TOTS Warm Up could be the BEST thing in FIFA 23!

TOTS Warm Up could be the BEST thing in FIFA 23!

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Craig Douglas

What's up guys and the Panthers here and Welcome back to another FIFA 23 Ultimate Team video today we're going to be Discussing the upcoming team of the Season warm-up it has now been confirmed From the league so we're gonna get team Of the season warm up this Friday and Community team of the season and era the Busy team of the season we'll begin next Friday at at 6 00 p.m so what does this Mean in general well Panic stations no Longer here for team of the season guys Because team of the season used to be a Promo where it was like you would just Upgrade your Club you'd go from using Informs red foot Champs cards in the odd SPC to using the best team of the Seasons maybe some cheap budget team of The seasons and everybody in general Will just have a great time but because The power curve has been massively Pumped over the last couple of years Team of the season is no longer a promo About necessarily upgrading your squad It's more about giving yourself more Options at less value but what does team Of the season warm-up have to do with That it was a bit weird the EA Introduced a warm-up series I think it Was for team of the year last year but It's a way for people to get packs and Save packs and it's a way for EA to kind Of have like a down week without having To put in a new promo or build more

Promo cards you know we had footballers A couple of weeks ago I personally will Stand by the fact that I think that was The best promo they've had this year and How amazing is that because they didn't Even have any promo cards impacts But we're going to take a look today at What they did for team of the season Warm-up last year Where species we got to prepare What we may well get this year including Some other packs that we've already seen That are going to be coming and with What's already there what you can save For team of the season and whether it's Even worth saving packs a team of the Season so as you'll see on the screen Right now guys this is my video from Last year this is a team of the season Warm-up promo and it says welcome to Team of the season warm-up series ahead Of the team of the season campaign check Out puzzle sbc's upgrade sbcs and Objectives throughout the campaign for Opportunities to earn pack rewards which You can open now or save for later and You know most of us are packed fiends we Open it straight away because especially This year there's always been a way to Get way more packs it's a different cost But that's a different story for a Different day you know we used to have League sbcs or bronze pet method that Will allow us to just grind infinitely

And although we don't have that quite so Efficiently this year there are just so Many methods to get packs through Objectives Sbcs Milestones Um obviously like you know Champs Rivals Champs qualifiers Etc and so I don't Think personally Um saving packs is too too wise but if There's no promo cards in packs this Week why not right it wouldn't be a bad Idea in addition look out for team of The season themed packs containing Players from the Premier League bundes Legal illegal Syria League one AKA Ethics which I really think is a term That didn't kind of uh catch on isn't it To get started you've been granted a Rare players pack which could be found In the foot store then we went to the Objectives on this one guys And we had a little look Um And there's there's me there's Mia Before Um or I remember Battle of the best that Was pretty good so we had team of the Season warm-up series one and two in Milestones which I don't think It might be a Milestones this time Actually because obviously the new Season ends this Thursday or the old the Current season ends this Thursday so We'll get a new season oh wait

So next Thursday which means they will Be in in Milestones whatever team of the Season warm-up content we get will be in There and this is what we had we had Ourselves League one warm-up Syria Premier League Bundesliga and La Liga Scoring six separate six separate Matches in any foot game mode with the Level League one players in your Starting squad for a 15-75 plus League One pack and what's interesting about That is obviously I think it was the Same for all of them although it was Only 11 for Bundesliga it was 11 for Syria Premier League bundes legal Illegal is 15 for League one and the Reason why that's important because foot Scoreboard has indeed uh released some New packs And this could be amazing because first Of all it's a rare silver five players Pack and a common gold six player pack And if you guys watch my content over The last few months you'll know that one Of the biggest takeaways for me with FIFA at the moment is the lack of Ability to get common Golds because for Me personally they are the Catalyst of Everything else in sbcs in Um like upgrade grinds in terms of like Your standard value attached to players They are like the Baseline for it so Hopefully this is going to be something That's repeatable grindable and not a

Daily limit because I'm not a big fan of Like the yo you could do this really Cool thing but only like eight times a Day it's like let listen if we want to Know life this game just let us know Like this game we are again Getting a league one pack but it's not a 15 plus player pack this time it's an 1175 plus League one pack we're getting Elite Encore pack which will almost Definitely be a store pack contains 25 Rare Golds with three 87 pluses from Team of the Year honorable mentions Future Stars road to the Final Fantasy For World Cup Heroes World Cup icons or Fantasy 4 Heroes and so what I would say Is It doesn't matter what the price of this Pack is it'll be untradable right like So it might be 500 000 750 000 coins Might be three thousand four thousand FIFA points but if you have any of those Cards tradable their prices are pro most Likely gonna crash because of this pack So I'd probably go and try and sell them As quick as possible now um the other Packs that we've seen We've got 86 two plus players pack an Encore pack that contains 30 rare gold Players with one 86 plus from the same Things that we just talked about a Premium Encore pack that contains 30 Players and 286 pluses from everything That we just talked about the


Foundations pack that contains five rare Gold players with one just any Guaranteed to be from there We've got a team of the season player Pack contains one team of the season Player from any of the team of the Season squads the 11 uh bundes uh Premier league and La Liga pack and the 11 Syria pack so I would assume again That this year for objectives we're Gonna get the Syria the Bundesliga Premier League of things exactly the Same I'm kind of hoping That some of these other packs will also Be Objective related the team of the season Player pack it might struggle to be Because if it says contains one team of The season player from any of the team Of the season squads that almost can't Possibly be released until the very end Of team of the season Um unless people can just either sit on Them or you know open them straight away But the 86 two players pack maybe the Encore foundations pack or The Encore Pack could absolutely be objective based Because we did have last year as well The um the team of the season warm-up Series two and that gave a draft token Pack and they're scoring finesse goals In the The Friendly right the life of Friendly one League uh Spanish setup

Let's go a little bit faster here uh Gave a three and eighty one plus three Players pack which of course we've had Things like that constantly already so That wouldn't be too amazing a draft Token pack the 83 plus attackers three Player pack and the 83 plus I think it Was a midfielders pack the other one Oh there's another draw token pack but What I will say and going on to um B for 23 for us with this and just Before I do go on to FIFA 23 and look at What we've got when we look at team of The season warm-up challenges last Season I'm sure there was a few more but The ones that were actual warm-up Challenges was a 20K SPC for a jumbo Premium Gold players pack and a 7K SPC For a prime electron players pack They're not necessarily like the best Value or anything but one thing we can Say for absolutely certain is that we Have already got this kind of content in It absolute droves throughout this Season when we look at just what's Available right now the silver stars the Trophy Titans cup the first owner Fiesta Uh you've got the foot Champs bonus Objective the silver beasts uh We've Also got some of the stuff that I think I've already done that must have all Finished the foot birthday draft Challenge that was still pretty sick as Well uh we've got the Milestone content

The Land part of the berkamp the trophy Crafting upgrade completionist which is Still there for 17 days so You know with the way that you complete This if we get an upgrade that gives Common cards this is going to become Considerably cheaper and more efficient To do and all of a sudden you can start Completing all this stuff and getting Yourself all of these cool cards and Cool icons Um just just like nice and cheaply nice And efficiently and then save those Packs and then you also get some things Here we've got one day one hour to do These guys but yeah you're basically Going to be able to like accumulate Packs even with what's there now you're Gonna be able to put some hacks together And this is what I was trying to get at Right it's like last year we got more we Got warm up one and warm up two And I think They were good for that last year Because EA didn't really do much with Objectives and Milestones last year this Year EA have done way more and it's Definitely like been growing throughout The year as well and I think what I Would say is like from my personal Perspective gameplay relation aside I love the objective and Milestone Content more than anything else in the Game even more than like an SBC grind

Because the whole purpose of Paying FIFA is to actually play FIFA and It's really nice to be able to have the Capabilities to play the game and Upgrade your team along the way and have The benefits of a lot of packs that you Know when we look at the trophy Titans Cup How long is that there for another one Day one hour uh when we look at the Trophy Titans cup 585 Plus Pack for the Group reward an 83 double 284s an 83 Double again a 383 a 284 a 384 and a 584. all of this content you could Either save for team of the season or You could put into one of the many many Many many Spcs that are already there Um and so I hope the EA don't kind of Like stinge us on the objectives of Milestones for the team of the season Warm-up I hope it's something where They're like guys Listen we're playing all these Untradable packs we put in all these Foundation packs and Elite packs and I Mean there's one in the store right now I'm pretty sure That is um Like a 3 000 fifth Point pack that I do Think actually is uh tradable Yeah it is tradable the elite pack plus But this one here like the provisions Packs that are all untradable like EA

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Are just giving us this kind of content Loads you're getting our money already Right all your sensible and you know use Coins but Instead of eight points because nobody Wants to spend money but you're getting Our money one way or the other you're Getting our money through the store so There used to be A few viable ways to upgrade your squad And one of those was grinding The Living Daylights out of the menus and they Massively nerfed that this year right And it was sad you know the league sbcs Came back different more nerfed harder To like efficiently run bronze pack Method isn't nearly as valuable as it Used to be they took out the 400 coin Packs the 2500 coin packs and the 5K Packs that used to be just absolute Money printers and people have had to Like find new ways of kind of keeping That grind alive and keeping that grind Going And what's really interesting is is that Especially now you can't do every SBC Unless you delve into the store however What you can do is the sbcs that you Really really want even for example this Marquisio who a lot of people didn't Really like but I think he's like a Superb in game an 89 rated squad one Foot Champs run and then completing the Trophy Titans

Um objective you'll probably have enough Content from that alone to do the two Biggest squads maybe a little bit of the 88 as well if you do everything that's Available gameplay was you'll be able to Actually play to earn these player Upgrades and that to me is really Interesting and it got me to a stage Where I was actually like damn I I like My Road to Glory obviously if you guys Know I have a road to grow Channel where Now the second channel is not really a Road to Glory Channel but my Road to Glory was just dead this was The Road to Glory account And I got to a stage especially Throughout the world cup when that kind Of World Cup tab wasn't what we thought It was going to be I got to a stage Where I was like I'm grinding this game For hours a day and I'm not going Anywhere I I haven't changed anything in So long and everything that I do get is At the very best of side grade probably Actually a downgrade to what's already In my best team which isn't this by the Way So I stopped doing the road to glory and I changed the content up on that channel And over the last like six weeks I Actually look at fee for now and I think I really wish I've kept that Road to Glory alive Because I I think now from just playing

The game you can generate so much So many objective packs so many Milestone packs so many players hey Maybe there's not always the best places To play them but as a Road to Glory Account right now you can have almost a Full icon squads Without having to even Like go into the transfer market you can Get Frank Lampard Dennis burkamp Uh Hernandez chefchenko okay granted They're not the best icons in the world Uh balak who's not bad John Barnes That's five icons just off the Jump Um Does Lampard give some different ones as Well I know it gives the trophy Titans Lampards doesn't it and just offer these As well it gives you an 81 by 11. it Gives you a 284 a 383 an icon and 84 Rare and 80 by five you know 90 rated Fodder for an SBC that you might want to Do and overall I think the menu side of Things at the moment is so amazing But if EA maintain this momentum through Team of the season It could genuinely be one of the Greatest team of the seasons We ever have and it all begins with team Of the season warm-up what do they give Us for objectives for milestones for Spcs how hard do they make it to Accumulate packs do they give us a Repeatable grind and wouldn't it be

Amazing if trophy Titans cup for example Was repeatable wouldn't it be amazing to Have a repeatable great gameplay grind Which they did have that daily one that Was glitched they removed it it never Came back Um but even the daily dip was pretty Pretty good I did enjoy it The only downside at this moment in time Is the fact that friendlies Are skill based in spite of the the name Friendlies and so the higher you are in Rivals the harder you get your time in Friendlies and one of the things I Suppose that this is going to be its own Like kind of dedicated video in the next Couple of a couple of weeks but one of The issues is I haven't played rivals on Purpose because I want to be in the Lowest division possible because I can Earn Or more from the objectives tab now like As I explained earlier last year we Didn't have nearly as much in this area Of the game as we do this year and I Think it's a massive win I genuinely Think it's like a big upgrade but as a Byproduct of that where I can get so Much out of this and it repeats you know The first known Fiesta is there every Single week it comes back again you Could just stack so many packs As a byproduct of that what you get in Rivals which dictates your friendlies

Experience where you get all the Objectives cards from Is nowhere near enough comparable Because A it's so so competitive in the top Divisions in Rivals and this year Specifically I personally would argue That the top divisions that starts Around division four division three Because so many people sandbag and bring Themselves down as you can see I'm in Division Seven soon to be in division Eight or nine I don't know how many you Go down when you're down this low Um but even if you get to like division Two the rewards for the weekly rewards Is one jumbo Premium Gold players pack 150k pack one rare electron players pack And if you're in this Division and it's A struggle for you not only is this a Struggle for you to get these rewards Maybe you take the option two where you Get double but untradable but if if You're struggling in division two and This is difficult for you you're also Struggling massively in objectives and That's difficult for you too and all of A sudden the whole experience Is Just a massively negative one so a lot Of people myself including and I don't Agree that this is the way we should be Playing the game this is just the way The EA have kind of pushed us into a


Corner with this and I also understand And appreciate that this has a negative Impact on the people that are naturally In Division Seven right because if You're already a naturally Division Seven Player you already struggle in Division seven if you've got all these Division six five three one elite Players sand backing themselves down Into your Division and then you're Matching them to you probably hate Playing FIFA in division Rivals and you Probably hate playing FIFA in objectives And the easiest way to remedy that Number one detach friendlies from Rivals Right have friendlies as form based Matchmaking like it is in Champs have a Maximum form and a minimum form so I Think it's like minus 15 for the minimum Form and plus 15 for the maximum form And if you're if you've lost five in a Row you're gonna match up against Somebody else who's also negative five Form likelihood is they're quite bad You're quite bad you've you know Eventually you'll find an easy couple of Games and it'll be a lot more fun right If you're really good at FIFA or Pro Player or whatever even at 15 form your Games are still going to be quite fun Quite enjoyable unless you come up Against another like super elite pro Sweaty player I genuinely believe Form-based matchmaking and they could

Even expand the parameters to like 30 or 50 for the form rather than 15 or even Limit them to 5 or 10 to kind of like Keep people sectioned in an area where The game plays fun for them and they get Enough wins to still be able to do Things And then by detaching that and making Friendlies far more engaging and far More bearable no matter what division You're in a it will encourage people to Actually play up the divisions and get Better at the game And B you will also have to improve the Division rewards I think we had one Change on the division rewards this year Or last year Um But if you're an elite level player And you get one 100K pack and 150k pack And a red in form that let's be honest Are worthless all Eight Incredibly High Caliber games Or you can go to the objectives and get Loads and loads and loads of packs if You sandbag yourself in really really Easy fun games for you specifically What are you gonna do you're gonna take That option all the time so detach Skill based matchmaking from friendlies Give it form-based matchmaking upgrade The rewards so that if you win in the Elite division like if you you're gonna

Give somebody an elite division one or Five foot Champs 21 current players Right team team between 21. There is not a single player in team of The week that is going to improve any Single person in the elite divisions Team right so you could give them a Hundred of these players And you're not going to go into the next Game and somebody sits they're going to Go oh man this guy has like All of the informs how can I compete Because he's already got all of the Icons and all of the World Cup Heroes And the fantasy Heroes that are insane So reward the people for being up the Divisions with fodder packs and I don't Care if it's untradable either right Offer this is a tradable alternative but Instead of this as an untradable Alternative make this like five like Just five player picks you know five Eighty four pluses because at the very Least you're getting fodder and again it Gives value to actually play up the Divisions and instead of two 100K packs Give me uh 10 84 by two packs right I Definitely and I think most people would Agree I would definitely take 2084 Pluses above 200k packs on tradable Instead of 250k packs give me 10 player Picks per pack that is an 81 one of Three right just change up the rewards To the point where we're getting the

Footer that we need to complete the sbcs That are there because everything an Objectives and Milestones is all further Based it's all 84 plus is 83 doubles 83 Triples And it's exactly what people want to be Able to complete these sbcs that are There Do the same in Rivals and I assure you People will enjoy this game man and yeah It'll be sweating Rivals but as long as They're detached from friendlies I think It might even become less sweaty if People actually play up to their natural Divisions you might even just get more Fun games Um but yeah that that's that's where I'm At it with anyway guys I went off a Little bit of a tangent at the back end There Talking about Um Talking about the uh Rivals and Friendlies set situation however The Team of the season warm-up is coming and I can't lie I am excited about it and And I think I want to start a road to Glory for it I want to do a roach grow Of like how many packs can you save By the time team of the season comes out And then just like rip them for the First one but I have to decide that uh Behind closed doors so thank you guys

Very much for watching I hope you Enjoyed it if you did be sure to leave a Like rate and comment subscribe to my Channel if you haven't already and for Now guys I'm out peace

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