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What's up guys and the Panthers here and Welcome back to another so rare Road to Glory video Um the so rare brand new update the First part of it anyway has been Released which has given us the Bundesliga French league La Liga Syria Uh amateur Semi-Pro and kickoff uh Lots Has happened in the last 24 hours and uh I'm gonna take you through my thoughts On the free to play side of so rare Journey Um some of the complaints I had from People that were low budget free-to-play Managers and my thoughts on those and uh Where this account goes in the immediate Future but first if you're enjoy it so Rare feel free to drop a thumbs up on The video If you want to get involved in So rare a link in the description or the Pinned comment will take you there and Of course it is my affiliate link so if You do buy five cards off the market of The primary Market of course you will Get a free limited card which these days Could be quite good for a whole bunch of Reasons the cat mode is coming in next Week I'm really excited about Um the first thing I actually want to Talk about though is can we please get a Dark mode on so rare it's just so bright Man like it's just so bright So I want to take you guys through the Processes of what's here right now

And rather than actually getting Involved in what my Drafts are and we will go through them But they will change and I'll do a Proper updated version before the Friday 3pm lock But rather than going through these I Want to just take you guys through What's available why it's better uh What's worse and Um where my strategy is going to be as a Low budget slash free to play manager on This account uh the first thing that's Really peculiar to me is the lack of People that have entered into these Draft modes you know there was 110 000 people in casual last week and This is free to play as well unless lots Of people just kind of set their lineups Right before lock which probably makes a Bit of sense because you maybe have the Most information available Um why there isn't 110 000 entrants into Each of these I don't know however What's here uh the things that so rare Has given us today or is for this Upcoming game week for three four one But starts in one day 21 hours 38 Minutes Oh that's still a an 11 am lock isn't it Interesting Um is we now have the Bundesliga French League La Liga and Syria amateur we also Have the semi-pro versions of those and

The pro versions of those and what does That mean well everybody can enter in to The Bundesliga to to all four basically Um amateur divisions the only people That can enter into the semi-pro Divisions are people that have 10 Limiteds or less And then everybody can enter into the Pro divisions if we look at my like main Account You know where I have lots and lots of Stuff available Um I can't enter into here because I Have more than 10 limited cards however I can enter into the Bundesliga Pro 270 Um I don't know if it's something I'd Prioritize on a like an account where I Have lots because Although you can't win a star which is Obviously great the prize pool Suppose of only 1600 entrants that's not Bad Yeah that's not bad I I have to take a View on that but Um it would mean like fleshing out my Limit is even more having a Bundesliga Five a La Liga five Syria five and then Having them in the capped uh abilities As well Um one thing that's interesting Obviously at the end of this game week I Don't know why underdogan's Specialists Are still here because I assumed that They were going to go away and they are

But it's gonna be next game week when The captain modes come in So obviously Underdog and Specialists Are disappearing Um and the cap 222 4270 are coming which Is great in my opinion the one thing That was the most interesting is the Kickoff Limited Still here and as per me recording Earlier Um I can't show you on here I'm gonna Have to show you one here Um yeah the kickoff limited is there Where are we Just enter the tournament so I can enter And as per earlier for some reason the Old cards are still available however it Was my understanding but as of now these Cards wouldn't be eligible and it would Be the drafted cards that would be Eligible Um and it's not basically it's it's the Old cards that are eligible so it's just A bit weird I I think they're still Trying to iron out a few uh issues Um Maybe just maybe this is actually the Last week of kickoff limited and being Eligible for the old the common cards We'll have to wait until next week uh But in terms of the account in terms of Where we are what we're doing and how We're doing it It is the amateur divisions the semi-pro

Divisions And of course if we could ever get up to Those areas the pro divisions of these As well But the plan for me and and one of the Things I think is the plan that should Be the plan for everybody that's a low Budget manager Is really focusing on your amateur Divisions and trying to win The Limited Card via that what surprised me a lot Was the volume of people that were Unhappy that they no longer have access To the common division Um the reason why that surprised me more So than a whole bunch of other things is Because if we look in the common Division Um in fact it's probably actually better To look at here if we go to the Past Common division Play past Is casual right 110 000 entrants And only 100 rewards not only 100 Rewards but one tier one nine tier twos 90 tier threes right That straight away Gives you such a limited chance anyway a Lot of people are unhappy with it though Because now they don't get to have these Commons that they've procured over some Time or what they've taken from Um the global cup and and you know some

People had really high XP on them but You're competing against a hundred and Ten thousand people and the likelihood Is and when we look at the leaderboard Here at number one You need the 100 Point scorers the Ability to get those via the common Situation anyway was next to Impossible You had to have grinded for a long long Long time And the argument I suppose from my Perspective is if you've been grinding Already for three four five months and You didn't hit a limited reward out of The Casual anyway yes I I don't think You're gonna hit one going forwards Right maybe you get lucky or whatever But it requires a sheer sheer volume of Luck because just to finish inside The top 20. you needed 500 points Another Max another Max huge huge huge And look at this person here right they Don't have the best percentages five Percent on Bellingham six percent on Grimaldo seven percent on Griezmann Eight and a half on Ollies who is Probably his best one there and eight And a half on Delorenzo but that's not Like In fact with the season bonus which These are the new season cards that's Actually only three and a half percent XP growth which the way the XP system Works is is relatively quick to

Accumulate So I don't think XP is uh the defining Factor of some of these cars what's this Guy got here he's got 11 on his earling Holland which is huge he actually has Got quite a big percentages compared to Second Place who's got fives and sixes And maybe that is the difference between First and second but it's definitely not Going to be the difference between Outside the rewards versus inside of the Rules or at least not to any kind of um Established level right So I was quite surprised that the first The first thing that kind of like hit me As as a bit of a shock was People wanted to keep this over the Drafts because they've been procuring Comments but what I think people are Missing the point of is One tier one nine tier twos and 90 tier Threes in the Casual Division versus as We have in the upcoming leagues One star Four tier ones and there was at 44 tier Twos and then 150 tier threes and that's Just the Bundesliga amateur then you've Got that across all four of these Divisions so now there's all of a sudden Instead of one tier one on offer there's Now four stars on offer and what have we Got four eights or 16 tier ones on offer And then when the MLS gets introduced in A few weeks as well that's another 200

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Rewards and when inevitably the Premier League comes as well that's another 200 Rewards and that's not including the Seasonal and monthly leaderboards that Are going to be put up for even more Rewards which I'm sure will come in the Very near future Just from the free to play area alone There is considerably more on offer so I Couldn't understand people's mentality Of like oh I spent loads of time Building up my Commons and this kind of Destroys that time like yeah I agree it Does destroy that time but for the Better right it's like imagine uh Imagine you spent two years in the gym Training and then somebody came along And said oh hey by the way I can make Your training eight times more efficient Going forwards and that person was like Oh but I've spent two years training Like this so I'm probably just gonna Keep doing it like this you'd be like I Didn't want that you know if you'd be Like I don't want that to have been a Waste of time no that's not that's not What that's not the mindset in my Personal opinion of how we should be Looking at this we shouldn't look at Time before was wasted this is a Platform that's growing and evolving and It's going to change periodically and I Wouldn't be surprised if the landscape Of what we're looking at now was

Different in another 12 to 18 months and The draft mode disappears or evolves or Changes because as the site grows as web 3 grows as nft gaming grows this will Have to grow adapt and change with it So let's not look at what's gone As Time wasted it's time developed and What we've got in my opinion is better The only thing and I said this on stream To clarify as well the only thing that I Think is a bit of a Negative stumbling block for free to Play low budget is okay with this but Free to play is the removal of the Academy I don't know if we can actually see it Here Um We got it here mix The academy is not here is it is it in Common yeah so the immovable of the Academy proficient novice and Intermediate we don't care about but the Removal of the academy Advanced is for Me a problem because the academy Advance Which was the last one You couldn't complete this you know Until you Finished it basically and to finish it You had to win a limited card And this is where your comments that you Had developed became valuable because Eventually you would hit 400 points Right even if you did you can submit a

Limited in here uh Captain common Limited scoring cruise by 20 uh XP was Obviously valuable maximum four limiteds But of course any number of Commons so You could put five Commons into here and You would inevitably eventually hit Yourself a limited card the issue is If it was a tier 3 limited it probably Wasn't enough to start you're so rare Low budget manager Journey you know You'd be looking at a 50 or 80P player Which would be hard to negotiate to the Next steps from and as I said before On stream if if you if you genuinely Think that one or two pound cards would Be the differentiator between You having a long successful so rare Journey as a low budget manager and not I would just advise to just invest one Or two pounds right if you can't afford To invest one or two pounds fair enough Carry on with the free to play Journey If you if if in the back of your mind You sit and you think as soon as I could Get that tier three that I could no Longer get I could have started my Journey just invest one or two pounds I Don't think it's gonna break the bank Um I I don't think it's you know that The risk is minimized massively and you Accelerate past the the the need to farm The academy Advance now the interesting Thing about the academy Advance is once You won the first limited it was locked

Right so if you hit that limited it was Done and then kickoff was your jam But The this being removed is the only thing I can see that could be considered a Negative because now you can't guarantee The eventuality of a limited card you Are now in competition On All Occasions for a limited cards Right so that's going to be tough Um that's going to be tough you know and I completely sympathize with the fact That 45 000 people of 200 Awards but That's no different to 110 000 people For 100 rewards in fact it's four times Better your odds of hitting that reward Are four times better and the next thing That I saw was everyone's just going to Have the same team they're just not People just have different Minds Different opinions different values Otherwise if everybody was to have the Same team the way people play FPL Everybody would just have the same team I've built my drafts and whilst I was Building them And we'll look at this here uh for for Bundesliga amateur whilst I was building Them Not many people agreed with every choice I made some people were very much in Conclusion Joshua kimmich is the best But hey guess what Joshua kimmich is a Large portion of your budget so there

Might be an occasion where you're like I Don't want 70 how many what's his l15 Um I don't you know you might be like I Don't want Um What have I got on him yes 67 points Wasted on Joshua kimmich when I could go And get this guy for 50 points who's got Really favorable matchups coming and I Think is going to net me better better Rewards right so my draft looks almost Nothing like anybody else's draft we Might have some overlapping players and There's also going to be an importance Long term Of having a stable three or four players At the very least you can transfer Players out And of course it will be valuable on Occasions to transfer players out However these players will accumulate Experience and once you transfer that Player out they lose that experience so I would always have in the back of my Mind three two maybe three like probably Never four because you want flexibility But probably three guys that you just Anticipate that unless they get a Long-term injury are just going to be The Mainstays of your team so you can Start accumulating that experience and Utilizing that favorably in the Divisions but It's it's like

Casual although you could certainly plug And play your name while you're on Bape Your kimmich whatever Center back you You had who had the best matchup and Whatever goalkeeper you had that had the Best match up you know most people had Those abilities mess you know the PSG Boys and stuff even you might have even Had Donna rumor as well right from the Global cup But although you could just plug and Play that and be like eventually PSG are Gonna slap and I'm gonna get 500 points So many people had that you weren't Differentiated right you you were the Same and in fact the people that Typically got the rewards were the People that had those random 100 Point Players where you're like oh I didn't Expect him to get 100 points and that Was a difference so I don't think that Having the Plug and Play best players Was always a shooting or a guarantee for A rewarding casual mode In the same May Vanna manner as I don't Think just picking five quality players Within budget cap and plugging and Playing I mean this is going to help you Win anything either it's going to take Strategizing it's going to take Match-ups it's going to take a slice of Luck as well when a player having a good Week or an opposing player having a bad Week you know it's gonna like you know


You're you might be targeting the few Weeks where Byron have Um no game because of Champions League Or something and so you end up having a Wolfsburg stack that dominates and Bayern aren't there to bring up the Points tally there's so so much strategy To go on Um for these drafts and 200 rewards on Offer what it gives I think the biggest Thing that it gives for me and the thing That I've seen the most that I love is Now I've I've got five teams at the Moment I am anticipating having eight Teams by Friday I've got a budget of Seven pounds right now because I sold Let me show you the uh Let me show you the uh transaction so I'm trying I bought this uh kit to you Guy for like five pounds or something And um he ended up selling for a little Bit more than I bought him for Um so I paid I won't show you on this one was it oh Look at that you sold for six pound oh His price is going up no Um I bought kitsu for five pound seven Sold in for five pounds 76. uh I sold a Few of the other guys I actually sold All four of my um how do we see offers Manager sales there we go so I've sold I Bought kitsu for a Fiverr installing for A bit more I bought Fernando for 339 and His price right now is two pound fifty

Three so I'm gonna wait just a little Bit to try and get some value back on Him and this Jeremy Jillian I kind of Bought the wrong time because he didn't Perform too well his price is way way Down because he's not in the major Leagues in the second division now so There's a lot less attention on players Like this and uh they hadn't their French France didn't have a game week so He didn't play So that was a bit tough uh in terms of Sales my listings Um I want sold there we go so we sold Gets you for 5.79 Jeremy Jesse Bennett For three pound forty five I think I Took a lot on him as well however I still got out at the right time Because as you can see now his price is Way way down so we sold him at the right Time Kemper who I won as a reward for One pound Allen for 12 pounds and then I Actually sold uh Milani for two pounds And a group batch selling Of All of the cards together there you go Somebody offered me one pound 52 for all Of these so I took it uh you know I Probably could have got 50p each have Made an extra 50p but it leaves me in a Position now where I've actually got a A La Liga limited it's not a great one Because Fernando's 35 and isn't scoring Well

But it opens up that ability for me to Play Into Um Into the French La Liga semi pro The aim for me with the seven pounds I've got in the wallet right now is to Find the right limited to put in Bundesliga French league in Syria Semi-pros so that by the end of this Game week or by the start of the next Game week I can have eight teams and When they eventually fix kickoff limited I will then have the Um French Defender Jeremy jellin that I Can put in here with four Commons from The draft that offers me another lineup So for the sake of just having five Comet five limit is a biggie pardon Which keeps me well within the threshold Of playing the semi-fro and the limiteds And being able to hopefully develop that And and earn a bit more to improve those Cards or start selling those cards off To build up an eth balance I'm gonna film nine teams now if you're On a free to play you can field four Teams and that was where I was getting At right Let's ignore the La Liga Semi-Pro that I've got because I built into that Because of uh Fernando I can now Have four teams to follow this weekend

And that I find amazing instead of one Casual as a free-to-play player you now Get that joy that beauty of engaging in So rare for the good things that it Offers outside of having to have money To buy players there is nothing better Than tracking multiple teams multiple Games multiple lineups across multiple Leagues and for the first time for a lot Of people you're gonna have interest in So many games and players that you Couldn't give a damn about before Because it's no longer I put into my Casual team and Bape Messi kimmich Donna Rumor and upper meccano let's hope PSG And Byron do well now it's like I hope PSG do well I hope Leon do well I hope To lose do well I hope Sevilla does well Does rakitic start did he get a decisive Dembele played for Barcelona with Lewandowski uh suspended for the next Game has he gonna is he gonna do well Away to Girona all of a sudden it's like Yeah Bayern Munich I've got Frankfurt Frankfurt and no jokes they're not Having the best of Seasons right now but Of course they won European competition Last season is is upper McConnell going To keep a clean sheet it all of a sudden Offers way more as An entertainment driving machine like I Can't explain to you for all the money That I've got in so rare the rewards I've won the money I've lost from

Players not sustaining value and such One of the greatest things you get out Of so rare is tracking your players Throughout the week and throughout the Weekend leagues uh or like throughout The the games throughout the weekend And now that you can enter four and soon Six once MLS and Premier League comes on Gets on board and gets introduced Following six of these As a free-to-play player is just going To be beautiful and amazing and if you Did want a snapshot of what I've drafted Guys I'm going to do a lot of research As to whether my players are starting or Not but these are the teams I'm picking Up to begin Um and and then on top of that if you Wanted to become a low budget manager Low budget manager can now have four More divisions opened up straight away With just four limited and although I'm You know I understand we're in an Economic crisis worldwide and I Understand people generally do not just Have money to burn but if you wanted to Be a low budget manager if you had the Budget to be a low budget manager And you wanted to go and find yourself a Cheap limited that is a starter In one of these top divisions let's go For the French league no that's what was The first one earlier they got French League is the first one I see

Um and we go for A limited that has let's say A Value of at most Five pounds You've got some options There's not a lot of options they're not The best players in the world but this Is where the scouting becomes Interesting this is where the game Becomes fun this guy for one pound 77 He's 35 years old and so that's Dangerous straight away He's hit three three good scores he's Gonna be suspended for the Is he suspended for the net he will be Suspended for the next game so I Wouldn't pick him actually anyway Um in fact he's just not a good look Apart from the fact that when they play Ajaccio at home In three four two he could be Interesting or zirion 345 he could be Interesting Um But as a low budget manager in fact Let's go like extreme low budget manager What have we got for a pound We've got Matthew coutadir and Fernando Mayembo Fernando mayembo Has played the last four games in a row He hasn't done particularly well in two Of them ajaccio in general just getting

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Destroyed Where did he come from when he had all Of these games where he actually played So he was playing for Lahore before in The second division If he's expected to start and that's Where it does it you know doing your Research is is key Giving you that ability to join those Divisions for a pound or two now they're Not the best players in the world but it Only takes a couple of good games in a Row and they're you know you've made 20 30 on your your investment But I think you know if you're looking At more of a five pound investment sort Of entry point there's some good players Here you know Um there's some reasonable players here At the very least you know the L'Oreal Players seem to be showing up the most We've got a it Is he injured he's not injured He's back playing after a long period Out which I would assume was injury I'm not entirely sure I'd have to do a Bit of research and figure out why he Stopped playing but he'd be a great Option for Me Maybe not against PSG but Maybe so against PSG you know PSG are Not infallible they concede goals and so I'd be looking as a low budget manager You know having that kind of like Ability to find those low budget players

That can give you that initial entry Point into these Semi-Pro divisions and The reason why I think that these will Be very good in the short term as well Is because look at the entrance There's only 738 entrants in Semi-Pro Syria which means if you can be one of Those entrants and you're only allowed One uh one Limited in here as well you Only need one You have got you only have to finish in The top like 29 28 To earn yourself a reward That is wildly appealing as a low budget Manager even the highest one here La Liga Semi-Pro top 15 will get you Uh or top 12 or whatever it is will get You a reward which is a stark contrast On the top 0.1 of the Casual division or In limited uh in kickoff Limited last week What do we have 9 000 entrants for 200 Rewards right so Here you're looking at a top what two Percent or so Whereas in these divisions you're Looking at top 10 or 15 or 18 or 25 Which is incredible in my opinion as a Low budget manager and then the focal Point beyond that comes well what if you Do win some cards you keep selling them Off make you know maybe my aim here is Going to be maybe spending my whole Budget on One Division and focusing One

Division and I really like the look of Syria because it's the least competitive The idea here would be Improving that limited that I've got Because this is no cap on this right You just need the tech the Um the limited and the four players from Your draft So if I were to register here you know I Put in the goalkeeper that I have Favorable I put in a Defender that I Have favorable I put in a midfielder That I have favored one attacker that Favorable then I just go and buy my card And if I can keep improving that cards By you know buying one winning one Selling them both improving that winning Another one selling them both and Proving that until I get a consistent Scorer here there's nothing to stop me Then and it will take time and I'm so Glad that we can share the journey Because I know it will take time but I Know it can happen right It would then become a point of buying The La Liga card and doing the same Thing in the league until you've Effectively got four really super high Level uh cards in here that will then Allow you to kind of farm the rewards Get the equity from those rewards Playing limited kickoff once you play Unlimited kickoff then becomes the point Of once you have a reasonable amount of

Limiteds you no longer enter the Semi-pro divisions instead you go and Enter the pro divisions the pro 270s This is where it becomes even more Interesting for me because you can still Use You're common from the draft You put your four limiteds in with the 270 cap budget and the prize pool here Is generally fantastic it's four stars In here and 14 Tier ones and the Progression the ability to actually Progress and then go into cap 220 modes And up into the proper paid divisions It I it's just a great great great Setup that I think so rare put together And as I say I think I certainly Understand people that can begrudge you Know building up a whole Bank of sick Commons and then the academy being Ripped away from them and not being able To guarantee that limited but as I say I Think for me personally If you think that limited that you know One or two pound limited was the driving Factor of your success on so red just Invest one or two pounds right Easier said than done for some I Completely understand that but just Investor one or two pounds if however You don't think that one or two pound Limited was better for you the Casual Division going is a blessing for Everybody because there is a genuine

Clear path to progressing up divisions Having fun collecting cards maybe making A little bit of disposable income on the Side and enjoying the Delights of Watching football and I can't spread no Reason I can see negative sides to that It is going to be a bit more work for People who want the work in but there'll Still be plug and plays for people that Don't want to work with the work in and On that note some of the videos we're Gonna have coming up this week are going To be me going through Bundesliga Amateur going through a draft picking Out like my top picks the reasons why And giving you guys like maybe like So I'm like different variations of Layers of eights that I'd go for you Know uh more risky more safeguarded Players with favorable match-ups that Might not be good down the line and I Think it's just going to be a great time Of actually trying to find and Facilitate the best drafts to get those Initial rewards but for today guys that Is going to be the end of the video so Of course thank you very much for Watching I hope you enjoyed it and I'll See you next time I'm out peace

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