and last but Not least guys to end off For today we've got an ultimate pack It's only lights up it's French it's a Center-back It's Rafael Varan probably could have Done with him during the Champs run to Be fair I mean Overall Oh it's an informed pan seal as well Overall it's tough It's real tough Um to break the team down and to break The games down as well uh getting to 10-0 I was super proud with I I Genuinely didn't think would I thought We'd struggle to get to nine wins with This team Um get one once I got to 10-0 I really Thought that 14 would be a shoe-in like A genuine shoe-in we matched four Ridiculous opponents in a row They're great players with great teams And we struggled and we suffered and we Went to ten and four

Then I just well I lost I just was Playing tired and stupid and didn't have The composure I had in the first 10 Games overall uh Randolph is as you'd Expect for a special goalkeeper right He's not the best he's not the worst he Does okay but he does some dumb stuff he Parries a lot of shots Trent is Absolutely phenomenal Godfrey is not Very good at all Um I don't know if it's his passing I Don't know if it's his physicals you Know fairly weak for a center-back or Stamina I don't know what it is but he Just wasn't very good at all Schlotterbeck was okay better than Godfrey but also not very good the Center-back pairing that we had in the Last Um the last uh kind of like Speed Run Way better I expected a lot better from Slaughterbeck potentially stamina issues Again but yeah he just wasn't really uh As good as I had hoped Guerrero was very Good Um We didn't really get too much out of him At left back he would have probably even Better at DM but he was very good this Guy was amazing uh Bella guard he was Absolutely Sensational if he's still There I highly recommend him he was very Good uh triore at fullback was decent as Well

Um I can't can't complain about him too Much I don't know what it was but yeah He was half decent uh fadiga was Absolutely woeful uh potentially could Have changed the formation maybe could Have changed the camera Stars around and Whatnot as well but I'd expect it with The five-star week for him to be real Nice most of his goals and assists come From the uh Rivals run up to get in the Foot Champs points it just isn't it at All Um really really disappointing no traits On him as well and it shows oh yeah Absolutely amazing uh 48 goals and 28 Assists from cam in the 53 games if he's Still there once again highly highly Recommend him he is amazing soulsha as Expected is utterly woeful 11 goals and 18 assists in 53 games including the Games in the run-up to qualify buying he Is genuinely abysmal awful physicals Awful agility and balance three star Skill moves he's just not the one and Then last but not least is opender an Append is an interesting one because He's got a lot of goals and a lot of Assists and against lesser skilled Opponents he's ideal the player lock the Sprint through the through ball the goal Right beautiful when it comes to higher Skilled opponents or opponents who sat Really really condensed and deep in Their box it just doesn't work because

He has three star three star you can't Shoot on his weak foot you can't do any Skill moves to open up any sort of space And it showed that three-star three-star And an ultimate lack of traits that were Relevant for dribbling and whatnot Kind of showed and it made it really Difficult in those difficult games Um to get any kind of change out of a Pender so overall I think the best Players or my favorite players were Paiete Bella guards and Trent Um and then I would also give an Honorable mention to opendo and Guerrero Um and and maybe try or a the other Players just not the best but that will Be the end of the video for today if you Did enjoy Purity rating comments Subscribe to my channel if you haven't Already for now guys I'm out peace The centurions at Trent Alexander Arnold Trent Alexander Arnold and Alexander Arnold Trend I'll do centurion's trend

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