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Craig Douglas

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What's up guys the Panthers here and Welcome back to another so rare video it Is rewards day for game week 339 339 yeah Um obviously sorry have changed a whole Bunch today for the new draft modes and Whatnot and we're gonna have lots of Content coming on that on the uh the Coming days hopefully another video out Today for that as well so subscribe if You haven't already we're nearly 10 000 Subscribers which is amazing and uh yeah How did I do this game week well it was Actually uh a Bittersweet game week as Per right the get game getting canceled Screwed me a little bit I didn't get a reward in All-Star rare Which was my favorite team uh so a bit Disappointed there I missed out on a Reward in All-Star rare Pro because of a Shirt pull that's right I'm not here did Score a second goal to make it 2-2 he Went up to the required points that Would have netted me uh I think I was Like 80th or 81st or something Um and then the goal got pulled back so That was sad but hey do I really deserve A reward for a decisive on just two People not really uh All-Star super air Went really well as well as could be Expected Uh Bundesliga draft was atrocious Because I'm bad at drafting Casual was atrocious because you needed

7 000 points to win Uh Challenger limited did alright to be Fair Carol and zuruki scored well but Kramer Cardozo and be loud in play so That sucks uh but our first reward came From challenge you at rare understood Clean sheet but cassettes goal Marini 100 points Ricky only 40 Perez with a 65 Very nice indeed and we've come in 103rd There Champion limited was always a Throwaway but another two good Commons With good scores there uh Second Division Europe I actually had a bit of Hopes for that That negative decisive for Reuben Vaso Didn't help that's for sure Um Second Division you're rare I cannot Believe For all of my life this has earned a Reward I just can't believe it Not even just a reward I'm like eight Places in the reward you only need 280 Points 281 points to get a rewarded Second division you're rare Which is just mind-blowing I got one decisive One And two really bang average scores and I Still managed to NAB a reward Wild Um Especially it's limited was uh Josh shy 15 points especially this rare was also Just shy 22 points and the most painful Thing for this

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Is the big chance missed The avenere scores a BCM or his big Chance there and all of a sudden it's Like what for him because he came on as A sub it's five points for the big Chance three points for the shot on Target 35 points for the uh decisive It's like a 45 Point swing in like all Up basically which would have got me to A tier two rare that's tough that is Tough but hey it is the way it is Um a bit disappointed on 23 rare because Tresor was Captain and had the game Canceled we're only 45 points away Obviously the points would have been a Bit higher anyway if the game went ahead Because a lot of people had gank players That didn't didn't play but assuming Tresor would have got a decisive or just Some good AA I would have been shooting For a reward there so 100 points Enzo Fernandez wasted other dog limited was Terrible Underdog rare was terrible Because malquite didn't play And Underdog super air was also terrible But we did get four Rewards what were Those rewards and of course if you guys Are enjoying so around you want to sign Up use the link down below upon signing Up now is a great time for it as well With the drafts upon signing up and Purchasing five limiters off the market You will get yourself A free limited uh we got ourselves 0.03

Eighth we get ourselves a tier one Common covered Brazil got a goalkeep Goalkeeper Have a jolly obviously these guys don't Matter anymore because they're going to Be uh useless from the next game week But here we go Tier two and a tier three what we said Hook me up baby don't hook me down it's Spain it's a Defender just what I need It's Adrian Diego's I can guarantee you This he's going to be no more than about 30 quid And he's gonna be great for cat modes 26 pounds And great for cat modes L1540 regularly scores How many times in that last 15 has he Scored above 40 one two three four five Six seven times Hey that is genius for cat mode what About if we go just to the home games Yeah home games is where we're going to Want to favor him Oh actually Maybe not maybe those away Games are quite strong he's got better Greens than the away games Um But hey we'll look forward to uh using Him in cat modes or selling him who Knows and then the tier two rare from Challenger Europe took me up come on Boys Oh my days that damage no it's not


It's matija frigan a 19 year old Can't believe I freaking got him Matija fragan If I just hit jackpot with I have all my Days I love I love tattoos for this reason I love tattoos for this reason I have just got now his last transfer 16 Days ago Valuation was 90 pounds I'm not saying it's worth the 300 pounds He's listed at because he Obviously isn't I think people would be stupid to pay That The stupid is a stupid does so we'll see What we can get for him I actually quite like him a lot You know obviously it's a tough division He's playing Striker He got a goal against Verizon He didn't play against Zagreb for some Reason but this game against He played in a cam rather than a striker As well All my days he took the penalty Now that Gives very good value to him He didn't win the penalty but he took it So if he is their penalty taker where Did he score his other goals what were They Scored here he scored here He scored here here and here

Oh this is him playing for ravatsby Ragovolciak I hold that let's go Um freak out with the goal not a penalty I also didn't have a penalty Here with the penalty So he didn't take that one did it is That because he only got subbed on No he just didn't take the penalty Interestingly enough Looks like vukich won the penalty Himself or it was ham ball And then against gorika Wasn't a penalty again He seems to be quite uh quite decent Though I'm uh He scored against Hazard split as well Which is really nice Also wasn't a penalty Maybe he's not the penalty taken maybe Just uh on that one occasion because Vukich was potentially on the bench or Out of the team Or maybe left the team Yeah maybe maybe he's left the team Um Either way This is an interesting card for a tier Two what's his so5 tiers on so he is on Well he was on the Ascension he's come Down a little bit right now I think that Is that is cracking I think the fact that they've uh you


Know got a whole bunch of games to play All the way through till June And the fact that he's in general been Starting I'm gonna have to do a bit more Research on him But three goals in his last six games Well last five games actually because he Didn't play against Zagreb It's really really good who gets away to Thailand well there you go 19 years old so under 23 utility until 2027. I'm gonna have to do a bit research and Find out a little bit more about this Guy I'm delighted with that reward An under-23 strike with mad potential Now I have made a lot of changes to my Account over the last few days made some Big signings Uh we signed all of these guys we signed Jean Nicholas best day and Tim clay dice Kleinbanks because uh I need to start Getting my act together with actually Building teams I also picked up Samir Two viasins but that was for this Midweek uh we picked up chibirco and the Suppliers bakasetas El Mali and Bruno Perez uh Anderson Yak Ricky barini and Apollo again and uh guerrerion I think I Already talked about those guys though Um I think for the Upcoming game week Squads I'd explain why I bought those Guys and uh why I paid what I paid and

And what I paid for those guys and Whatnot Um But uh yeah those were the rewards for Today guys so not bad I'm really really Happy with those really content with Those Awards and uh yeah thank you guys For watching and I'll see you next time I'm out peace

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