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All right let's get on the market let's See the new players Oh I thought Millie Tau would have like 95 piece that's a Pretty weak upgrade what's his Gold Card Have like 84 am I tripping right back as Well that's nice it's a really good card I think courtois is going to be like one Of the first really good goalkeepers From Team of the Year his gold is just So good plus six as well so vvd oh God Oh God look at his pay split man oh God Unstoppable card 99 reactions 99 Composure 99 defensive awareness 97 Strength oh God because he's so op and His normal card has like 70 acceleration Jeez man Hernandez as well bro wild wild Let's see Hakimi yeah hakimi's awesome Oh my God that's dribbling bro I was Just using his gold card and this is a Plus 10. 87 strength as well and look at The finishing bro for an overlapping Fullback bro damn great shooting stats As well akimi's sick all right this team Is pretty crazy yeah vvd is listed for Five mil akimi's up at three mil they're Not selling they're not selling they're Just early listings right now I have a Feeling vvd is probably going to be like Just insanely expensive for the whole Day he's 2.1 that's it oh what I just Chilling bro he's just chilling man That's why vvd is probably cheap to be Honest the chem is kind of a problem I Don't know like I feel like vvd is


Probably going at lowest to two mil so I Don't really have a problem buying him Here like I knew Jude was gonna drop but I don't feel like vv's gonna drop that Much more Uh never mind Holy man I don't understand this man no He's not even selling man oh man he's Just dying right now what's the deal With this man I don't understand I Expected him to be like three mil Akimi's still more you think it's the Defenders pack is that tradable all Right now he's on the market but he's Still yeah he's still like more though Crazy huh it's not panic it's a Defender I think I would know man it's pretty It's looking like Panic to me man in FIFA 20 man I bought a PVD for like I Think two eight and he went up to like Four and a half man and like one night It's kind of he's kind of like that guy Thank you Dude What the bro I had no chance honestly I was 59.58 but That is ridiculous what I've just seen On the market surely that's a coin Transfer no way he forgot he put a one Instead of a two man that's terrible if That's true All right we're in probably gonna lose Like 150k but we're in

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