VANDERSON Future Stars Player Pick is AMAZING!!

VANDERSON Future Stars Player Pick is AMAZING!

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Craig Douglas

What's up guys nepenthes here and Welcome back to another fee for 23 video It all vanderson is that the uh the French league player The Monaco player It is I know it is a ball knowledge up There uh it's a player pick um Future Stars player pick of vondersen oh sorry Hold on vonder kinigu that's right which Version will you choose only people that Come to the streams will know what I Mean by that we've got Saul off we've Got olish Uh swaps aren't there yeah upgrades are Tragic no new icon advancement basic is A negative Come on Huge Stars challenge too It's just vanderson Anderson wanderson Oh it's actually like That bad Hold on hold on hold on what's the store Pack gonna be I'm gonna guess I'm gonna Guess I'm gonna guess I'm gonna guess It's like a 250 000 coin 1500 feet per Point Future Stars no oh my days EA What is wrong with you Let's go and have a look at vondersen Is in game and see which one would pick See how it'll go have a look at his uh His requirements as well because Obviously It's important

To get it over eight minutes long for The video Um Oh I like that I actually like that it's Better straight away than like Right back left back or like CDM left Mid a right back and a right wing gives You genuine Oh the right back and play right back Right mid right back right wing back and Right wing Or they can both play in either position They both have the same traits Okay the right wing is just a million Percent the better option no question About it four star four-star high medium Work rates He's got one more pace Loads more shooting Not that much worse passing way better Dribbling Stamina is about the same or this one's Good This one's good apart from pausing Right that's what good acceleration Sprint speed do you know with an anchor He'd be all right but his passing sucks A little bit And then The right wing I like that a lot that card's good Depending on how much it's gonna cost Let's go and have a look at how much It's gonna cost and then we'll put some


Uh Put it onto football and have a little Look Uh what what kind of stars we play on Them An 83. We could just do this 85 rated the French league in an 84 Rated squads I don't want to put me up in a couple of 86s Only an 84 rated Squad but I want to Save some of the uh 84s we need a French league player I Think we put one in there already Oh For Gucci I've actually got more 84s way More a4s than I thought I had Getting more of these 84s out I'll keep The other photo from bat paper in a Month Uh 84 oh we do need 185 rated player in The team though don't we so we can Actually put a whole bunch of 83s in Maybe not there you go that's it oh wait Hold on oh I took out the 85 radio Player There you go that'll do CBA mixed Players pack for that you know you love It I think there's vanderson of Anderson Anderson Right wing one right back is the play he Could be because he's actually got

Decent I don't want to say good but Decent defensive stats To the point where like especially with The way this game plays I do think Defensive stats are key on certain Positions I don't know if fullback is One of those positions where it's like The most important thing somebody's Informing an 83 rated squads We've got an eight three raid inform Don't Put in uh that guy right there And then 93 rated squads With one Brazilian needed Yeah the dribbling on the right back's Not the best Like the defending physics you know what The right back would be better at Center-back With the dribbling stats and the passing Stats that he's got center-back would Definitely be the better option for him There is the SPC complete though guys Foundersen One of two vanderson And we open the pack We just take a little like a Don't worry just taking a screenshot for Uh for socials you know Um Yeah for me like the right wing has more Pace more dribbling more passing and More shooting I feel like they've got The passing the wrong way around because

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It doesn't make sense The the right wing has four star Four-star better work raise and more Stats in four areas I'm gonna be taking The right wing He's the one I'm going for And if we have a little look on foot bin Decent content that was terrible Um new players How many stats does he have 20 yeah oh Jesus oh hold on Yeah see the right wing has like 74 more In-game stats You could give him a sentinel and play Him at fall back I wouldn't but you could you could Definitely play in like five at the back On the right wing Um What would I give as far as chem style To this guy probably a maestro Gets to pass it up gets the reactions And dribbling up Or maybe an engine Gets that pace in that dribble into Being really nice as a Winger with that Vision that Crossing that passing He's actually a beast on the wing For like and super affordable Right super affordable This one however Dribbling is definitely way mid passing Is also a bit meh With the shadow

He's got a super Pace good defending Very good physicals with an anchor Yeah this just ain't it is here three Star three star over the four star Four-star 511 meta size because you've got a Unique body type lean body type I don't know man I I think overall like It just for me it's a no-brainer Oh we've got Future Stars challenge too As well jumbo Primo oh John do you know What we're actually gonna go and do that Because the jumbo Premium Gold players Pack The in the current State of having so many Future Stars As common cards this is a really good Pack to pack one out of nine rares 80 Rated one Club minimum three first owned Minimum three leagues okay so just one League Um we'll just go Premier League Gold Rare It's a 50k pack yeah but not the Standard 50k pack where you get Um 12 rares it's the one with Seven rares and 17 Commons And that's really good because so many Future stars are commons Which means you've just got a great Chance of packing a few stars out of it Mini release


Is there a Mini release right now I don't think there is mate Otherwise I would have seen the players Right there I will turn that in This is worth the goals guys for sure This is worth it March goes in No guys there's no we've already been Through all the spcs There's no party bag there's no Mini Release Yes there are Well no there's not Let's open the gold pack unless it's Come out late Which it doesn't look like it has Send this into the club Yay please Let me have a look at uh yeah please man I'm gonna have to restart the game I understand there isn't Mini release no No I know Yeah let me have a look what the SPC is Like ranked as 53 off vote on this vondersen Vanderson Uh beer I think this uh Future Stars Challenge to SBC I think is going to be Great 7 000 coins for a 50k pack with 24 Players As I say there's like what six or seven Um

Six or seven common gold future stars And I think some of the best future Stars are also common goals aren't they So we've got Installed a I think adiemi Gabby Is vitina I think Virginia is as well right At the Emmys are rare Alvarez as well mudrix are silver Yeah DM is a rare There there it is hey I'll open it I'll Show you there's good amount One Walk out this is why it's worth it guys Portugal oh I wanted that new Ronaldo I Can't lie Not new Ronaldo but you know what I mean Anyway this is why this Pack's worth it Loads loads of cards anyway guys that's Going to be the end of the video for Today thank you for watching I'll see You next time I'm out peace

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