“These Cards Are About To Go To The MOON!”

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This next week is probably just going to Be a warm-up promo so I do want to talk A few Investments with you guys I think That there is a lot of money in 83 82's 84s Um maybe you could even argue 85s but I Think we'll see a really nice return Um on a lot of those 83 82s 84s they're All they're all pretty much at the floor Right now and a lot of times when we Have these warm-up promos essentially What happens is that you know they drop So many packs day after day with you Know just not a lot of Supply that the Market really really does take a uh A turn for the hires so I am definitely Expecting that we will see a rise on Those cards so to everybody who's Watching this video you know maybe You're a Trader uh you know that's some Advice that I would definitely follow I Think I think you will be able to see an Increase in coin so happy investing to All of you I'm kind of off just relaxing And celebrating but still getting a YouTube video up love making the videos For you guys we have a team of the week Oh it's batina I feel like that's not Terrible but he does have horrible Physical his future stars is how much 90k so it is terrible he's only 30k so He's fought her I was wrong but yeah we Got a new team of the week card casemiro Rodery not the best but at least we did

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Get an 89 back I feel like I've probably Got my value back there with team of the Season warm-up coming out you know if There's only a crazy you know best of or Something like that and it doesn't Include this Pro Bowl team I actually Think in terms of like investment wise And and talking Market with some of this Team I do think there's a really nice Chance that like Joe Cole van Bastin Um some of the cheaper options maybe Even Ollie right because Premier League I think that they have a chance to go up But yeah investment wise be careful if You want to invest go with the cheaper Options

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