These Path to Glory Cards are BETTER than TOTY!!

These Path to Glory Cards are BETTER than TOTY!!


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Craig Douglas

What do we got we found 88 Is is it Bruno gamosh 89. Darvin Nunez and dest Zhang Oh silver hasn't been upgraded yet right Have they all been upgraded Over how obviously didn't get upgraded I don't be easier to go to the dynamic Pages here right Yeah Bernardo Silva hasn't got his Upgrade yet And kunku has got his upgrade One pace one dribbling one shooting one Passing two physical And one defending oh That's a Mad Card That's a 95 radio cam with five star Skill moves three star week but that is A Mad Card Culu Bali will not be getting upgraded Vinicius junior is now a 90. one Peyton Dribbling one shooting two physical two Passing holy Oh dear Pop a maestro on him Oh oh dear Five star four-star Maybe even a dead eye on him as well In same pace and same maybe a Finisher on him actually It actually balanced dribbling shooting Up oh That's a dirty card

Dijon one pace two shooting one passing One physical two defending and one Dribbling A shadow on him boom That passing is unreal at dribbling as Well as unreal if he can get that five Star week for upgrade Literally insane Brozovic Toothpaste two shooting one passing one Physical one defending one dribbling How is he only 84k How is he only 84k This man is ridiculous With the shadow good Pace great Defending great physicals great passing Very good dribbling and great shooting From range That that's a Mad Card for how cheap it Is that that's literally like FIFA 21 end game card for 84k in December Burke house two Pace one Shooting one passing two physical one Dribbling If you didn't do this SBC I genuinely Think at this point you missed out I'd probably go for an engine on him Get that dribble up get that pace up get That passing up shooting is already Quite nice yeah so that's a super card For an SPC that's a SuperCard We've got Jack grealish one pace Two Shot Two pass And then one across the board elsewhere


I got with an engine on him as well I Really like the engine cam style this Year Gets that pace gets that mad dribbling Upgrade and that mad passing with good Stam and good shooting anyway four star Three star Super super cold Super god Um Griezmann one pace one shot one pass Two physical two defending one dribble Man Even my hunter Almost all three so again if he gets That five star week for upgrade That's a mental card man That is a mental card As a mental God Al hinia are my days Two dribbling One pace only 140k for this SPC if you Did this SPC Unlikelihood is they're picking up that Next up right and getting that five star Week for palinia Foreign Yeah I mean that is a ridiculous card a Little bit heavy on the agility and Balance but otherwise superb The link of it Savage and gretz gonna Upgrades Gomez Needs to get the upgrade hasn't hasn't Been given the 89 to 90. Bruno gumarish Has indeed

And has been given two Pace to shooting And then one across the boards Freestyle three star again once he gets That five star week for upgrade should He get that five star week for upgrades Look at that card man It's good It's very good Kyle Walker also do the upgrade and they Haven't done everyone yet I suppose Only got knocked out in America got Knocked out we foul one pay is too short Too physical Now he's cool called Man Four Star Four Star Dribbling is really nice for him I've probably got a maestro just to get That uh those reactions up But I do also would think about the pace Where's maestro 93 cam for him Give him an engine a bit of a waste on The engine Maybe a hawk Jason short nasty I'd want to boost Passing But one of those part I think engine Just for that passing and Pace boost or Catalyst potentially don't see the Catalyst much but Yeah that is a top top card 96 short pass 98 Crossing 92 Vision A8 Stamp great agility and balance great Dribbling

Great ball control it brilliant pays in Very good position with four star Four-star Mad cards Mad Card you play him on the wing mad Called yeah 40K for that mental Uh Switzerland did not qualify Germany Did not qualify Belgium did not qualify We are waiting on the Ito upgrade why Have they upgraded some of them in all Of them Romero not upgraded yet Is that it from down here yeah it is and Then the uh the otw's It was Rudiger was it I think he was already in 89 wasn't he Yeah Adam's death and Nunez right Darvin Nunez one pace one shooting two Passing two dribbling one physical He's only three star three star which Sucks Again you've got two options on this Card right do you want to boost the Jillian balance you go finisher Top Pace Top shooting great physicals Six foot one Great dribbling Or do you give him a hawk Top Pace Top shooting and literally Insane physicals Very good dribbling into the key areas a Little low on agility and balance Parting is terrible but that is a Mad Card

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As a Mad God Um We've got They've already upgraded sure many was Already upgraded slaughtered back up to An 86 for the Germany win In the third game I think they already had their win he Might already had his upgrade that's a Cool card anyway That's a real cool God Bergvine Already had his upgrade Sanchez already Had his upgrade to liso already had his Upgrade desk now up to an 84. three Extra Pace three extra passing and Shooting four defending four physical And three dribbling Now for for what was an objective card That's a very cool card short passing is Brilliant Crossing is good stamina is Very good dribbling for a fallback is Very good four star four star is Brilliant pace is amazing Inceptions of Defense awareness are a Little bit low but that's a really cool Card That's a really cool card and then Adams 76 up to an 81-5 pace and shooting six Passing and defending seven sorry and Physical seven defending and six Dribbling And he's still only 14k three star three Star

Physically very good short passing is Right pop a shadow on him that's not a Bad card man it's not like a great card Or anything but it's not a bad card Um And then other than that it's just have These other Pastor glories being Upgraded yet have they upgraded all of Them or not oh there we go they have So Bernardo silver one pace shooting and Passing two physical defending on one Dribbling Million coins for this This car is so good I would give this a Hawk Shooting up this is what I was passing So good maybe maybe an engine you don't Need it for the dribbling but again for The passing with with the engine or Maybe a catalyst Yeah look at that that's a Mad Card That's a Mad Card Um Gomez one page two shot one pass two Physical one dribbling He's four star Four Star Well again that dribbling is absurd the Pay split like Bernardo is a bit weird Am I even going to Catalyst on him as Well look at that passing that pace and That dribbling with good shots good like Decent enough shooting outside of that Four star four-star Outside the foot shot trait as well that

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Is a mental card Good stamina on him as well We've got Kai Walker one pace one pass one Physical two defending a two dribbling Oh dear Oh drafts are going to be fun today boys Pop a shadow on him don't need it anchor Yes please Unreal unreal His defensive awareness is actually a Bit meh I might even go a sentinel on Him Just to get that Defender his pace is Already so good I might go Sentinel just Get the inceptions of defensive Awareness up by Ah that's a much much Better defensive card Um We also had the Romero one pace Two dribble two pass Could pass in really nice dribbling for A center back yeah good card as well Shadow on him good Pace great defending Good physicals top tier card six foot One Four million coins to him We thought we looked at I think oh we're Still waiting on ito's upgrade And I think that's it isn't it just Ito Oh Japan lost sorry yeah big problem big Pot and they did lose so that's it that Is all of the upgrades The ones to watch is and the path of

Glory has been upgraded That's going to be the end of the video Thanks for watching I'll see you next Time I'm out peace

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