“The CRAZIEST Store Pack We’ve EVER Had?!”

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Foreign Wasn't this already here just got Refreshed Maybe That's probably why Wait what did he just open that was a Store pack right Wait is this the crazy store pack we Were opening the other week dude what 92 Maldini bro from a store pack Damn Bro Trent is in all the good packs it's Actually crazy Wow nah that's actually insane chat we Decided that Trend Theory it's not every Time you see Trent it's a good pack but If you have a good pack Trend Theory Trent is in it I just got vvd I'm Shaking from the store pack yeah I think The move with this pack is definitely Way till tomorrow it's tempting man it's Tempting to open this pack tomorrow with The full team in see I want to see a Team of the Year icon walkout man that Is just gonna be the prettiest thing I Want to see icon though the most Garrett Muller how much is he bro he Looks so good but you always wonder like Will he play will he still play Like A Team of the Year Lewandowski I don't Know his 94 was good though bro Oh my God in the back of the pack No freaking way Dude that's crazy I told her I don't Know crazy in the back of the pack bro

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The Timothy icons are always in the back It's so crazy you guys you have to check The back of your packs Man EA can you guys fix that just make It the walkout Was Trent in this pack by any chance Doom Theory Doom Theory That's crazy bro this is what I'm saying Man that mentions is crazy crimesy Don With the with the side of head and Shoulders and smearing off in front of The monitor what a rival sweat

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