This OFFICIAL La Liga TOTS Card Will BREAK Fifa!

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La Liga team of the season looking Pretty crazy Lewandowski has a 94. his Team of the season has a 90 Pace rating 93 dribbling 99 shooting 90 physical and 86 passing I am assuming he will Probably get at least a five-star weak Foot if not uh you know some sort of Variant of Five Star skills we have ter Stadium guys uh and then we have Molina Who this card actually looks out of this World good I think this Molina card Um is looking pretty pretty crazy he's Got 95 Pace I don't know what the Variant of it is I actually had a viewer Today who had dm'd me packing this card Like an hour ago just talking about how Incompetent EA was and I was like yeah That's pretty freaking crazy but yeah he Packed Molina you've got balde as well Looks like a really crazy left back 96 Pace 88 defending 83 physical 95 Dribbling 90 passing this will be really Nice uh to kind of make those La Liga Teams as you're packing these cards look At this man and this is why uh people Are packing these cards in the super Loan pack so people got the urente as a 99 uh super loan look at this card 95 Pace 91 dribbling Like this is the most ridiculous card I Have seen in a really really really long Time Um this card is absolutely unbelievable 91 dribbling 87 shooting 90 defending 90

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Passing 89 physical uh if you thought Kareska was crazy for the last week this Yorente is going to be out of this world Good Um 93 rated so the midfielder seemed to Be really really really good the thing That's crazy about you're renting as Well if they give them a five-star skill If they give them a five-star weak foot He's got the right back position on his Card so he will be able to play right Back and he will definitely be one of The best right backs in the game Apparently guys it's only any of these Team of the seasons it's only from the Guaranteed team of the season from the Daily login or the uh loan I think the Lone player picks

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