‘We were really disappointed with first 20 minutes’ | Nathan Jones | Newcastle 2-1 Southampton (3-1)

Press conference with Southampton manager Nathan Jones after his side’s defeat to Newcastle to miss out on a place in the Carabao Cup final.

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0:00 Intro
0:15 Nathan Jones Verdict of the Performance
1:11 Nathan Jones on the formation
1:51 Transfer Rumors
2:09 “if we defended better” – Nathan Jones on the goals conceded
4:10 Nathan Jones on Lavia
5:20 Nathan Jones on Red Card during half time
5:41 Nathan Jones on pride for this performance
6:26 Does Nathan Jones think Newcastle could win the cup?
7:11 Nathan Jones on solutions of Southampton issues
8:21 Nathan Jones on the pressure of the Premier League
8:59 Perrard

Uh Jacob we’ll start with you once Everyone’s ready that’s right Absolutely Um but congratulations to Newcastle it Did a fantastic side and uh Um and and and as I said Dave on the Hall over the two legs probably deserved It Um we were really disappointed with the First 15-20 minutes because Just gave herself a mountain to climb And it’s it’s easy things to give away The poor goals to give away letting you Know and the stuff we’ve worked on the Stuff we’ve identified from the first Game from what they do and and to Conceding that those manners really Really disappointing the reaction was Fantastic we’ve got a goal and then I Thought we’re the better side from then On him but You know to to ask yourself to score Three goals at St James’s Park to to Take the game to extra time for example Is a big big ass because these don’t Conceive goals and you know we create a Chance there’s great opportunities we’ve Got enough of the game It’s just too much too much to do Perhaps how strong your team as well It’s quite a slow starting fails to move Up here That was insistent you know in the back Four if you passive and sit off it’s a

Matter if you play back five back three Back whatever you do if you’re passive Then you you don’t get up the pitch and Uh And it doesn’t matter so we had to Change because they weren’t doing what We’d asked them to do so Um it suited us better and we were Better in the fall but we can’t just say Okay we can’t do it because if we’re not Versatile we’re not able to do that then That we won’t develop as a side but what We were better in the fall because we’re A bit more aggressive My final question on transfers there’s Two new faces out there to come in What’s your thoughts on that too whoa Look when we get confirmation they’re Done we’d be very excited about them if If We’ve managed to get those two over the Line then we’re very excited because They’ll give us different threats Healthy Um She probably lost to a better more Quality team but does it hurt more Because you had not choosing the tire And you probably could have won well we Could have got it could have been fun You know if we defended better we could Have you know it was two crosses where Midfielders arrived in the Box three Crosses and midfielders arrive in the


Box and score and and it’s definitely Identified it’s definitely worked on so You can talk about Systems you can talk about everything But it’s it’s poor you know and one We’ve got to defend across better and be Better but two we can’t let runners go Into your box and they’ve done that and That’s how we’ve been undone three goals From the pool players arriving in the Box and It’s it’s poor but on the whole it’s Been real you know I think it’s been It’s probably edged it in terms of Everything but we’ll show them we can Take the quality side right to the wire In terms of stuff so I’m very happy with That I missed a lot of positives to take From it but one we have to defend a Little bit better in moments and then Continue that and grow in these Performances because ultimately this Land is a good step you mentioned Right into the box I think it’s Something that you’re in your coaches Did point out during the day once it Happened Half Australian is that then that it Doesn’t get out to the point Well it’s frustrating because that’s the Other game plan and your thing and the First leg they did it you know and we Showed it because they had counter Attacks where where long staff from

Jawington and and Willock had Opportunity not great opportunities Joe Linton had one great opportunity from Arriving in the box from a counter Attack and on the opposite side so You can only do so much and and you did That we identified that and then he it Just drifts into the box he’s marked for The first score he’s marked and then he Just lets him drift into the box they Can pass to a free man they never shot It’s suicidal defending second one just Runs off the back he runs harder than Ours and it’s it’s stuff that we’ve Identified you know and that can’t Happen at this level if it happens then Then you’re going to get punished and we Got punished today for that absolutely You explain the reason behind giving him Sort of 35 minutes on a Saturday but Only using it from the bench today Look we felt that we That if we manage him well then we’ll Get minutes out of him who’s just Vlogging then he’d get injured and we’re Done having patrols we’ve had to because It before we came they only played six Games and then broke down and was out For a considerable amount of time so We can be silly and go okay we’ll play You all the time and then we’ll lose him So if but when when he’s fixed he’s a Magnificent footballer and we’ve seen That tonight and and we want him to play


90 minutes we wanted to play 19 minutes 38 times plus Cup games and everything But you have to manage an 18 19 year old In in this environment you know you look At them Bit Bruno with with joy Linton with with Long stuff these are seasoned Professionals even even long staff has Played being out at Blackpool playing Online he’s not he’s had lots of games And that’s what we got to do we’ve got a Young adults he’s exactly the same he’s The young players that need One development two Nurturing three looking after and Everything and if you do then they’ll Have good longevity so if you plug them Now they break up a point there was a Red card to one of the countryside about Half time or some kind of incident You’re able to shed light on what Happened no that’s not relevance in the Game or anything we’ve um literally we You know there’s there’s one significant Red card which which you’ve seen which We felt was justified but but not better On the game whatsoever Yeah can you describe the range of Emotions you feel right now because I Imagine there’s a bit of Pride from what Your team has done It is but it’s very difficult when you When you lose a game you know and and we Just started so slowly and everything we

Talked about an aggressive start and About being positive or being bold and And that and then To just switch off on two occasions and Stuff we talked but it is really Frustrating but the reaction and how They go about it and and what they give Me on it you know in terms of endeavor And everything I can’t fault them and I Am proud yeah I’ve met my teeth back I Can’t keep being proud of the reaction And everything because when we don’t Pick up the results that we have now Look everything’s down now to the league And we have to make sure that we are you Know really really you know we get the Points that we need to stay in the Division because that’s to be all and End off and have you seen enough to Suggested Alex in the final now whether they play In the final they’ve got opportunity you Know they’re a good side they’re the Third in the Premier League at the Halfway stays or just over the halfway Stage so they must be doing something Right Um and you know in terms of the Recruitment of time in terms of the time That Eddie’s had here and doing a Wonderful job and they’re a very very Difficult side big strong athletic they Run they can handle the football they’ve Got some wonderful players in certain

Areas you know you look at amaron you Look at Bruno you look at these players Joel Linton some wonderful players in Terms of in terms of that plus they work Hard and they’re very very systematic so So look they they’re a tough time to Play in in any competition Again Nathan you spoke about the three Goals obviously conceded them Frustrating with similar fashion across The two legs obviously the drawings and Chance as well in the first leg showed The players that the issue is you felt That you’d addressed it but obvious the Problems didn’t get solved how do you Actually find the solutions going Forward if you feel you’re doing the Work to find the solutions but the Solutions aren’t actually there on the Fish well look Express now the times It’s personal it’s it’s just reiterated Work because it didn’t happen second off They didn’t have a chance second after Me when we identified those things and It’s just taking information on board It’s about really you know really Learning from everything because we Can’t do that away here and expect to it Can’t concede to like about to win a Game here because it’s A difficult place to come back we’ve Shown over the two legs that we can you Know and it doesn’t matter it’s the cap This is a you know this is a high

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Pressure game these high pressure games And we showed that we can compete with With a really top side of it over two Legs now we have to transform transfer All the positives that we have in these Games into the league because that’s the Bread and butter Against the players handled that opening 20 minutes in front of obviously Children of the atmosphere because the The Premier League the final games are Going to be so pressurizing how they Handle that pressure does that concern You today no it doesn’t concern me but We have to we have to be better because At certain at certain points you know I Mean the the other day we considered Against Blackpool from from a counter Attack rather than there’s no no real Pressure for the atmosphere or anything So we showed him that the pressured Atmospheres or with minimal fans there That one we can be very good but two we We also concede in certain certain Elements we have to be better in the Moments where where we tested and then Be more fluid when when we get Opportunities just very lastly for me For me Peru I think some fans felt it Was a little bit harsh enough to start Today after a performance after the Weekend he’s been a bit in and out of Your team in office that came on for the Second half the team was better that

Wasn’t the only reason what do you think Do more of it I guess to to get some Sort of consistent starting what I think You’ve been excellent in the last two Games in terms of that and has continued That we want outcomes from him on the Weekend we got outcomes in terms of free Kick and I think you get some wonderful Positions and we want outcomes we want Quality in in everything that we do but Look he’s he’s in and out before I came And that’s continued a little bit but You know everyone’s going to be needed Here okay thank you very much Foreign

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