“This NEW SBC Gave Me The PERFECT Player?!”

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I believe have a new 87 plus something SBC I have not been on FIFA all day Today so we've got this uh 87 plus Player picked today Um it's a one of four road to the final Foot fantasy foot fantasy hero or foot Birthday so yeah I like that the rating Is one Higher and Um you know there's a fourth option so I Actually haven't watched one of these Yet today I have no idea how this will Go Um it is an 87 Squad I'm a little Concerned because that is obviously a Lot 87 is a lot but it's got a 70 upvote On Flipping which to me is telling me Like okay the pathway must be good Because 70 is very high Um on an SPC that's probably what like 200k but also I would say as well you Know obviously we've got fodder a lot of People doing the 84 7 like constantly Just recycling so I'm gonna go ahead and Submit that we also have this on the Second account and then do some player Picks as well so we've got marquinho's Foot birthday Are we saying that's a w I mean I mean He's not my favorite center-back I've Tried him but I think he's pretty Expensive he's 350k so yeah I mean That's a w that has to be a w that's That's great I mean we'll take that I Mean especially for my team I I did just


Get Blanc and I do have Ramos but that's Definitely a w I feel like that has to Be good so we'll take marquinos let me Check out his card five star weak foot Which is really nice medium-high crazy Defending we're gonna have to try him Out because that 80 acceleration a Little bit weak but for my team I mean If you look at my team right now Um that's actually quite the ideal pack Pull yeah I mean I did just complete Bonucci to try him out and I also got Donarumo this weekend so yeah I mean I've got Ramos and uh and marquinho so In terms of like the PSG links and how That's looking I mean it is it is pretty Ideal marquinos and potential dupe Theory because I do also have the loan Which is really funny how that works Here we go the second 87 plus we'll see What we get is it good okay so marquinos Was a massive W I was just telling you Guys you know I haven't really seen These player picks but yeah obviously it Could be this and this is terrible I Think elshar is probably like 30k I'm wondering do I go with do I go with Lamella here you know just for the Outside chance right of more upgrades Right because I don't think I'm going to Use elshar as much as I do love elshar He's got that three-star weak foot on This card I think I'm just going to Choose lamella because I think

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Potentially unlikely to get upgraded but Is it possible absolutely Um so because of the possibility Let's go for it

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