This is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE from EA!

This is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE from EA!

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Craig Douglas

What's up guys the Panthers here and Welcome Back To another FIFA 23 video it is 6 p.m It is day two of foot birthday And if we haven't got a Mini release Today which doesn't look like it because It doesn't say anything there about it This might be a bit of a dead day do we Have the 10 coin backpack though let's Let's check that out first do you want To be able to afford to complete new Sbcs and test out new players if so Visit U7 buy to buy your foot 23 coins They are cheap fast and reliable and Make sure to use my code nip at checkout For six percent off and we actually Don't have the same coin pack that's too Bad but birthday wishes pack Oh it's just getting worse and worse Isn't it 100 125 rare gold players Three guaranteed to be 87 overall higher Alone foot birthday icon player pick and A lone foot birthday player pick For the content Better drop a thumbs up On this video guys For the content all right Come on We're gonna do it the 500 000 coin three Thousand Court three thousand FIFA Point Foot birthday wishes pack

But birthday in the pack French goalkeeper I wonder if he's one Of the 87 guarantees or not What else we got It's just never gonna be worth it is it Right although we get yerai or more Laugh on I've got a I've already got a Loan la font now I've got two lone Lafons and an actual Lafont Ah George best on 14 games that's not Bad to be fair That's not bad Three informs Kane immobile a Mendy Load a photo that I don't already have 125 players man Oh there's some you know what there's a Few more little Dupes in there in there Um right sbc's Let's figure it out For birthday Nothing in upgrades For birthday revaldo Please EA please five star week for not Five star skill moves Please Yes four star five star on revaldo six Foot one medium low work rates trevion You can play left wing left mid Cam and Center forwards good Pace very good Shooting Very very good dribbling good physicals Good passing as well that's a sick odd Man the next shot trait and flare trait


As well How much is it going to be so we've got The bronze and the bronze and silver Squads an 84 to start that's not bad They like Not go to school or something they've Gone from 84 to 87. With an inform and that's only there's Still four more segments what an 88 and Another 88 An 89 oh 289s that's crazy But also kind of want to do it because This card is crazy it's cheaper than a Bape still It's a nice card man I can't even lie I can't even lie with the amount of Folder packs we're about to get as well Oh foot 16 is here boys for 16. Oh the daily login is back as well but Get it or regret it you know the rules 12 bronzes for some sick sick Rewards Forget it and regret it Don't trade in your bronze boys come on Get yourself your player pick And your day two For an A1 double pack but it gets Saucy As we go doesn't it it gets Saucy as we Go That's all right I'm gonna take uh There's a Calvin Phillips 89 loan why Not Um And then we've also got damn so no Mini Release today


We've also got foot 16. 4 Rare mega pack okay Okay What do we need an 80 rated Squad which Is actually closer to an 82 rated Because of the brick slot one first own Player four leagues Max one Club Max Five rare players minimum Five total chemistry Oh you can actually have chemistry up on Up on here so we're gonna have to do a La Liga Squad aren't we For foot 16. Gonna be nice and easy at it I'm not Gonna put a nice Sim one in I might have To put a nice M1 in but hopefully not Got an 82 there hmm I might have to put an 83 or two eight Three or three oh is it one nation I'll be I still have me I'll still be Able to do even as one nation Just go for Spain Ola Was it one nation I think it was just 31 Chemistry That wasn't One Nation what are you Talking about mate He's wrong Oh one nation is one League All right we've not seen one in I told You I was gonna have to use him boom Great mega pack for that as well And more importantly the token

Which is nice that rare mega pack could Be nice I'm actually going to save that Not that I have a choice anyway but I'm Gonna save that for When the Mini release is let's go on to Footbin Damn man I I know Saturdays are Standardly like poor For content It's a brand new primer in it right so They've given him three Pace three three Balance is nice one across the board Elsewhere four star five stars superb Um I think a couple of options here either An engine That agility balance and dribbling and You know what that is a crazy card Super dribbling with 88 balance very Good Pace very good shooting and very Good passing Or a moist no no Maestro doesn't boost The um Marshall doesn't boost the balance does It Um What about finisher You know what that's a crazy crazy card With a finisher almost perfect shooting Good pace Eight agility Advance if you play Rival Though as a striker Put a finish running that is ridiculous Stats if you play a rival does a Winger

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Or a cam I'd go with an engine and that Is also a ridiculous card a 95 rated Left wing it's only March 1.75 million is that always coming in Now what's his I mean his 92 is going to Be World cheap because he's got a Two-star week for it right If you had four star if you had five Star week for here this is probably Quite expensive to be fair Um Yeah foot 16 I voted this is about 50 50. Um let's go into easy SPC This will have the price up a little bit Quicker 1.3 million yeah 1.36 million That's just not bad man That's just not bad Is genuinely so good and is there for 91 Days Yeah you got if that was it for like 20 days or 18 days or 15 days I'll be Like okay maybe they could have made it A bit more affordable Okay 1.2 million for weak foot not just Week for you get all the positions you Get a stat boost like I don't know man I think people are Being a bit over dramatic on this one I Don't mind it but that is the content For today guys if you did enjoy it be Sure to leave a like rate and comment Subscribe to the channel if you haven't Already and for now guys I'm out peace

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