Unveiling the Missing Cards in EAFC 24: A Closer Look at What’s in Store!

Unveiling the Missing Cards in EAFC 24: A Closer Look at What’s in Store! Get ready to immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of EAFC 24, as it promises to be an event like no other! With anticipation reaching its peak, fans and enthusiasts eagerly await the unveiling of the missing cards. Join us as we delve deeper into what’s in store for the upcoming EAFC 24 event, where he or she can expect a thrilling lineup of matches and surprises. Brace yourself as we take a closer look at the exciting journey that lies ahead!

Unveiling the Missing Cards in EAFC 24: A Closer Look at What’s in Store!


The world of FIFA gaming is filled with excitement and anticipation, especially when it comes to the release of new editions. As gamers eagerly await the launch of FIFA 23 and FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, there’s one video that has caught the attention of fans worldwide: Danny Aarons’ review of the missing cards in EAFC 24. In this comprehensive and informative video, Danny takes viewers on a journey through the unreleased gems, providing insights into the upcoming content and what to expect from the game. Let’s dive deeper and explore the fascinating world that awaits FIFA enthusiasts.


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Before we delve into the missing cards, it’s essential to mention that viewers can save 6% on their FUT coins by using the code “Danny” during their purchases. This exclusive offer adds an exciting twist to the video, as Danny not only showcases the soon-to-be-released cards but also provides an opportunity for viewers to enhance their gaming experience at a discounted price.

Download FOTMOB

To stay updated with the latest in the world of football, Danny recommends downloading FOTMOB. This handy application offers real-time scores, news, and statistics, ensuring that FIFA enthusiasts remain informed about their favorite teams and players.

Sell FUT coins

For those looking to sell their FUT coins, Danny presents a reliable platform where gamers can trade their virtual currency for real-world rewards. This avenue allows players to maximize their gaming experience by monetizing their in-game achievements.

Stay updated with EXCEL on various platforms

To stay connected with the latest happenings in the FIFA gaming community, Danny encourages viewers to follow EXCEL on multiple platforms. From YouTube to TikTok, Twitter to Instagram, and even Discord, EXCEL leaves no stone unturned in engaging and entertaining its audience. By following these channels, gamers can gain access to exclusive content, updates, and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks.

Daily streams

Diving into the realm of live streaming, Danny highlights EXCEL’s dedication to providing daily streams, where gamers can join in for intense matches and exciting gameplay. This immersive experience allows fans to witness the skills and strategies employed by the EXCEL team.

Second channel

Apart from the main channel, EXCEL also maintains a second channel dedicated to shorter, bite-sized content. This platform, known as the Shorts channel, is perfect for those seeking quick thrills and snappy FIFA-related entertainment.

FIFA 22 Champs Challenge playlist

In the world of competitive FIFA gaming, the Champs Challenge playlist holds immense significance. Danny makes sure to shed light on this playlist, showcasing the intense battles and nail-biting moments that gamers can look forward to experiencing.

FIFA 22 Draft Challenges playlist

Draft Challenges are a fan-favorite mode in FIFA, and EXCEL FIFA has a dedicated playlist showcasing some of the most exhilarating draft challenges ever played. Danny’s review highlights the excitement and variety that this playlist offers, keeping viewers glued to their screens.

FIFA 22 Player Career playlist

For those who prefer living the dream of a professional footballer, the Player Career playlist provides the perfect avenue. Danny’s review introduces viewers to the different aspects and intricacies of this mode, allowing them to make informed decisions about their virtual careers.

FIFA 22 Manager Career playlist

The Manager Career playlist offers gamers the opportunity to step into the shoes of a football team manager. Danny’s review explores the depths of this mode, highlighting the challenges and rewards that await players as they navigate the world of football management.

Several FIFA 21-related videos

Danny doesn’t merely focus on upcoming content; he also acknowledges the brilliance of EXCEL FIFA’s FIFA 21-related videos. Whether it’s epic gameplay compilations, skill tutorials, or team-building guides, viewers can enjoy a wide range of captivating content.

EXCEL FIFA’s unique and original content

One aspect that sets EXCEL FIFA apart is its dedication to providing unique and original content. Danny emphasizes the team’s commitment to delivering engaging and innovative videos that captivate the FIFA community.

Use FIFARosters for SBC card graphics

When it comes to showcasing stunning SBC card graphics, Danny recommends using FIFARosters. This invaluable tool allows content creators to present their viewers with visually appealing representations of special cards, enhancing the overall experience.

Use FootyRenders for player pictures

Additionally, Danny mentions the use of FootyRenders for obtaining high-quality player pictures. This resource enables content creators to feature accurate and visually striking player images in their videos, adding depth and authenticity to the content.

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To show support for Danny and the EXCEL FIFA team, viewers are encouraged to like the video and subscribe to the channel. By doing so, users ensure that they don’t miss out on any future updates and content.

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For the ultimate EXCEL FIFA experience, Danny urges fans to join the notification squad. By enabling notifications, gamers can stay one step ahead and receive instant updates whenever new content is uploaded.

Mention of FIFA 23, FUT23, and FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

While the focus of this video remains on EAFC 24, Danny briefly discusses the upcoming release of FIFA 23, FUT23, and FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. This tantalizing glimpse into the future creates excitement and anticipation among fans, leaving them eager to explore the possibilities that await.

List of players not in EAFC 24

Lastly, Danny wraps up the video by providing a list of players who won’t be featured in EAFC 24. This insight is invaluable as it prepares players for the absence of popular stars such as Marco Verratti, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Gareth Bale, Luis Suarez, Eden Hazard, David de Gea, and Arjen Robben. Understanding which players will be missing allows gamers to adjust their strategies and team compositions accordingly.


The world of FIFA gaming is awash with excitement, and Danny Aarons’ video on the missing cards in EAFC 24 offers a tantalizing glimpse into the future of FIFA content. With exclusive discounts, behind-the-scenes access, multiple platforms to engage with, and a wide array of playlists and modes to explore, EXCEL FIFA ensures that gamers are continually entertained. Whether it’s the upcoming FIFA 23 or the highly-anticipated FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, the video leaves viewers craving more, eagerly awaiting what lies ahead.


  1. Q: How can I save 6% on my FUT coins?
    A: Use the code “Danny” during your purchase to enjoy the exclusive discount.

  2. Q: How can I stay updated with the latest football news?
    A: Download FOTMOB to access real-time scores, news, and statistics.

  3. Q: Can I sell my FUT coins?
    A: Yes, there are platforms available where you can trade your FUT coins for real-world rewards.

  4. Q: Where can I find EXCEL FIFA’s content?
    A: You can find EXCEL FIFA’s content on YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Twitch.

  5. Q: Which players won’t be featured in EAFC 24?
    A: Some notable players missing from EAFC 24 include Marco Verratti, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Gareth Bale, Luis Suarez, Eden Hazard, David de Gea, and Arjen Robben.

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