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Craig Douglas

What's up guys the Panthers here and Welcome back to another FIFA 23 video it Is Tuesday at 6 p.m and you know what That means Another 700 000 one FIFA Point pack in The store no that means that the team of The Year Defenders are now in packs and Draft and there should be some new icon Team of the ears today as well and maybe Maybe today those uh what are they Called the The alternate realities I don't know if They've come today or not they might be Uh due on Friday Um but there's gonna be a lot of content For today but I thought I'd start with a Few little player picks because I Haven't done many player picks I haven't Impacted Team of the Year this year yet And I want to pack one so the Defenders Are probably the best chance you're Gonna get to pack one I know where Robert Tony there should Have been taken but Yeah just oh We'll take a checker we'll throw him in A quick sell recovery it might be Tradable to be fair Um but yeah we'll we'll just have our Little Gander at whether or not we could Get a team of the Year Defender as I say Haven't packed one yet hopefully you Guys are hacking all of the team of the Years and uh then we'll go and look at

Uh also what I think is going to be Paul pogba's SBC is it going to be good We'll find out find out Darvin Nunez uh And there's also there was rumor today There was lit oh I think I actually took An ability already didn't I it was Leaked today A rich Allison SBC is coming Which uh is not not ideal good to have Him back on a football field isn't it Absolutely fantastic you're right man I Need to get rid of some of my footer Please get rid of some of my foot come On here just give me one TV man come on Like let me like shout on scream and Wake my kids up yeah I'll say like a Little smoke Um ascencio goes in I do like player picks Uh that was the end of the story I do Like player picks I was gonna say but They do take like a little bit a little Bit too long to open don't they Um Let me like do some skip picks maybe It'll give us like a little bit of a A bit of luck What do we got around There doesn't matter I'm just gonna Discard all the stuff anyway so we can Just get on with the rest of the video Maybe I should have only saved like 15 Or 20. because first of all we haven't

Got a team of the Year anyway And second of all Um It's taking ages so sorry about that Thanks for watching though leave a like On the video if you're still here if You're not brilliant Let's just discard all this I'm just Going to swap around gecko just in case He's tradable He's not just gonna throw that away Right let's go and have a look boys Let's go and have a look what if we got Sbc's there is Paul Pogba there I saw Him oh sorry we've got Paul Pogba Flashback Five star skillman's four-star weak foot Which is obviously very very nice player Trait outside the foot short tray Technical dribbler Shooting from Rage is nice passing is Very nice good short pass great long Pass good curve good vision Now physicals are very nice Defending is not the best like I for me Personally I prioritize defense Awareness interceptions over tackling Shooting from Rangers good positions Okay finishing's okay Five star four-star The fact that it's in four four segments Is a little bit worrying this is for his Fifa 16 oh my days an 83 rated with an Inform

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An 86 rated with a French player an 87 Rated and an 88 rated that's a lot That's a lot for a card like that His agility imbalance is decent He's gonna require an engine though Isn't he and at that point it's just an Okay that's a lot What else have we got No more of these icons Um I thought we'd get another world cup Icon today like SPC Um we've got the 83×3 midfielders pack The 88 plus Prime middle World Cup icon Is back again The daily login upgrade is there do it Right now guys you know the rules If you forget it you'll regret it open Up your phone oh if even one person did It because I said that makes me just Make me happy Forget it and regret it Um what else we got so the 83 double Upgrade is there oh who really cares oh Why is the midfielder one there as well When there's like defenders in now Yeah Oh that might be it is it just Paul Pogba it is it's just Paul Pogba and Then I've got 24 packs I've got some Defender Packs Let's open these Defender packs And see if we can pack ourselves a team Of the arrow these Defender packs

It's a walkout Is a walkout oh it doesn't matter it's Just untradable Oh yeah we'll have a look at the store It's a 10 quarter 10 coin pack there Let's go Yeah the icon packs there again the 88 Plus mid world or icon team of the year Upgrade thing Up to people wow 383 is brilliant EHS do People even have the footer for that Anymore Are there any objectives as well we'll Have to have a look at the objectives Too right Defenders pack number three Walk out again but it's going to be Lepore again I could literally feel in My bones oh it's Roman Niche I wasn't About pack to be fair Um All right we're going to a preview pack Oh just give me a team of the year on The preview Give me a tea with you on the preview Nope never mind And then let's have a look at what uh Store packs are there For today so the 10 coin pack is there Two rare goal players plus an 89 rated Lone player which obviously has a Reasonable chance Of uh oh we got lights up of um Being a team Yeah but not this time

Um All right what else have we got in the Store Well the team of the foundations pack is Back again that might have already been There from yesterday no this is the new Lone player pick and then the provisions Pack which is re-upped to five let's Open the team of the Year foundations Pack And see if this gives anything good for Us it is lights up but obviously it's a Bit poor We get Paul Pogba at our rotary and our Team of the alone God damn he looks good doesn't he two Star three star A superb short pass long pass superb Crossing good Vision okay Dribbling is real nice for a center back And then defending a physical superb We've got Virgil Van dijk He's got great Pace the acceleration not So good it's going to be great physical Defending great dribbling great passing Very good as well And then quarter nobody cares about Who do I take here probably van dijk Right Van Dyke's just op and you know it And that's just opinion you know it We've got rodri dupe untradable and a Moreno dupe untrainable and there's some Links that we could have put into that Pogba but never mind


So What we have to don't have a look at Then is just flipping and it is other Than the re-upped like On the SBC It is a bit of a meh day isn't it So we have got we're going to start with Paul pogs Six hundred thousand coins I would obviously go with an engine Instantly Right objectives well I'll have a look At Jake I don't think there's new Objectives otherwise chat would have Gone crazy No there's not Um Paul Pogba is there oh those Team of the Year icons 600 000 coins is just not good for this Card I know people will do it and I know People will love it and he'll probably Be fun in game and whatnot but I would give it an engine Maybe maybe a shadow is a DM I don't Know I don't know not not really not Really for me that one uh We've then got Ashley Cole You can play left back left wing back Four stars game with three star weak Foot Compared to his uh Prime they've given Him one pace Three shooting two passing two dribbling

Three defending and one physical I mean this is actually a cool card his Dribbling is really nice Outside the foot short trait Passing's nice I think an anchor on him Yes that's a superb left back great for The Arsenal Parson prison we've got Edwin van der saw 83 reactions compared to his other card They've given him all kicking 10 speed One reflexes two diving one handling one Positioning I mean he was already broken He's like regarded as the best Goalkeeper in the game anyway we've got Cloud machalei to play right mid Center Mid and C D M compared to his he's three Star four star compared to his 90 five Pace three dribbling two defending one Physical four passing two shooting It's quite a nice card to be fair I Would definitely be giving him an engine As well you know Defensive stats are superb physical is Very good gives him a great boost in Passing dribbling on Pace that's a Really good card That'd be an interesting one to play With when we can get him in draft we've Got Nesta up to 80 pace An eight Pace upgrade which is quite Nice Still not great though right with the Shadow defending superb physicals other

Than stamina super passing's okay Dribbling's okay Paces honestly at this Point in FIFA with Pace like that okay Only Uh then we've got Muller 95 Striker he's Four star four-star They've given him two dribbling Defending physical and passing one pace And shooting Oh that's a nice card though isn't it There's a nice car maybe we'll go finish Her Oh that dribble in that shooting Maybe you go hawk as well or Hunter even Doesn't matter the way he's just gonna Be a beast isn't he outside the foot Shot trade finish or trade four star Four-star Play striking Center forward Marksman I Don't know if it depends if you want That pace support really doesn't it And then last but not least We've got Ronaldinho Five star four-star Compared to his 94 two Pace two Dribbling two physical one shooting Defending and passing I would potentially go basic on him I would go basic on him Just boost up a little bit of everything Get everything up there I mean that's a Mad Card we all know how good Ronaldinho Is in in the game right Um in terms of the objectives yeah is

Just Paul Pogba it's 50 50. Um but yeah so team two is here the Defenders here of course we've got to Look at the team of the Year Defenders Let's have a look at the uh the players So we've got Van Dyke Hernandez Miller Towel Hakimi and courtois yeah buddy Mommy wants you for dinner now all right Well you go for a week then buddy Calling off you go Courtois has been given 14 speed 10 kick in six positioning six Handling six diving 84 reactions as well he'd be pretty good We have got Hakimi four star Four Star Yeah mad upgrade on him oh Oh this card is gonna be the one isn't It Outside the foot short trait Oh this card's gonna be the one Would be tempted to go basic on him as Well it gives him 64 bonus stats Boost physicals nicely boost passing Nicely shot power nice positioning nice Or maybe you go like Not gladia maybe you've got a finisher Or something just play my front don't You Or like a dead eye and playing up front That car is just ridiculous isn't it That is genuinely just a ridiculous Ridiculous card Um that's really nice we've got air and Military they've given him


For Pace only That's actually pretty poor isn't it it Can play right back as well that's quite Interesting You can play right back but four Pace on A team of the year upgrade they've given Him a plus 10 overall But only plus 10 in shooting defending Physical eleven and dribbling passing Four and Pace I mean don't get me wrong It's still an incredible card right Pop a shadow on him and yeah beat Center Back then I've got Tara Hernandez three Star three star on Hernandez Um great pace Great physicals Not as good as Hakimi I don't think I think akimi's better I came here has one more Pace one more Dribbling One more shooting two more passing one More Two more defending One less physical before star four star Akimi is like much better Not to say Hernandez isn't very good He's still very good But her Kimi is much better I'd probably Go for an anchor Right here Hello mate I'll probably go for an anchor on him And then big Verge Apparently they haven't got the stats on

Him there we go Man what do you do did you give him an Engine I think you do don't you You could give him the anchor A lot of people will probably still run Shadow on him do you know what like Again for a team with ear cards the ATA Acceleration I mean fat diet's broken in game though Isn't he like his body type and whatever Else he's got Catalyst I won't I wouldn't be looking To boost my center-backs passing when It's already 1995 with 76 vision Like the reason why I would go engine is To boost the dribbling more so than the Passing It's that pace upgrade in fact the pace Is only four less acceleration to the Shadow And then it gives him much better Agility balance much better dribbling He'll feel way better on the ball but There you go guys that's the content for Today did enjoy it be sure to like to Comment subscribe to the channel if you Haven't already and for now guys I'm out Peace

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