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I do really have interest in revolver I Love revolto oh my God four star five Star they gave him five star weak foot Oh that is so sick Rivaldo is one of the Best players ever right always super Disrespected on FIFA never has a good Card and I've always wanted to use him In teams sometimes I even buy his prime Sometimes I even buy uh his moments but Oh my now the traits he's got Finessin Flair so let's check it out he's got Five star weak but he's got 95 shot Power he's got 95 long shots Um he's got 95 ball control 90 short Passing 82 strength he should be an Incredible Striker with a five-star weak Foot Um even even as well you could also play Him as a left forward and then he's left Mid-cam Center for it what I think is Awesome about this I know that EA Release chairs Xeno I know that we've You know had some of these crazy icons Really so far but I just love it I think The Brazil is so nice on FIFA 23 so many Alternate positions too left mid-cam Center forward is awesome I think this Is going to be one of those spcs that is Going to be worth it no matter what the Price unless it's like three mil he Would be a lot on the market I will tell You that it's the first ever really Usable Rivaldo he's got a five-star weak Foot and he's got 95 shot power so this

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Card will be really really broken he's Really really got nothing wrong with his Car 91 days to complete this car that is A lot of time Um 84 then 87 and then you've got it 289s this is like 1.5 mil but I will say This guys I don't really have a problem With that price I really don't I think This card is really good I think Compared to some of the icons in the Market right now like best like Cantina Um like these other cards puskas I know Crowef is five five but for my account I'd rather do rival though um so that's A great SPC [Applause] Yo what a village What a header bro magic ribaldo scored That so he's got the jumping as well Clearly we can see that [Applause] Dude Revaldo man take a bow Take a Bow Revaldo what a freaking play from you Man That's the weak foot That's the week but for revaldo man Let's go Rivaldo my Impressions on him Though very good I think you're always Gonna have that like little stiffness With him though at six foot one but in The step over stride really good the Gameplay wasn't as good and he still Felt very responsive so this is by far


The best version of revolver I used to Be that crazy right footage shot I feel Like he's got to be worth it Um feels very elite up top

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