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Uh listen guys We’re not gonna be able To do the review for both of these cards Because Um one’s a Defender and one’s an Attacker obviously for the sake of the Review we’re probably just gonna do the Attacker because doing a Defender review Is super boring Um I mean let’s just do this this is how We’re gonna review this card right Um 511 media medium right footed three Star three star with 77 dribbling I mean I’ll tell you this right now by Default I wouldn’t really care too much About doing this card Like even like if I give him a shadow he Could be okay but like Yeah I mean It’s really up to the links that you’re Working with because on a shadow he does Get perfect Pace perfect Sprint speed Defensive stats are increased the Dribbling stats are not in a gray area He’s 511 with what body type let me see Hello to me she doesn’t it shouldn’t Matter which one it is the lean body Type Okay the attacker has defensive Capabilities too If you wanted to do that Um With this you can use them as the Attacking oriented Center Midge that’s Something that you can do if you wanted

To do that Um the rest of it though it’s a very Strangely formatted card because it Makes me want to give him a marksman Which would then make him a controlled Player Because the dribbling stat increase as Well as a shooting one then at the same Time it kind of makes me want to give Him a hawk because the shooting boost Would be nice too with a good Pace boost Good physical Yeah that’s an interesting one Yeah you would you are going to unlock This card to use as an attacking Oriented Center mid for sure I do want To test out that 511 height with a lean Body type though It’s on 167 Defensive stats are increased on a Hunter Stats increased Yeah very strangely formatted card for The most part Very very strangely formatted Anderson Monaco Brazil links [Music] Okay so let’s go ahead and just choose The attacker I don’t think people are going to be Super interested in the defender maybe Not even the attacker to be honest Because it’s very strangely formatted uh Player Tracy has early Cross or

Technical dribbler I mean from what I See so far it’s a card to use in like a Three back right mid position for the Most part There’s dribbling stats like that you Don’t care about as much of he’s played In that position 511 high medium right Footed four star four stars that’s That’s the minimum criteria to be fair Um Okay Interesting stuff interesting stuff let Me see what people are actually giving Him Hunter Hawk yeah it kind of makes sense To be honest you would have to try them Out on a hunter and see if his dribbling Is annoying that’s like the main thing You’d probably have to try out so yeah Um I’ll give him a hunter and I’ll show You guys how we line them up okay so I’m Gonna give him a hawk I’m gonna give him a hawk because of the Pace shooting and physical boost you can Put Pele in there for now just for the Chemistry link to the Brazilian player Okay so let’s do it like this four three Two one We’ll play him up top Normally this would be switched around Like crazy but this should be okay for Now Uh Pele rashford yeah we’ll just use it Like this uh we’ll switch that like that


Instruction stay Central getting behind And we can also use the four two three One Where he will be playing here your Switch there I’m gonna use it like that Okay cool let’s go try them out Oh nice try Not too bad there Regular time strike we don’t score Oh deflection oh Foreign Dude Martinez is a weird one eh Martinez is a weird one that dude like I’m telling you when I did the review For him I was like this guy’s actually Like not bad Nothing there Oh Hey to be fair is dribbling is like not As bad as I initially thought it would Be to be fair It feels okay Oh did catch the green but that’s a Super low percentage strike for that Angle [Music] Oh crossbar too much power on it Oh and I put too much power Oh Hey what was helpful there though Defensive capabilities you see We’ll take that Well take that

Oh Deflected by the defender so we couldn’t Get the shot off Foreign One little space score the opportunity [Music] He just stops playing there because he’s Like you know what my AI will just do it For me which is what was happening the Whole game but Hey he’s able to score Deflection oh Oh that was a horrible header oh my Goodness Green time and I miss 45 facing away After a roulette so you know situations Like that maybe if you give them like 100 be way more ideal Ah listen when the ball’s in the air Like that you know I gotta go for it Foreign Manual goalkeeping At the near post there See I wish there was a way for me to Specifically want to shoot the ball Because the only reason why the balls Even like shot that direction is because I don’t ex I don’t know if he’s gonna do A header or a volley well I know if the Ball is like high enough he will but Still you know Foreign Finish Nice see the ball’s in the air I don’t

Know if he’s gonna head it or revolia You know Oh dude what is that Our responsiveness is weird I get that though Oh It was a looped one too hey those loot Ones are are very helpful when you get The right power down If you have any idea that’s gonna happen Nope Oh yeah that’s missed Oh lucky Listen though uh he has proper attacking AI I like that part of the card is not An issue whatsoever Um Not about strike animation there yeah It’s it’s an okay card it’s not like Horrible by any means again the the two Main ways that I would use them in a Team is definitely going to be as the Attacking oriented Center minute at four Three two one because he actually has Some defensive capabilities and then the Other way is gonna be Um as like a rightmen and a three-back Formation like you can use them up top In the main attacking position sure but Obviously with cards that exist nowadays No coquettes are there from EA thanks Really appreciate that uh with the cards That exists nowadays you obviously want Players that are a little bit more

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Responsive up top when they are given Certain chemistry Styles right Foreign That one too nice So you can kind of see that little bit Of restriction uh to kind of move Forward there even after the skill move Right so as a main attacker that could Sometimes be a problem if you work with That [Music] There we go One time shot on that okay guys so final Verdict on the SBC in general so uh Generally speaking if people are going To decide between one or the other They’re probably gonna go with the right Back card the only reason why we didn’t Do the right back card is because uh They’re super boring to review and the Card It doesn’t look that special for what You’re getting right because obviously He’s a little bit taller which is Interesting in its own ways uh the thing Is though is that I don’t know if you Guys have seen what’s trending right now But this Fabio card who is 58k on the Market is a card that you can use that Provides you those Brazilian links if People actually want to do that right so You give them the shadow cameras result You know he has really good pays Capabilities

I will say that it does make a Difference that he is smaller okay so That is something that you do have to Take into consideration when comparing The cards but him being smaller also Allows him to dribble a little bit Better because he actually has good Dribbling stats so if you really need a Right back Brazilian guy you can just Get this guy uh in regards to the card That I reviewed which again I feel like This SPC in general is not gonna be like Super interesting for a lot of people Um in my opinion Do you give this bad boy you know Um a hawk Chemistry Style a hunter uh a Shadow even and making him an explosive Player while being played in that Center Mid position as the attacking oriented Player I think would genuinely be Perfectly fine because the card actually Does defend for you on occasion which is Great because let’s say for instance I Want to give him the shadow Chemistry Style and still work with his attacking Stats as it is you could totally do that Because it’s base card stats for Shooting is still in a good area and When it comes to his dribbling as well As a midfielder playing in that Center Mid role that you know gets into the box You know the instruction for the 4-3-2-1 That would be perfectly fine too but Another way that I saw this car being

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Used is you know if I were to give him Like a hawk Chemistry Style to improve His shooting physical and pace is again In that right mid position because even Without me specifically improving his Defensive stats he still did pretty well In that area too so it’s not a Completely horrible card it’s not a card That I see a lot of people doing to be Honest with you I think it’s going to be A pass for a lot of people Because of the options that you have to Work with Um you know with this card it is a Little bit strangely formatted what I Will say though is that I don’t know Maybe it’s because he’s explosive Accelerate but attacking on these guys Is like is always good right it’s still Very solid on a card like this Um I will say that his dribbling wasn’t As bad as I thought it would be like I Did think it was going to be a little Bit worse but I guess like I don’t know Maybe the accelerate kind of compensates For it well in regards to like him Getting into those positions quickly uh Technically speaking you could give him A marksman but then I would change him Into a controlled player which again for Me personally I do prefer him on the Hunter or Shadow so in regards to which One you should choose I think that most people will have

Better attackers up top unless they want To use this card as the attacking Marina Center mid like I said most people will Choose the right back card but generally Speaking it’s a pretty uh generic SPC For the most part like both of the cards Are usable in their own ways for sure But it’s like one of those types of spcs Like a a cons of this PC for the most Part but uh yeah hopefully you guys Enjoy this video today I will catch you Guys for next one how much these guys Cost actually I’m kind of curious 65k yeah so it’s a concept as we see Guys nothing too crazy special about These guys Um yeah I’ll see you guys for the next Video peace on my dudes love you guys

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